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Sitting in the pits at the 86 test drive on Sunday was this lightly tuned version of the car for the press to check out. Sitting on 18-inch BBS wheels it was also wearing a subtle but effective aero package. Up front there are lower bumper add ons at each corner with an air guide around the center opening and a very thin lip spoiler. The car was a left hand drive model, probably European market as it was fitted with the obligatory headlight washers.

The big STI-like wing certainly gives a whole new look to the 86! The stock rear bumper was enhanced with a pair of corner garnishes while the profile of the car lowered thanks to more aggressive side skirts.

Curiously the suspension looked stock, at least the height. The 18-inch BBS wheels were wrapped in…

…brand new Bridgestone RE86 (86…do you get it?) tires. The car I drove was on Michelins so not sure if these will be a performance option or not. We will just have to wait and see when more details are released. Despite the step up to 18-inch wheels the tire width was the same 215 mm as the stock 17s.

Under the hood the EJ remains in stock configuration…

…maybe gaining a little bit of aural presence thanks to the redesigned exhaust.

The car was running some pretty nice bucket seats!

The interior was spiced up with carbon trim and a set of TRD gauges mounted where the audio/navigation would usually be fitted. This is a very small initial glimpse into the tuning side of the 86. I'm sure we will be seeing a few fettled versions of the car tomorrow at the Tokyo Motor Show!

Toyota 86 on Speedhunters

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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that rear wing looks hugely STIish. wonder if toyota and subaru will be sharing it??


SDRAAAE86! Ebisu right?


Holy damn, that didn't take long. The BRZ needs a wing, namely this one, imho.


I'm glad Trd really means its somethIng really cool again on a new Toyota


The tail lights have way too much white, should not have more than 20% white but that's just me being picky.


The wing makes it look like a celica IMO.


It's not a Ej20, it's an FA20. 18in is as big as this car should go. Looks nice with TRD parts.


Why do they have to make this car sooooo UGLY!!!


What? A left hand drive? Does this means this car will be imported to European markets?

But damn, at first i thought this modified version looks like a Supra.


Hechtspeed is right. Auto journalist need to do their home work. The fa is a completely new block design from both the ej and fb series.


The rear reminds me of the late celica... but so far i like what they are working with...


Wow just another celica. I wish this would stop. Scion/celica..... nothing special. Sorry to be like this but I'm not a fun of cookie cutter cars like this. Keep it real. God its so ugly.


Anyone know is that 5x100 or 5x114.3?


That wing looks ridiculous. Oh and take the plastic off the extra gauges before showing the car to the public!


nice! i really like that STI looking wing. personally id drop it a little more. and run at least 235 or 245. cant wait to see some more modded FTs though and the BRZ


this thing is getting better by the minute with this modified version. Cant wait to see one in the states


Dino you're awesome! Thanks for the coverage. Are the fender liners visible from under the hood or is that black paint or an optical illusion?


It's only a matter of time before someone goes and recreates a conversion kit for the Concept II. This looks minor compared to the concept II.


This thing has some seriously weak stance.


Do gauges usually come in condoms? :P

Thats a pretty wild wing for a factory part! Love the seats though the patterns really cool. Can't wait to get my bum in one. Wish I could take it for a flog through Macquarie Pass in NSW, light and nimble, perfect for the tight and twisties


haha! mazda rx-8 + toyota celica 2000 = toyota 86 haha!


The wing looks like Celica's one...


now this is what im talking about. theyve taken the ae86 in the right direction here. looking alot more supraish!


Loving the dash..

A little lower and it would be perfect.


i'll take the rims, the rest you can keep.


is that really in LHD??? cool...


Doesn't the rear shot make it look quite like a Celica with the wing. I wonder if they will ever make a 300+hp performance model as a special edition since they have the EJ powerplant?


The tail lights have to go, or black them out. The car sits to high in the wheel wells, needs to be lowered a little.


Dino, nice work as always. Once again you have shown us other motorjournalists how it's supposed to be done, 3 posts in 3 days! You are indeed a true leader and asset to the industry . Well done. One day, I hope to be able to have your skillset. I salute you sir!



I agree Mike, a bit too much white on there.


Come on really!!!! The car is UGLY enough, now that wing!

The car only has 200hp not 2000hp. That wing is wayyy overkill.


a. thats a celica wing im pretty sure

b. coilovers or at least spring are a good thing its setting like a truck

c. under the hood?

d. this car has some great potential I hope the aftermarket picks it up full force I can't wait to see what else comes up for these


It is also an LHD car.


This thing is looking really promising from what I've seen sofar. I just hope they keep the price as low as it's rumored to be. The only flaw I see in it is that it suffers from a serious case of 'Concept-car-sized-wheel-wells-with-production-car-wheels,' It needs to drop an inch or two before it'll look just right. I can't wait for the comparisons and review tests to start showing up.


loooow needs more low then a bit more low with a pinch of fitment would be sweeeet!!

i so want one of these


Besides the wing, everything else seems to look really nice.


i feel like this is going to a monster of a tuning platform, given japanese sports cars are kinda lacking in production right now


Okay this is a step in the right direction, I was hoping they'd have something like this alongside the super boring stock edition on the initial press day, so glad they did. Love the wheels and the interior improvements, it makes sense to have this shown asap because this is the look most buyers will be dreaming of even if they cant afford it. Although I wonder if Scion dealerships in the US will be able to sell the race seats, etc. without insanely big prices?



and right, FA20, not EJ20.


wow... lhd?


looks like a mix between a celica and a LFA.. least its RWD.. but pity about the suby engine, woulda been way cooler with a 2JZ or similar.. suby engines sound stupid and thats enough reason for me not to want 1


How can people say this is a celica!? The last FR celica came out roughly 30 years ago. It looks, as red_scar said, like a mini supra. Which let me remind you: IS F*ING NICE!

Give that thing a drop and we are in business


Now it looks like the 2011 Subaru Impreza STI sedan


Lol nice, look at the oil filter placement, FJ style. I'm concerned with the bolt pattern and diff on this thing. Hope hope subaru didnt have a say in this department. 5x00 & R160 would suck! I sure hope this thing is 114.3 & at least an R200.


Stop whining its ugly its hideous, blah blah blah. If you dont like it, then dont buy one, faggots. simple as that.


Not a fan of it. That spoiler is far too big and just looks wrong. The body kit isn't bad but it's hardly different from the stock one. The wheels don't fit the car either and the stance isn't improved at all.


Repeat it with me, FA20 engine, FA20 engine, no more EJ in this car.


The headlight washers are obligatory in EU only in cars with xenon lights


i prefer BRZ's tail lights...


Japanese news says the car will have some kind of trick GT5 connectivity. Anyone heard about this???


it's so ugly, why did they make it so ugly? Why is it getting soooooooo much coverage, I'm so sick of hearing about this ugly, but capable car.



The more I see this car, the more I think it should be sold as a Celica. This body kit looks an awful lot like the TRD kit for the last gen Celica. Especially the wing.


I really get the feeling that this car won't look very good with small wheels, and that kinda makes me sad.


THIS CAR DOES NOT HAVE AN EJ20, ITS AN ALL NEW FA20. Seriously, that's some poor journalism...Nice post other than the incorrect info.


And the aero package is BADASS. Especially that kick ass spoiler LOVE IT. I'll take one in red or white thanks :)


I'm tired to see these old bbs wheels.. They should have chose another model. And this huge rear wing.. you gotta be kidding me.. only one word for it.. RICER. Dont get me wrong, i like that new 86 but not the way they have modified it. Next time try to be original..


Desktop of all please!


So the Scion TC bumped uglies with a Toyota Celica I see... Not feeling it one bit...


this just looks miserable... just keep it looking like the concept and stop adding crappy looking aero.


Look I love what Toyota as tried to do with this platform, but dam how can a die hard toyota fan like myself be happy with a shit sounding Subaru engine. It they offer it without n engine I'll surely take one.


INB4 2JZGTE swap


I think it looks very nice. A big spoiler would usually look bad, but it somehow works on this car.


the second pic is almost all supra lines.


modified the 86 a bit yesterday. i think it looks much sharper now.!/chrisfrays/status/141561209219596289/photo/1


My favourite of the GT 86's so far. :)

bit glitzy, but looks smart in that colour. the skirts, wheels, and seats are great too, and the wing takes my eyes away from the taillights... :)


if this is the trd version ill be buying this!


it's not Toyota...

it's Subaru... LoL


Will it faster then K20A? erm.... if not what a waste!


For those complaining about the cars looks: the beauty of this car is expected to be in the driving not the observing.


Needs more 2JZ.


they definately made that wheel well for 20in wheels, everything else looks small. well lets wait till some drop is applied but I like full out wheel wells and it doesnt look like anything under 20s can do that on this car


Holy crap. That thing needs.

1) Like a 4" drop. Not even kidding.

2) at least 20mm of spacers on both ends.


For the last time, it's not an EJ series engine lol


This shit better come out in the USD scion FR-S


Hey  it so amazing and glittering, superb