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speaking to some of the RC drifters at the RC Mini Mobil Welt it seemed that it's not all
about the drifting itself. While drifting your car is the end goal; building
your car and making it look like a real car with all the details is even more important
for some. Take this Toyota Soarer build by Tijs Lochbaum for example.

It features
a lot of parts you just can't buy in the hobby store. Like the intercooler and
oilcooler behind the frontbumper. Tijs even thought about the intercooler spray
and small tow hook. 

At the rear
we see a little Bosozoku flair with the double exhaust . Tijs is part of the
Team Wreck it Sideways in Holland and is very proud of the fact that they are
sponsored by Touge Automotive. The team cars all feature ‘Turbozilla' shooting
rockets on the side of the car.

The body is
made by HPI and is based on the Toyota Soarer but as we all know they never made a
convertible. So Tijs used his Dremel tool to cut off the roof. He also
fabricated a custom rollcage and installed various items inside the interior to
enhance the realism.

The wheels
resemble the real life Enkei RPF1 and feature a single lug system for easy access
and replacements.

Here is a ‘Turbozilla'
that already features some battle scars after close encounters with the wall
and other RC drifters.

The body is
based on this Yokomo DRB chassis with cool red anodized parts. This is because this
chassis is a special pre order edition.

The Speedpassion
10.5t V3.0 engine is fixed to the chassis and powers the front and rear wheels.
The engine is controlled using ESC or electronic speed control made by
Hobbywing that has a special turbo function.

But there
is more. Because this car is belt driven Tijs changed the size of the pulleys in
such a way that the rear wheels turn faster than the front wheels. This in turn
results in oversteer making drifting easier. But almost every drifter has a different
setup so what works for Tijs might not work for everybody, it is all up to the
drifter himself. 

You can
even adjust the steering angle for maximum result.

Tijs even
thought about the kill switches that cut of the power and fuel just above the
character on the hood. You can even spot the brake bias adjuster next to the

This was
one of the coolest RC cars I saw at the recent RC Drift event just because of
all the details. As much as RC drifting is a hobby, building them is maybe even
a bigger part of the hobby.

-Jeroen Willemsen

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Actually, Countersteermakes drifting harder, but more realistic. Very nice body!


love it! i have an off road rc truck, but im askin for a drift car for christmas. I was thinkin the hpi sprint 2 drift. Anybody have a better idea for a drifting beginner? and where could i find the best aftermarket parts for the hpi sprint 2 drift? thanks! and keep up all these awesome rc posts im lovin them!


Hey Tizer! Congrats on the feature!

Cool Soarer, but my favourite is still your R34 ;)


Definitely enjoying all the recent RC and collectables stories! Keep 'em coming!


That thing is amazing , i would what that chassie one day , great write up Jeroen loving these RC articles =)


Wayyyy to fucking cool.


What would be a good website/forum to find tips,tricks,and a community who does stuff like this?


It's so good, like the other ones, but now speedhunters looks too much like a RC site, there are too may RC articles in these days imho. It would be good if there's only 1 or 2 articles in a week, not 1 a day.


the only thing cooler than a 1:10 scale of a drift car is a 1:10 scale RC drift car...these RC post's are so dope...lookin into getting one pretty soon


Fuck off with all the RC and model cars and start posting some real cars Speedhunters, maybe even real cars that havnt been ruined by an LS V8 conversion if you could. Ta


Gratz on the feature Tijs! I've seen how many hours you've invested in this build, and I know that more builds are coming :)


If your,looking for more info check one of these forums:





And many many more

Any questions, just ask me on my blog or facebook or whatever ;)


That thing is insane! THe details are crazy! Love it!


Such a shame!! The builder should've use Velcro body mounts instead of those body posts with this otherwise fabulous body. damnn


Hey Umm, I've decided not to use velcro mounts because I use this body in competition. If the body only moves a tiny bit, the wheels start rubbing and it could cost me my battle. I do have velcro mounts for my show cars ;)


I love SCs! Beautiful work man!


Tijs really have to get rid of that front bumper of the chassis ;) more steering angle!!!