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Hope you guys have liked our breakdown of some of the interesting cars from this year's SEMA Show. For my final contribution, I want to share one of my favorite cars from the entire show. Unlike some of the other cars we've spotlighted from SEMA, there's nothing controversial or over groundbreaking about this '63 Mercury Comet convertible.

It just works.

The Comet was built by Troy Ladd of Hollywood Hot Rods and was displayed in AccuAir's booth at SEMA.

What I like is that the body has largely been left untouched. It's smooth, low, and simple.

The interior is also very mild and tasteful. I especially liked that the original factory steering wheel is still being used.

The air tank and a high tech audio setup are tucked away in the trunk.

The Comet is powered by a Ford Coyote motor with a wicked looking set of throttle bodies.

Retro-themed wheels fit perfectly, just covering the Wilwood brakes.

I think Hollywood Hot Rods did a fine job with this build. It might not have the glamour of other SEMA cars, but at the end of the day I think this would be on top of my list to have sitting in the garage.

-Mike Garrett

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Now that's a big trunk. Gotta love these old land yachts!


I want to hear that coyote howl!


Now there's a tasteful modern custom! Focus, style, subtlety, and not pretending.


Man so dope! Alot of people sleep on old fords & mercurys!


Ugh. If it wasn't for the ITB fed Coyote... and maybe the upscaled retro Mustang Rallye style wheels... this thing woulden't really catch my attention at all. It looks like something that the mexicans next door in my old neighborhood use to build. Add some shitty 13" Daytons, replace the air ride with a lame ass hydrolic system, and *BAM* you got a silly low rider. Not saying that the vehicle looks horrible.. just saying that I would've went down a different road then this with this project. The first thing that pops into my head when I see this is the Low Rider song. Your opinion about it might be different but to me this thing needs a little lift, giving it a meaner/more muscular stance rather then this lazy, slow rider, one hand on the steering wheel look.


this is more like it. hotness and real quality.


How many horses does that coyote have??

500, 600, 700??


rollin in my five point oh with the rag top down so my hair can blow. Girlies on stand by waiting just to say hi, did I stop ? nah I just rolled by.