Car Spotlight>>buick Meets Amg

Earlier we looked at a German machine with an American heart. Now let’s turn the tables and look at an American classic that features some high tech German muscle under the hood.

If you are at all familiar with the custom car world, then you’ve probably heard of Troy Trepanier and his shop Rad Rides. At this year’s SEMA show, Troy debuted his latest build – a ’54 Buick mated with a Mercedes G55 AMG.

Troy built the car for a customer named Hal Wing, who had the idea to combine a vintage cruiser with the high tech German SUV powerplant. The finished product has been aptly named “G54″.

But the concept goes much beyond simply swapping the G55 AMG’s supercharged V8 into the Buick…

The Mercedes elements continue throughout the car. Especially the interior, which includes the complete nav system and gauge display from the G55.

Meanwhile, the leather seats and wood trim give the car the sense of established luxury.

Even the wheels are done in the classic AMG style, but with Buick lettering.

The G54 is a unique and thoroughly complete build. One of the highlights of this year’s SEMA show for sure.

Not that we would expect anything less from Rad Rides…

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lovely piece of art


Im all for to each their own, and i think that anything modern on a old car should be either under the hood or under the body and out of sight.

But interior? cmon, one thing is personal taste, another is bad one. cant argue w/ execution thou, trepainer does magic fab work.


Sickeningly good work.


Sensational info. I look forward to seeing more.


I am huge fan of Troy's ever since his radical 51 Buick, he always delivers on customisation and the ability to actually drive the cars he builds.

That's why he has become an icon to the scene.



I'll take mine in black. Thanks.


Beautiful workmanship.


No, sorry, just not digging it. Its a bit too much. I would never drive something like that, but on the contrary I would drive a normal looking Buick with, say, a 350 crate any day. But this, its just not that good to me.


damn lost for word but..................ok i found some. this car is oh so proper. the work is flawless. this is the AMG buick wished they had built


after all that, manual windows.


great finishing touches, metal work, and details. I really dig it. The AMG motor adds a whole other level of interestingness to this build. PURE SWAG.


bastard child. love it


An amazing and beautiful build, but the black plastic controls from the Mercedes look cheap and out of place in an otherwise classy interior.


I like this. I remember reading years ago of Troy's Plymouth Belvedere grafted onto a viper engine and frame, but I like the concept of this one better.

For the people wondering about the interior, you will probably find that the AMG engine requires a lot of integration (including instrument cluster, auto, immobiliser and such), so it's not just a case of whack the engine in there, and put on some aftermarket ECU.


Why do some people think that all 800 million of these ever made should be restored to OEM quality.

This is a piece of art unlike most of the flat black exposed screws un painted carbon garbage people try to pass off as these days.


I love everything about it....but the wheels! They look like some tacky chrome Dolce's that have had the centres sprayed matte brown and knock off caps put on....surely something better could have been done here?


@shaunsingh: Dude, the main windows aren't manual.. I own a 56' Olds and can tell you that there are two sets of winders in all 1950's GM vehicles like such. The winders that are still seen in this vehicle are for the quarter vent windows.

Anyways.. I personally would've looked to use the 6.0 liter twin turbo V12 motor from the AMG 65 series for the fact that with an upgrade to a KKK series turbo and a bit of a flash job to the ECU.. the motor is capable of a smooth 800+hp and followed up with alot of torque on a stock block. Eitherway the vehicle really is a work of art none the less.


That's stunning. I love that engine bay


Who would have thought that this combination could come out so great!


A truly beautiful car and great work. This is a real work of art, but a little to modern for my taste. Where is the Nail Head that all really great Buick's deserve.


Only proves that some people have too much time and money on their hands .. Sorry, but I would prefer a 425 inch nailhead under the hood!


Best car at the show hands down! You should see under it, just as amazing

Congratulations on another stunning build....


@ Kiffin:

Finally someone w/ some good taste.