Car Feature>> The Illest Rwb Porsche 911

In just a couple of hours, countless modified cars will debut in the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Centre. The SEMA show is the juggernaut; the biggest aftermarket car event of them all. Amongst them, one particular car is certain to steal plenty of attention.

Separated by some 5100 miles, two hugely influential car builders, Mark Arcenal and Nakai-san, have collaborated to create a car that is sure to send ripples through both the American and Japanese car scenes. Say hello to their creation: the RWB Pandora One Porsche 911.

“It was very special to see Nakai do his work” Mark said. “It was inspirational to see how much dedication he puts into each build.” Indeed, Nakai-san has quickly built a reputation as being an artisan who has dedicated his life to his craft.

Each Rauh-Welt Porsche is given its own name from Nakai-san. For this particular Porsche, Nakai-san christened it Pandora One.

Pandora One is a fitting name don't you think?

There are some personal touches that have been done too. On Mark’s 964, the iconic Illest logo was created with screws in the lip.

Mark purchased his 964 C4 four years ago after being inspired by RWB. “After I saw Nakai’s Porsche I bought mine in 2007” Mark divulged. Little did he know that one day he would work hand-in-hand with Nakai-san to create the first US-built RWB Porsche.

While many of RWB Porsches are built  for the street, the 964’s focus is solely on racing. As such, the Porsche was dropped off at FFTEC Motorsports from Hayward for a full engine build.

Pandora One was finished the day prior to our photoshoot, with the car completed in time for SEMA. The turbo motor has currently been tuned to only 6psi of boost and produced 398 horsepower on FFTEC’s Mustang dyno. After SEMA, the crew will be looking to see how much power they can unlock with 15 psi. 

Before any of the modifications took place, the 964 was stripped down for a full roll-cage, which uses gussets to link to the pillars. FFTEC Motorsports were once again called in to handle the cage fabrication.

Two Recaro Pro-Racer SPG seats have been fitted along with Stack gauges. 

The Porsche rolls on exclusive 18-inch RWB wheels constructed by Rotiform. While there’s been much discussion on the internet regarding these particular wheels, I personally think they look fantastic in sinister black.

Instead of idlers painted on the sidewalls, Pandora One runs the Falken logo on the 265/35 front and 315/30 rear Azenis tyres. 

Behind the RWB Rotiform wheels are Brembo GT brakes, while the standard springs and shocks have been replaced with KW V3 coilovers. Mark has also fitted KW's HLS System, which is a remote-operated hydraulic lift that is fitted to the shock body. At the press of a button, the HLS extends up to 45mm (1.75-inches) to provide additional ground clearance. The HLS isn't an active part of the suspension, so it doesn't compress or create additional suspension movement.

Pandora One features the full complement of Rauh-Welt Begriff aero, including the enormous rear wing. Once all of the RWB panels had arrived to US shores, the car was entrusted to TNT in Sacramento for the satin green paint to be applied. 

Over the course of the build, Mark has been providing me with updates on the car’s progress. It was by no means a straight forward affair, with plenty of hard work and long nights spent piecing the 964 together. “I especially want to thank everyone involved on this build” Mark said. “Rob Daehn for managing the car’s paint, the guys at FFTEC and of course, a huge thank you to Nakai and Toshi for our meetings in Japan and bringing Rauh-Welt to the USA.”

With RWB branching out into Japan's Kansai region, Thailand, UK, Australia and now the US, it seems like one artist's work has suddenly captivated a worldwide audience. 

- Charles Kha

Photos by Jonathan Chow




TNT Autobody





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i am deff jealous!!!!!! but its sweet!!!!! got to get me one asap!!!!!!1


I have to say this is one of my favourite Rauh Welt creations.

The rims look good and they remind me the racing Porsches of that era.

How much money did this car cost?

Correct me if I am wrong.. but does this guy also own a hakosuka and a silvia?


Congratulations Mark for the first USA based RWB Porsche ever created.

I think this is the reason of the name Pandora One.


he's coming to Australia???


Wallpaper please!!! Especially in a 2560x1440!!!


Not a Fatlace fan by any means really but this thing looks to be really well put together


How was Nakai-san involved in the U.S. builds?


Oh god!

Please share these pictures in high res! Oh yes! OOOH YES!

.. I came.. :P


yet another flawless RWB!!!



Simply stunning


congrats on bringin RWB to the US. But man, those wheels suck. Put the usual Work wheels and call it a day.


Holy hell what a wicked creation of sinister stuff, completely blew my mind today, THANKS!


I have to say that I personally think this puts the wrong spin on what Nakai-San has been making. Hes been doing it for a while now and never has he made a car that has look so forced. It looks RWB but... It looks like an imitation.


Oregon represent. Why does Mark Arcenal have it on there? He obviously lives in California


Looks a lot like rough rhythm, but badass nonetheless.


pure orgasm :)


I agree with EXO that this car looks like it is following a mold rather than flowing like other original RWB cars. I guess that's what happens when something becomes too big - it starts to lose it's essence ...


trendhumping :)


Finally, an RWB car with some balls to back up its looks.


Usual Work Wheels? Most of the cars have RWB x SSR wheels, Professor SP1s on most that I can remember, they're even on the webshop I believe.


@dball: probably because "illest" is already registered on a CA fact I'm pretty sure Mark has it on one of his other cars. He did live in OR for a bit, maybe it was registered there then


yep, pretty much looking at my dream car right there. Haters gonna hate.


Looks killer. Only two worries if it's meant to race: those wheels are going to leave the brakes cooked fast unless they've got some ducting and that turbo looks mighty exposed. Stay away from rocks and rain!


nice, I like it. 6psi and it reach 400HP, damn!! 15psi is gonna be a killer


desktops of every photo!!!!!!!!!!!! now.


Much to my surprise, this is probably my favourite ever Rauh Welt Porsche. I imagined it would be the most extreme creation yet, but everything seems modest and understated. Except the engine of course. I hope this car gets used in anger on track and not just as a show car.

Oh, and these wheels are incredible. Probably my favourite part of the car, which is saying something.


Hey guys, Mark here. So after I took my ill-begotten funds (hence the name illest) from fleecing feeble-minded teens and young live-at-home neckbeards and sunk it into the trendiest cars I could find, I decided to one-up myself and do an RWB Porsche by the biggest name in the form-over-function scene in Japan! This collaboration has been hella rad and JDM as fawk lulz. I hope you like "my" new creation because I live and thrive off of the acceptance of others online. As soon as the balance of opinion shifts over to Haterz, I know that I am "doing it rite" lol.

So what is the next fad I can bite? I already tackled drifting, Japanese Classic cars and now it's all about the next new thing I can slap stickers and a roof rack on... I need to know the next bandwagon so I can jump on it, so link me to ur blogs doodz!






Finally a RWB with a real cage.


Ah man need to steal those wheels! hahaha


Desktops PA-LEASE. I see 4 shots I would like.




i honestly think this is the best one yet.. sooo sick. the rotiforms look awesome


I don't like the way this RWB car looks... it looks the tamest. RWB has porsches that look tame but then they make up for it by being sexy, and this car doesn't look sexy. So it fails on both spectrums. The car has me torn. I guess it's all my opinion, I don't like the green and the car doesn't look well done exterior wise.

However there are positives in this one. Rarely do we hear about performance work going into a RWB car afterwards. So in that aspect, this RWB car is the best from a track aspect and I love that!!! I understand Nakai just wants them to look the part but I'm glad this one will act the part!! Good Job Mark! Change the paint color in a year please??? I want to like this car more...


What a waste.


Do a coverage of Mayday's Porsche!! ^^


Hooray, a RWB car with more than an exhaust!


WIN !!!!!



Sure you saw his Porsche 4 years ago and your just getting yours built when it's the latest craze.

You saw it a few months ago like everyone else and wanted some of that no need to bullshit about it.

That said this could be my favourite RWB car love those wheels!


Rad. I'm feelin this


Mark Arcenal is a car builder now? I guess when you have money you can call yourself whatever you like.


I thought may day garage was the first to build rwb Porsche? Either way, it's a brilliant car :)


Why do I find RWB cars overly tacky, but at the same time sexy as fock?!


those rims are freakin sweet, pandora's box has indeed opened with this car....i can't wait to see what Nakai-san does with the Mayday Garage porsche


why this car was not shot by linhbergh ? it definitely deserves it




Lets give credit where credit is due, shall we?

This car is a great looking car, and I'm sure it's also very fast, but to call Mark Arcenal a builder is a stretch, a great stretch !

If I recall it, the engine of this 964C4 Porsche was built by FFTEC in Hayward. TNT in Sacramento took care of the cage and chassis, and Mr. Nakai took care of the body work and paint job. How can you call Mark Arcenal a "builder"? (his other cars were/are also taken care by other tuning shops as well).

Mark Arcenal = too much hype.


I thought RWB didn't build hardparked cars....................................................................

Where is that kid that always cries about hardparked. Would like to see what he says about this infamous company building a car of this caliber. I personally think the car is amazing, looks great.


i believe in a mans right to make big money with his talent, but man.. Nakai-san is definitely ballin these days. But i do agree with some of the other comments to how it just doesn't seem to embody as much of the RWB essence and whats with Mark being able to get the car painted himself? cause i thought Nakai-san also decided that himself. nice car either way just something feels different...and whats RWB US gonna do anyways? actually sell RWB parts?


Wonder if I'll ever see this in a time attack, one lap battle or any real contest of speed or if it'l just be parked in a showroom or putzed around by some hipster in a flat brimmed cap. For that money I'd rather buy a Singer.


It looks gorgeos :O


When I first saw those wheels I didn't like them but they look spot on here. This car looks like a speed demon dream car that haunts you every night after you close your eyes. Excellent.


@dball he used to work for nike in oregon


Everything looks amazing. Except for the bedazzled front, wtf is that?


Absolutely stunning, would love some wallpapers of these!


That car is strictly badass, that is all.


Love the wheels. Looks like 70's and 80's single lug race wheels. Perfect touch IMO. Love the green too and the "ILLEST" on the front airdam is a great touch. Thought maybe he'd put "ILLEST" painted on the tires, but the "FALKEN" works better. Love this. Need a video of that Flat 6 screaming at Laguna Seca!


Hands down my least favorite RWB 911


Awesome build


Nice, but it would look better with work sp1s




911 is the new S-chassis.

Just sayin...


SEMA Show. For those involved in the automotive and aftermarket industry, the word has different meanings. For some it's the sleepless rush to complete a build before the start of the show. For others it's about seeing the latest products and


Wicked car, awesome built, sweet styling by Nakai. Love it all. Can't wait to see vids of this monster being thrashed!

Whens the Aussie RWB coming out, being built, where when who what MORE INFO!!


Some of those who left comments here have no idea what they're talking about...especially those with BOLD statements.


PROPS to Mark and Nakai-San, for those not aware of Mark before the illest brand. Then you guys also don't know he's been building/modding cars for awhile now. Look back at his 360VM days, his creations have always shown his love for cars. Especially when he and his created DRIFT UNIT, first guys i seen driving the streets in full drift fashion. Dope build none the less...HATERS GONNA HATE!

As for the color, i'm assuming since RWB california shop is still pretty new. it probably hasn't had a paint booth installed yet


Mark got the plate while working in Oregon for Nike. Congrats on the car! It looks amazing!


RWB with ROTAform wheels


Congrats to Nakai-San making it International, just seems he's just getting his hard work exploited being associated with other brands.

While I have respect for Mark Arcenal as a business man, I would hardly call him an influential car builder as his cars just copy already popular japanese styles and put fatlace branding on it.


That car is sex.


Any wallpaper sizes?


Great work as usual from RWB, but for me it's just looking like Rough Rythm which is a killer but if you look at others RWB creations there are all different...this one is juste too an another color would have been perfect.


this does look like one of the 'illest' i've ever seen come out of RWB, love those rims! whats not to like really..


I want these on wallpaper section! I love each of them!


I would do almost anything to get my hands on the more-to-come rwb porsches.


damn. i need to build one of these if its the last thing i do. the wheels are dope! wallpaper please!!


dude the wheels..really eww....that illest on front lip tacky ass fuck...paint choice could of been better


OnE WoRd... AMAZING...

Wallpaper the hell out of this thing PLEASE!!!


lol @ everyone either liking this or that. Just STFU.


I love RWB, they are badass porsche... but personally If I had the money I would go for a Singer Porsche for street use, is more classy! (speed hunters please check them out) and a RWB 993 for the track...


golightly, i stand corrected, Yes, SSR Sp1s.


Nakai-San.. send me the wheels please. gonna looks beast on my E30 :D


they should require all the photographers to upload the full size images to the desktop section for each article!!


some jealous ppl on here..having seen the car in person at the RWB homecoming party, this thing is amazing


Why did Nakai-san associate with this stance-fagg0try? Illest sucks.


The wheels seal the deal. This is a car that has designers who care about aesthetics. Nothing peaks interest more than people who put 100% of themselves into their craft and this car is living proof.


@Nsoe: And thats why you're doing business with Nakai, right? Faggot.


JDMized couldn’t have said it better. "To call Mark Arcenal a builder is a stretch, a great stretch" All he ever does is slap his name brand on something & says he built it. When in reality the only thing he builds is the design of the stickers that flood his cars. I wish the masses would pull their head out of their A$$es. In a place like SEMA where true craftsmen put all their blood & sweat and actually lift a hand to build a car and not just a pocket book. To call Mark Arcenal a car builder is a insult to TRUE CAR BUILDERS. Wake up people!!!!!


My only question is: Mark you have the Rocket Bunny kit that you abandoned. You have the personally built RWB Porsche. I know there will be future tunings that you will jump on...but how does it feel to have stopped creating? You pay a lot of money to have your car look a certain way. Don't you have a kid?


One of my favourite RWB's so far :) I'm just happy it doesn't have an LSX in it, like every second car has for the last couple of months.


@JDMized // I too wouldnt say I'm a car builder. In the early days and til this day I can do normal stuff like suspension, arms, interior stuff but tuning and cage building isnt what I do. I have a vision and work with partners to help make the vision reality. I am however personally building my 1964 Bus as I've done in the past with my other old school vw's. It'll take a while but Its a project I dont mind taking a while.

@Hephaestus I havent abandoned the S14 Rocket Bunny, I drift it pretty often. Actually this Wednesday at Infineon.

And For anyone that wants to see the car run, I'll be driving at Global Time Attack at Infineon next week.

Thanks.. mark




Mark A, good to see you post in here your response. I don't know you from Adam, all I know is what I read and see on the internet and in videos. I can't build a car, do paint work or fabricate but I think I have a good idea for style and I have HUGE respect for builders, style, the history and the passion that goes into your cars and any car that has passion, style and quality built into it. We all enjoy this car hobby differently. Don't believe everything you read, but don't discount everything you see or read either. I love this car, like all RWB Porsches. I think Nakai-san (as I've read) builds into each example the owners personal touches and personality into it, making it a one-off custom 911 for that owner and this is perfect for Mark and his brands. Much respect for your business and car style and quality, keep rockin' it man!


@failest: thanks you Sir.

I have few more things to say.

Let's start off with the logo "illest". Doesn't the font of the logo look AWFULLY familiar? I'm sure you recall the brand Titleist (the golf clubs brand). That's where Mark "took inspiration" from....not "copied it", "took "inspiration from it. Mark has always been an avid golf player, right?

How about the FL (newest Fatlace) logo? Doesn't it look AWFULLY familiar? Much like the Formula 1 logo? Again, Mark has been an avid F1 follower, BEFORE all of us were even born !

I mean, he's THE pioneer of all-automotive-trendness ! Right Mark? I am sure you came up FIRST with the "illest" font BEFORE Titleist came out with their golf clubs.

Same thing can be said about the "FL" logo, WAY BEFORE some Formula 1 graphic designer came with with theirs.

@Mark Arcenal: so, if you wouldn't call yourself a car builder, what what you call yourself? (I have a suggestion, I would call you A BUSINESS MAN, that's all).

Why didn't you work with Mr. Charles Kha when he wrote this article? Obviously Mr. Charles Kha has a very distorted way of perceiving you, and just threw in there "Mark Arcenal, a car builder" or he "inflated it" (read, hyped-up) your status quo.

"If you have vision", well EVERYONE HAS VISION, the truth of the matter is that the majority of car-enthusiast don't have the means to afford nice looking car.

Mark, you should come clean and tell people on here that you HARDLY payed anything for the RWB Porsche built.

Some of your projects cars have been taken care by DGR Fabrication in Redwood City. You went to the shop, deposit the $$$, and came back later on to pick up the cars "you built."

The white Rocket Bunny S14 has been taken care by Black Trax. Speaking of which, guess who made that carbon panel for your Stack data logger? I made that actual panel myself (with the help of Jeremy). Meaning, I didn't buy a carbon panel. I bought the cloth, baked it, cut it, and fit it, yet you don't see me raving on the net that I build cars, do you?

The bottom line is, there is WAY too much hype behind you and your brands, and a lot of high school kids fall for it.


Mark Arcenal Influential? hahahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAH


i need a car. fatlace/illest and rwb should hook me up with this gorgeous ride.


@jdmized, I dont call myself anything. Cars are my hobby.

Funny how you say I didn't pay for the RWB Build because what you believe is incorrect. I paid 20k for the kit plus shipping. Nakai doesnt discount and I would pay the full price. I was looking at Sunburst but they never contacted me back. Everyone, including his friends in Japan pays the same price. It wasn't something I was even expecting to get a discount. Come to the paddock to see my wire transfer... I've given him a place to work on RWB projects and we've built a strong relationship hanging out with everyone in the last couple months.

I think the bottom line for you is that you're way too invested in making people feel like you're better than everyone. I'm the most humble person and I've worked my ass off in the last 20 years working my way up from a junior graphic designer to where I can have my own brand.

If this stuff really bothers you, why dont you just come over to my warehouse and see what I and everyone here does and works very hard doing what we do. We'll be there every day 10am-7pm.


@JDMized, "Just" a Businessman? Why does he have to call himself anything? He already didn't call himself a "car builder". I think most of us are Visionary's, we just don't have the means to put together our vision. Being the businessman he is, he's earned his money. You don't have to do anything inherently spectacular to invent something to sell, most inventors are not businessmen. I think everyone has their talents, some are more visible than others. It sounds like you JDMized are wicked good at fabbing parts out of composite materials. I for one have a huge respect for composite material fabricators, as I grew up with my pops making molds in our garage for his hobby and has worked on the B2 Bomber for 25 years. I don't feel like Mark shows off or gloats with his money, he builds/modifies/envisions his cars and has them built to his vision. That is awesome and I am jealous. As far as his brand and logos, sure, they look like the Titleist logo, so? I don't want a titleist hat, but I like the logo style. anyway...can't wait to see the other RWB cars and to see what RWB USA does in the future.


@JDMized. Calm down. Your on the internet.

ps. this RWB is sexy. love the flat green on black


Great job to all involved. congrats Mark youre living the dream! (no sarcasm or ill will [pun not initended haha])

MY Opinon: The car is americanized. its now a marketing tool. america is the biggest consumer-think about it. the "haterz" wouldnt be "hating" if they didnt care/have passion about the artist.

Everyone says its a beautiful "car". No doubt. but when we first started seeing these machines from chiba they werent "cars". they were THE ROUGH WORLD CONCEPT. i think rushing/not letting Nakai-san pick the color fucks up the Feng shui. UK number 1 is RWB, Bangkok before is RWB. as soon as the Cali/SEMA/ Hoonigan cars were revealed i....



It's funny that anything anyone can reference about mark is "illest". If people actually payed attention to some of the creations Mark has done, you easily can see his influences. Shoes, cars, art all together. If people people didn't know Mark is also a graphic designer.

Also i apologize for referencing Mark as a builder, cause i totally forgot that everyone builds there own motors, everyone fabricates there own cages, everyone paints there own cars, and everyone of course tunes there own cars.

So if choose who you want to do your cage, who to do your motor, and who to do your paint. Then what do you call yourself? A ?business man"? Please get that ish out of here, to me it sounds like majority of people on here. This isn't reference to just this car, but any car...people need to get over themselves


Not to kill the mood for this post, but Speedhunters, you guys need to start replying to our questions. What's the point of a blog that you're hardly going to be on to reply? You guys post a lot of good stuff but hardly reply to anyone's question.


too good... DESKTOPPPPPP


So many haters here, idk it seems like all people just know mark through illest. I have been following mark and all his stuff for a few years now before all the illest hype started, I really hate how people just know him from illest and not his past projects such as working with nike and his old graphics business a while back. This car is sick, it was great seeing it at sema this year.


@ Mark Arcenal; whatever floats your boat Mark, whatever floats your boat, or business I should say.

I still respect you as a business-man, that's all. Hobby for cars...haha, you're joking right? Good marketing strategy to get more high-school kids on the bandwagon. Keep building your

@Just in time: I have said that one million times, and they never listened to me, sooner or later people will stop checking out this site and look for answers somewhere else (then maybe they wake up and realize that answering people question is PART OF THEIR DUES) then, it would be too late.


JDMized... what a troll


Desktops PLEASE!


JDMized - Interwebs gangster.



This is an amazing car but can we let the whole "illest" thing rest? Like most of hip-hop culture, it is so done to death and cheesy. Everyone puts the same stickers on the same way to buy into some kind of "cred." This car is truly unique so why cover it with the same lame stuff that every kid with a civic has?


JDMized...hmmmm....Fitting......Jealous....Dumb....Mother F'erIZED.


Need a wallpaper / desktop!!!


Call me crazy, but an RWB 959 would be the ILLEST Porsche ever constructed.


I've never heard a RWB turbo (his JDM cars are mostly NA), but with stock exhaust exits, it is screaming for a Stebro install...


Although I do not believe in what Mark has done as far as not giving credit to the actual builders of the cars that Fatlace "worked" on. I do have to give him credit as a business man. To be able to create such a high demand in the automotive industry when your company has nothing to do with cars is respectable. Fatlace is and forever will be a clothing store. Mark has someone fused his hobby of cars with his company to create a demand for the "hella flush" movement.

Okay now on to the important things. Mark says he is not a car builder, which he is right he does not build cars but he does give the illusion to the public that he builds cars. IE the paddock. Why have a such a large facility where you photo shoot cars, have Nakai come and build the car after it is painted, and show multiple pictures on Instagram of the different SEMA cars being shipped out from there. You may not build cars, but you try awfully hard to make it look like you do.

Second thing, the actually companies and individuals who slave over the cars to receive little recognition from your work. The only people I see getting credit is FFTEC who blew the motor and did the motor work.which JR works at, which so happens to be Marks close friend. (Check Instagram) Who installed the seats, brakes, coilovers, set the ride height, I could go on all day. These individual companies or single company did not receive credit.

I respect Mark as a business man and thats it!! As a person I have no respect for someone who is ungrateful and gives no thanks to the individuals and the companies that were also apart of the builld. Also to add I feel that it is very childish of Mark to comment back on this post. As a figure head of a well known business, there are gonna be haters and you need to not let them get to you. It makes you look childish, but thats just a little public relations advice for you.


for the win no doubt.... woaw


if he take a speed bump the turbo will rubb loll :P


Proud to have been part of this build doing all the auto glass work.


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