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When you see a finished product, no matter what it may be, it is hard to imagine all the planning, conceptualizing and work that went into it. Designers have always said that the best designed products are the ones that look like they haven’t been designed at all. Take for example, products made from a personal electronics company with a fruit as its name and logo, any Braun house appliance, or a high-end sports car. Thousands of hours have gone into the creation of these various things and it’s our job as consumers to enjoy these products without a thought about what went into it.

The 2011 Need for Speed GT500 Shelby Super Snake is no different.

Like any other Need for Speed car that is to be built in real life, its life starts out with a concept sketches. And like most other Need for Speed cars, this Shelby was designed by Speedhunter Andy Blackmore himself. This particular concept shows two different proposals for the front bumper, flared fenders and a side window scoop. Of course, concepts are just concepts and not everything can make it to the real thing.

But these concepts do a great job showing how the car would look and feel overall as a finished product.

Once the car is finalized and approved, the drawings are used by Shelby to build the actual car and are also given to the game modelers so they can start creating the virtual counterpart.

The NFS Super-Snake was built specifically for Need for Speed The Run. Here’s the completed car in-game…

…and here’s the real life counterpart. You’ll notice that the two aren’t identical twins; there are slight differences such as the flared fenders and ride height.

A Shelby Super-Snake is an add on version of the Shelby’s iconic Mustang GT500.

Along with additional performance and exterior tweaks, it comes with the signature Shelby Super-Snake emblem.

This Need for Speed Edition features a few changes, such as the front bumper’s black center, carbon fiber front splitter and removed driving lamps. The side skirts and rear diffuser were also made from carbon fiber.

Along each side you’ll now find window scoops. A modern flare was taken with its more updated design and is made soley out of carbon fiber.

The car features a one-off NFS stipe in matte dark grey finish. The striping starts from the front of the car and…

…extends all the way to the back.

A regular Super-Snake would come with its own one-off 20″ Shelby/Alcoa wheels, but the team chose a set of 20″ HRE Wheels Competition Series C90s, wrapped with Falken FK452 tires instead. The rims have a satin charcoal face and polished lip. The wheel choice alone sets itself apart from any other Super-Snake.

A normal Ford Mustang GT500 already handles fairly well, but a Super-Snake sees its suspension upgraded with a set of Ford Racing springs and shocks with adjustable dampening. The brakes are beefed up with six-piston calipers and ducts for additional cooling. And with a car like this one, any sort of added braking power and cooling is needed.

The Ford Mustang’s original 5.4L V8 was given a power boost with a Ford Racing Whipple supercharger.

With the supercharger, the car’s original 400 HP has been increased to a whopping 750 HP!

Of course, with that much power it would be a shame to leave the Need for Speed Super-Snake in the showroom…

…Especially if a simple stomp of the right foot can lead to this!

The interior was kept mostly stock though a few things were added to enhance its visual appearance…

…like this pair of Shelby embroidered seats…

…and Super-Snake branded door sills.

Though not everything on the inside was a visual upgrade. A white ball billet short-throw shifter replaced the stock shifter and knob…

…and an Autometer gauge set sits in the A-pillar.

A one-piece aluminum driveshaft replaces the original, while the usual 3.31:1 differential has been swapped for a 3.73:1.

Who doesn’t love a pony that loves to slide –especially a 750 horse power one?

From Andy Blackmore’s original concept drawings there has been a long development process to get to where it is now…

For me, it’s been interesting to see a concept come to fruition in both the real and virtual worlds.

Sadly most of us will only be able to drive it in Need for Speed The Run, however the plan is to auction off the real car in late 2012 with proceeds going to the Carroll Shelby Foundation.

– Linhbergh

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Just as a minor correction, the Super Snake didn't originally have the 400hp 5.0L. The GT500 has it's own 5.4L, and the GT500 came with a roots-style supercharger and produced 500 to 540hp. The Super Snake gets upgraded to the twin-screw (whipple) design and has 750hp. The way the engine picture is worded it almost makes it sounds like it's the base 5.0l making that much power.


I think you have a typo... 5.4L v8 instead of 5.0.


Wow I'm amazed that those 18's fill out the wheel well so um...well.


it looks like a regular mustang...........


Just a personal opinion, but i'd chop about 6 inches off that trunk. Otherwise, great car.


I like the GTR-esque front bumper, it looks B@D@$$


Not to be grammar/stats police but it has a 5.4l

Badass car though


I like that! The new bumper transforms the front. Shame they didn't add the fenders as that looks cool in the game and those illustrations. Andy does it again

I'm sure the engine is a 5.4L though

Dear Shelby, this looks so much better than your GT350 front end.


Not trying to be a dick, but I refuse to play any NFS game until EA shares the Porsche license. I want to DRIVE the new 911. Not smash it into cop cars.


Wallpaper! Wallpaper! Wallpaper!


I respect the build and the modern Mustang but the rendered fenders would have been a real treat to see on the car.


Nice car, powerful and unfortunately heavy. They must reduce weight. This is race car, so we don't need back seats and other useless things. 1.7t is too much, so car can't use even 400hp (Porsche with similar power is faster) :/

And who needs 5L or bigger engine? I'm not against v8, but they can make smaller v8 with 2 turbochargers, and uprgade it to same power.


Personally I would have chosen to install the 800 HP upgrade. Other than that it's an awesome car. (Now if I can just win the lottery.....)


They should have added the fenders you designed. The concept sheet and in-game looks so much better than the real car. Love the new front bumper.

Nice Job Mr Blackmore, shame Shelby didn't follow through


I agree with Brett.


5.0? 5.4...?


This is the most beautiful customized 2011 mustang that I have saw. The new front bumper made all the difference.


The car sketches by Andy Blackmore looks much better than the actual real life version. The stance on the sketches is sublime, the real life car is a little disappointing :(


If only it had the fenders that were sketched... but it would have been expensive I guess.


Hi Linhbergh!

Would you please send me the first and the second picture in bigger resultion?

My e-mail address is:


Blackmore's sketches look awesome. Please let us have the full-size pics. O_o


awesome. Carroll Shelby should hire you! The front end rocks.


Why don't we see any Gran Turismo themed cars? Although, NFS aside, the Super Snake is a beast


 @inspector_exacto Because Gran Turismo is all R35 GT-R's. :p


Wow, what a fantastic looking Shelby. Ford and Shebly need to employ this designer! Top work Andy and great photos Linhbergh