You might remember seeing this particular video, which did the internet rounds a couple of months ago. With our Street Cars & Sleepers theme, it was worth digging it out of the archives because it’s so wrong, it’s right. In terms of sleepers, the Toyota Camry is as unassuming as they get. You certainly wouldn’t expect one to push out an impressive 728hp.

– Charles Kha

Source: Autoblog



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Would never even dream of doing that to a camry! Because of that, I would shit myself when I see that thing scream past me. Imagine the torque steer...


Its cool that its such a rediculous sleeper but the FWD kills it. It couldnt put 300hp to the ground in a practical way let alone 728. Cool none the less.


Is it fwd? toyota made awd camry's but idk if they made this generation in awd. i don't consider myself an expert in camry specifications :)


I thought that would be on 2JZ or some kind of v8 running front and back instead of left and right.... I Mean it's cool and call. but why?


The guy who owns the car also owns the shop Dynamotorsport based in Toronto, I'm sure he made the camry achieve this power because he could and had the resources.


NICE SLEEPER!! i was also expecting maybe a 2JZ, but to each their own. its come up with an impressive dyno sheet, very unsuspecting!!



Now THATS a sleeper!!


all 728bhp TO DA FRONTTTT!!

anyway, a proper sleeper for sure!

(although I do find the 2jz volvo several weeks back much more appealing!)


"Son, going to church will not be the same anymore. Sit back and enjoy."


Tony is THE Camry Master!!! End of story.


the torque is the shocker


damm! I had a 95 LEv6 wgn in the family for 15 years. if i would have known the potential I wouldnt have got rid of it. LOL! That's a sleeper alright!


Damn! like damn!


I did not expect the 3VZ-FE. I honestly expected a 2JZ. Awesome Sleeper.


1mz-fe!! what an amazing v6. i had a 2000 v6 camry - that thing was tough as nails.

the engine is pretty much bullet proof as well.


Sleeper Camry nice


Damn! Hope the gas pedal doesn't get stuck!!!


hahaha lol


A few buddies of mine got their cars built by him and they are all beasts. If I remember correctly this is/was his mom's daily driver. He built it just because he could do it. He even put on a really ricey front end on it just to make it even more a sleeper. Who would think a camry with a riced out front would have that much power.


nice to see they can squeeze 700hp out of a 4l but why put it in a FWD car. I have driven a 312hp Volvo 850 estate, that could not put the power down in 3rd gear on dry asphalt. So why would you build a 700hp fwd car?


The car used to belong to his mother. Speedhunters should do a feature on his shop in Toronto...


wow... 728hp on front-wheel-drive.. what a disaster..


hahaha lol


Nice idea. I never thought about a turbocharged Camry. It must be a nightmare to drive that thing, though...


It's 1MZ-FE ... the original 3.0-liter V6 of the Camry , he tried many setting before , Twin-Turbo , Twin-Charged & now this ... his Camry were Automatic Transmission & now he's using 5MT .


All the people saying why so much power and its FWD have never heard of a boost controller i guess? Boost by gear? anyone.....anyone? The car clearly has the front hubs bolted to the dyno and rear wheels on the ground and people are surprised its FWD? What kind of tools few this site? Tony the Tiger is the man! Keep up the good work


Ive been told that the Canadian models have lower compression than the US spec versions.

The 1MZ motors have pretty good reinforcement on the bottom end (as with some motors they produced) with crank bracing. To get 728hp is a result of the right parts and good tuning, although it must have epic torque steer and wheelspin under that much boost.