Random Snap>>sibal’s Take On The Brz

Subaru has shown a couple versions of its BRZ Concept, yet they both lacked something important. Bodywork. Our good friend Jon Sibal has taken it to himself to see what the 2013 BRZ might actually look like and put together this rendering. I have to say it looks quite good.

Will Subaru's version look the same? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

For more make sure you check out Jon's site.

-Mike Garrett



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That's totally just a Taurus front end with the angles pulled a little.


wow, if Jon's interpretation is correct I might be trading in my 2007 sti. That thing looks amazing.


Looks like the latest-gen honda accord's front end


Trade In a sti for that that's about the worst idea I've heard all week and I've heard some pretty bad ideas. I don't like this thing at all looks terrible and isn't awd.


Looks like a Hyundai Genisis.



if its anything like the current subaru styling it will just as boring to look at...


i liked when all models of cars looked completely different. this looks like a g37/tc/genesis/fusion....with sti fenders


yup. i'd get this over the ft-86 in a heartbeat if it looked close to this. i had no interest in the ft or subaru version of the car until i saw jon's drawing. SUBARU ARE U WATCHING THIS PLEASE MAKE THIS


Based on my personally horrible experience with Subaru, I can tell you, it will never look that nice..it will have more doors, ugly headlights, tranny from 1979, engine parts made from balsa wood....oh wait they built that already...2002 WRX..


It looks like a very aggressive 2-door Legacy


Looks really good to me, I hope Subaru sees this and takes a note.


The headlights lokk like s15 to me =)


Front of this concept looks like new Mercedes-Benz CL.


Unfortunately I have to agree with you there


Wow, imaginary fan art of an imaginary car that won't ever actually be put into production.


I see some Ford Fusion and Scion tC in there.


yeah that is a honda accord


Subaru aren't known for making good looking cars ... if anything, their cars are more tough/brutish/no-nonsense ...

This CONCEPT is definitely in line with that lineage.

We'll have to wait and see what actually comes out from Subaru ...


From reading various car blogs, the only difference between Toyota's and Subaru rendition will be the front end (http://www.leftlanenews.com/subaru-brz.html) at least as speculation suggest. After all those of us anticipating this car would like to keep cost at a minimum, and this is one way to do so. The concept above is a win for me, if i get tired of it i'll throw on the Toyota front and call it a day... Or they may just go all out and do what GM did with the SKY/Solstice (Same chassis, totally different lines front to back...)


that is a very subaru-esque design, i have to give him credit for that.


looks like an s15 headlights.


I think the Scion version will be the one to get. It will be the cheapest so I dont think looks will count as much when it's the best bang for the buck.


looking like this its got presence and potential.. i can see a boot mounted DTM-style spoiler on the boot lid and all the other regalia that gets bolted on these days! let wait and see what the real deal turns out to be like, i hope its not a muted down version of styling that seems to Subaru's mentality these days.. Nice one Jon.


Looks good imo, if the grill surround was color matched and the center with the emblem was black-chrome, it would look perfect.

It is a step in the right direction, it has a nice profile on the sides and if it comes stock with those BBS rims, it'll be perfect. Kind of like the RSX styling but with a slightly longer nose and in a lightweight RWD chassis. Sounds like pure win to me.

Just imagine a STI swap in this thing!!


Hype hype hype.

Ft86 gonna turn into a genesis esque who cares final product. This of course would never get built for the fact that all the real production stuff looses all the cool from the drawing board.

Car above looks badass but NEVER coming to fruition.


Jons a boss when predicting things like this! and if it does look like this, then i have to say that it dont look too bad....the 370z would finally have some copmpetition from japan!!


why is the engine on the ground? And the intake manifold sky high with huge runners? Bizzaro.


to brian and weasel, u guys are truly on crack, this interpritaion is amazing and no it doesnt look like a corny taurus, and i dont know what kinda honda accord your looking at........


to brian and weasel, u guys are truly on crack, this interpritaion is amazing and no it doesnt look like a corny taurus, and i dont know what kinda honda accord your looking at........


I think its sad the project is SO SLOW to come to fruition that we are at the point of daydreaming with sketches every few months. By the time this car is released there will be something better, cheaper and just as fun from VW, Dodge, Kia or Hyundai. Cool concept but its getting old fast.


Thats one of the first chops which I dont think is so good.

Autoblog also showed some new images of the Subaru today, which shows it wont look like that at the front


Looks good if you can ignore the camo.


I´m sorry to say this but I don´t believe this Toyota-Subaru will ever see the daylight. They just keep circuling around it. Still I´m happy if they prove me wrong.


Cool! A Subaru comes with an unpaint Lexan body!