Car Spotlight>> Liam Doran’s Citroen C4

The entire rallycross community has been working hard recently to put itself back on the map. When I was much younger, rallycross was one of the most popular motorsports around with fantastic live coverage on BBC’s Grandstand show. Names like Schanche and Hansen were synonymous with the incredibly exciting racing.

In 2010, rallycross became an official part of the X-Games and one of the men flying the flag for Europe at this year’s games was England’s Liam Doran. Asides from his do or die style of driving, Liam has become a great ambassador for modern day rallycross. It obviously runs in the family as I’m sure most of our European readers will be familiar with Liam’s father, Pat Doran, who is a multiple MSA British Rallycross Champion.

This is the car that Liam drove at the 2011 X-Games and used to beat Marcus Gronholm in the Rally Racing final, netting the Englishman the gold medal. It’s a Citroen Sport prepared C4 with a two litre XU7 motor. It’s fitted with a Garrett GIK turbo and although it has a 45mm restrictor, it still produces around 520BHP and 530LB/FT of torque.

That’s enough to propel the car from 0-62MPH in 2.4 seconds. Helping the car to find the traction required to achieve these numbers is a four wheel drive system with a Sachs carbon fibre clutch, CDX joints and a Sadev six speed sequential gearbox.

A rear mounted radiator setup helps protect the cooling system in what is quite a physical sort of motorsport.

The car weighs in at 1200KGs (around 2645lbs) giving it a power-to-weight ratio of about 434BHP per ton.

The suspension is an adjustable Sachs system. The Avon wrapped wheels vary from 15″ to 18″ depending on the setup required.

I’m just waiting to get some more details on Pat Doran’s RS200 which we will be bringing you a spotlight on shortly.

Paddy McGrath

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Badass! Really impressive car.


How much different is this car to a WRC car? WRC has so many classes and rules it's confusing anymore.


man that thing looks beast automakers need to start bringing more sick hatchbacks back to the states i want a focus rs sooo bad


WRC C4s were restricted to 320PS, engine was mounted transversally, radiator was in the nose, weighted 1230kg. All in all WRC rules are much more restrictive in terms of modification.


how much hp would it make with out the restictor? and how much does one of these cost?


Would you consider making desktops out of first and last photos? Preety please :)


Mattle color! So cool! I think,driver will win on the next race


I've always wondered why they use such old engines in rallycross cars. the XU7 dates from 1981! In the Fiestas they use an engine from a Sierra, ect... Why? Are they more durable? I'd say that development hasn't stopped, so why not use modern engines?


Great job, the more rallycross coverage you can get on Speedhunters the better!

"I'm just waiting to get some more details on Pat Doran's RS200 which we will be bringing you a spotlight on shortly."

YES! The RS200 is arguably the greatest car in the history of the sport and Pats car is much loved by spectators in the UK.

@daft lad. Olsberg MSE ran rallycross based Fiesta at Pikes Peak and, on the 2.0L lump (as used for RX), with no restrictions, they were getting over 800 BHP!



more pics! please!


daft lad: wiithout the restrictor it will be around 700-800HP. The restrictor is to control these insane powers. I've seen a Saab rallycross car wich has over 700HP WITH the restrictor... These are the real rally cars.


Thumbs up for Liam Doran!

I've always rooted for the Citroen's rather than the Fords : )


this machine is MEAN.


WTF? I like this car!!!


always wanted a rally car, dress the interior and have myself a do not mess with me corvette dd :)


It's a great car in both the VTR version as the version of Rally


@Rotary: the regulations prohibit some engine technology (such as variable valve timing), hence its often older engines thats are used as basis for the engine design. A lot of the older engines have a long development history in rallycross as well, so builders stick with what they know! ;)


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