Random Snap>> Osaka Jdm Eg Civic

To finish up the coverage of the great cars that Osaka JDM brought to Hellaflush Japan I couldn’t pass up posting this snap of their EG Civic. Like the EF and CRX we have seen, it runs on their Loop 5 wheels, the fully polished version. Add optimal stance and a little bit of negative camber and you have a simple yet stunning looking machine. I’d like to thank the owner for hanging around after the show waiting for me to grab a shot of his ride!

Osaka JDM

Works Wheels

Hellaflush Japan coverage on Speedhunters

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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i like Bumper Plugs and OEM Lip


please post more pictures


Looking at these Osaka JDM features brings back a lot of memories from high school. checking out sport compact car and super street mags in the middle of speech class, B and H series swaps in hondas, stop light runs down Westheimer rd, late nights at sonic arguing which was faster: this car vs that car (the answer always seemed to be nissan skyline haha). It was really the golden years of the sport compact car scene.

It always nice to see some clean and tasteful hondas once and a while, especially since a lot of us got into cars because of them.


Like the EF and the CRX, the wheels are simply Work Meister CR-01's with a modified centre cap.


love em anyway.. :)


take away the pointless stance and this car from the outside at least is the most attractive and subtle of the the 3 cars and for me the most desirable.


Not bad, I'd like to thank the owner for doing subtle and tasteful touches.

That is a good example of a clean stance car.


Nice! nothing else to say


car looks wicked.. liking these Loop rims choics too!


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