Random Snap>> Corvette-powered Rwd Civic

What happens when you combine a Corvette with an EK Honda Civic? The answer is the Civette. While Honda enthusiasts have a reputation for doing a variety of engine conversions, this Civic certainly has to be one of the craziest swaps we've seen. The firewall and floor were comprehensively modified to make room for not only an LS1 V8, but also its entire driveline. To top it off, the owner has added a Procharger supercharger. You can also check out its 10.69 @ 129mph pass here.

- Charles Kha

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this is old news, and with the giant corvette rims it has on it and all the corvette emblems on it its kinda of a sleeper???? no one really would suspect someone to do such a thing.... probably b/c its really g*y


I'd love to have that car

So I could pull the drivetrain and put it in something worthwile.


Seems like a lot of work to get ETs higher than some turbo'd EKs.


I think that could have been pulled off better. Two tone paint jobs and chrome wheels lessen the sleeper effect but i love the idea of an LS1 Civic.


super old.


hey hey hey... common guys it is old and not executed as tastefully or up to speed hunters par.. But its one hell of a build. the whole corvette dash and custom subframe alone is in no mans land.. common guys..


You guys should feature the Cibaru. Half Civic, half Subaru. It's basically a Subaru that looks like a Civic, THE ULTIMATE SLEEPER kind of


All that work just to run 10's. pointless i think. other than being unique


This is the best thing ever to happen to a civic in the entire history of its owners using only 3 wrenches to tune/take the whole thing apart. Paint it that stock electric blue and call it a day.


i agree with JA. but john you're just being a prick


Seen this before. Faaaaaaar too much for work put into it. Plus at the end of the day it's just a civic? lol jk but really the motor should be pulled and put back where it was.


It's not like he bought the car and engine with this in mind. He has a civic with a blown engine and a wrecked vette. Plus he swapped the vette dash in there. The seat sits so far back in that thing. It still doesn't compare to the CIVAROO.... \/



LS1 swaps are way too boring


I'm totally going to do a Corvette swap on my reel lawnmower.


Wow...reviving 5 year old pics. lol.. Car makes over 600 whp now with the procharger. It is not the ugly two tone anymore either. We did that just to make fun of all the dumb ricers. It is all black again with black wheels. The car is currently for sale on mautofied.com. I should know. Its my car. lol

The car stared out as a big joke. It is a garage bulit monster, not meant to be pretty. Its just fast. Very fast. It ran that 10.6 with 527 whp with gas. It makes over 600 with the procharger and no gas. And makes over 700whp with both. Come get some!


Shut up, Emmon. You have no idea what you're talking about. You act as if this is the final state it's going to be in. Gawk in it's paintless, wheel-less, doorless, and shattered windshield splendor.


norotors.com i wish they'd do an article on the ls3 swapped sa22/fb??? sleeper theme and no real slick sleepers what about the ls swapped 240z or 260z? fuck the early model 300z is one of the sexiest ls swapped vehicles you guys are letting me down,,,,,,,,,,,,,,@_@


You guys don't know what you want... that's you're problem,...


I think this was a good idea. Two busted cars into one great car. I agree that its slower than some turbo civics but who really cares especially with no more money than he put into it. This thing is impresive to say the least.


@That Guy

That Civaroo is badass!


Give some respect to the amazing work of this guy !

Even if the result is notperformant enough for you , it is great engineering ,that's the whole point of this

the guy have part of a Vette and of a civic and made a good car of that , that's it.

Some car seems to be useless but that's not the point ,what do you think of this tough :



Another civic with potential ruined by a horrible ls v8


with proyects like this we need more pictures and more details.. :-(


haters gonna hate. how bout y'all hop in your car and try to beat this thing on the drag strip. until you can do that, stfu please


I feel so much hppaier now I understand all this. Thanks!