Poll>>how Much Would You Pay For The Fr-s?

As the debut of the production version of the Toyota FT-86/FR-S draws closer, there's been a lot of speculation about how much the car will actually cost when it goes on sale.

One report had the car's base price in Japan set at about two million yen.

We know there are lot of people out there strongly considering buying one of these, and are curious how much you would be willing to pay for one.

What price range would the FT-86/FR-S have to be to get you to seriously consider one? We've put the choices in USD for simplicity, but feel free to convert the currency of your own country.



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Depends on the performance but possibly the biggest thing about this car is the fact that its supposed to be the new ae86. Which was a nice little cheap sporty car.

Will this still be the little cheap sporty car or will it have grown up in manners and price (considering inflation obviously...)


Ultimately, I think it depends on how well the platform will be suited to proper modifications. I have no doubt the tuning market will be strong, but will the suspension be designed in such a way that encourages true tuning? Will the rack be well designed, will the platform be stable and solid and able to handle additional power tweaks without major issues? There are still a lot of questions that need answers.


Echoing Phil, the price really depends on the performance. With an NA motor and less gadgets (if at all possible) I'd pay $18-22k. If the rumored turbocharged version goes on sale and I really wanted the extra power $25-30 seems reasonable.


I'd say its around the 30k price tag but if this car comes here in Australia, it'll be heading up to the 50k mark


Up to 30 for fully loaded one. And no luxury loaded. TRD loaded.


I believe it will be a similar price range as the Tc. Toyota is actually starting to come down a bit on the newer cars at our dealer ship, note that this will allow "Toyota" aka dealerships to gain on the aftermarket Five Axis wheels/ TRD lowering springs/body aero ect... This will allow them to add an easy 4 or 5 grand to the price before you see the stripped stereoless version on the backlot. This isn't including the new entune premium display crap and Lets not forget the performance accessories. We just outfitted a couple IQ's with the same treatment. That's my take..


I chose $20-25K because anything under and you know you can't expect everything. Scion territory. Anything above and it ruins the true meaning of the rebirth of the model.


I dont think the fr should go for 26g's thats to much for a N/A rwd mini copy of the lexus.


I'm very interested in this car, i'm all in at $22k-$25k . As long as this car follows the Scion pricing structure of trendy cost effective marketing presence they got me on this car even with it's hopefully peppy 200hp rwd fun. I'm guessing Subaru's offering will touch $30k, which is a tough buy considering an STi is in this price territory even if it is a totally different car.


i would get one no doubt, look at the competitors, subaru impreza, vw gti, focus st, etc... thay are good cars but kind of fit in what has become a hot hatch standard.... this one, at least in my opinion, designwise has much more to offer, just look at it, i personally would buy it for 30k or a bit more no questions asked


It should be on par with a base WRX price.


for the base n/a model id like to see $21-$22k and well equipped base areound $25k. the turbo id expect to start around $30k.


its should never exceed the price of a scion.. Because it has the soul of a scion. and is built like a scion. Good luck when you you get a dent and your cars body explodes like a late 90'saturn, . referring to it as an ae86 is like comparing a new charger to a 68 RT . We all know what happened there. It became a retail car for fat tourists in wine country and country cops. No soul..


The price is gonna really determine if people by it or not. I don't think performance has much to do with buying a car now a days. The reason why because the standard and expectations are set high already. There is not much to improve on in my opinion. So price is gonna be the deal breaker watch.


id pay pay nothing above 20-21k for a n/a model. If it had the toyota badge on it then id consider paying higher. I just really wish they brought it to the US under toyota.


I doubt its gonna be cheap prolly 25-30 for the scion and 30-35 for the subaru


i think $AUD35k is reasonable

Australia will get reemed with the price though, as we always do!


I`d pay up to 3 million yen, but not more.


nope.. sorry! i think if this car is bound for UK shores WE will get hammered the most on price across this globe! not really sure how much i'd pay but i think it'll go fot about $20,000 to $25,000 - Thanks


They need a "stripped down" version devoid of options so it can undercut all of the competition.

I'm talkin' hubcaps and steelies, crank windows, no stereo...hell, no AC if that's what it takes to make it as cheap as possible.

The point being that we tuners would modify them anyway so the hubcaps and steelies would get ditched, we'd add our own upgraded suspensions, etc. Not to mention the lighter curb weight of a stripper model would be VERY appealing.

The bottom line would be to get people in the cars at the lowest price possible and let them create their ideal version.

The Genesis could've accomplished this, but somehow missed the mark.

Bottom line...price this bad boy under 18k.


The point is that i'd like a very low profile version like the Mitsu EVO RS... crappy wheels (they are gonna be changed anyway), less weight a little more power...


It doesnt need to be out of reach expencive, i mean new mustangs are going for what? 20k now?


Should be priced competitively with the Genesis I think. So $25k sounds about right.


20k too buku

maybe 10-15 dorrars


I think considering this car's roots and history it CANNOT come with a lofty price tag.

Also, from what we already know of the production version this thing should come stripped down with a minimal options list from either Scion or Toyota.

Personally, I can't wait to get my hands on one of these!

C'mon Scion! Give us the FR-S already!


Not more than 25K €


If it's not 20-25k isn't not going to sell. Genesis Coupe 2.0T R-Spec is 24,500. That's the competition. Simple as that.


Price is not the main factor that would persuade me to buy the car. That would be curb weight. That is the million dollar question!


Be worth it if they keep it the same level as the Celica was. If they make it the same level as the Supra was it would cost way to much, plus a 370Z would be better for the price.


The mini was a little cheap sporty car back in the day, look at it now, neither cheap nor little. I wouldn't expect much less from this.


Trick question, it will never be for sale.


Ya all depends on the features. All I need is a basic sound system with a volume button and AUX plug in, I would be hoping for ~25,000. I just hope the rumors are tire about the under 2,500lb curb weight


<150PS : u. 20K$

150-200PS : u. 25K$

200-250 : u. 30K$

>250PS : +30K$


23,000. I find it hard to believe this car will have the refinement of a new GTI, but if it hopes to compete with the GTI, MS3, and V6 Stang, it better be right it 23k. My money goes to the VW.


IF the vehicle will be sold in Australia, it will probably be around the $40,000AUD mark as we always get stiffed in the ass with cars.


take the 25k and drop it in ae86 you'll be happier.


People expect the FR-S to be less than $25,000? (o.0) ...it's not goin to be much better than a Corolla if it is (-.-)


Really hope they decide to go with one that has the 'Racers' or 'Track' mindedness to it like the EVO RS. One with no power items expt for whats running under the hood. If you really wanna compete with the 370z's and such out there their gonna have to cater a little to the tuner market. Just have my fingers crossed that its not a super fail like the Genisis was, yes apples and oranges, yes toyota is quality, just speaking mainly about the thought and idea behind it. Not gonna hate on it till it's tested and pushed on the track bc im really hoping Japan decides to bring back the tuning age again instead of the electronic age.


id say 20k and below for a turbo model i know thats wishing but when you get in the 30k price range your in 370z STI EVO territory and if its labeled a scion it def shouldnt be over 25k ....if scion and toyota want to make close to 30k of these id suggest putting a toyota badge on it ....since scions are supposed to be affordable and highly modified cars ( atleast aesthetically) so wishful thinking is under 20k


of all the FR-S concept variations, this is the one they should make


Ill pay what it's worth when it gets here.


I'd pay 25% less than the WRX max.

The whole reason why coupes fell out of favour against SUVs and other cars are people don't want to pay a premium for less. To pay any more than 75% of a WRX would mean people will consider factors such as the extra power and torque from the turbo, and extra practicality of 2 more doors from a WRX.


i agree with SCROOGE MCDUCK. they should make a stripped out version for under 20k because i always take apart and build up what i think to be my ideal car. so whats the point in paying for all those creature comforts when all im gonna be doing is taking all of it out anyways?


AUD $30-35k and i'll buy one straight away


would be nice if it was around the same price as the base model Camry, then it would would be classed as an affordable sports car in my books.

Sucks I live in Australia though, If toyota's current line-up is anything to go by, Im guessing we are going to have to pay atleast $10,000 more then the US.


Less than $20k. Used, In a decade. I don't buy new cars. Never will.


Depends a lot on wich country you live in. For example you can get a new Impreza STI in the USA for 30000 dollar, but the same car over here (Holland) is ~ 80000 dollar.

So the first three choices in that poll are rediculous for me, as you can barely get a Volkswagen Polo for that.


Radio delete.

Wing delete.

Gps delete.

Sunroof delete.

Giant dubs delete

All I want is 6spd, LSD, big brakes and HIDs < $20k


every product, when it comes to mass production, all budget will be cut to keep the cost as low as possible,

$20-25k is reasonable I think,


$26k based on a UK retail price of £17k. It should be an engine, seats, chassis and tub on top with simple but solid handling. Nothing more, I'm sick of addons.

-I dont want 'air con as standard' that everyone is marketing now, I only use it 1 week per year as it is, it's not hot here.

-I dont want traction control, I can modulate my feet by my self.

-Same goes for stability control.

I paid £15k for this in 2004, I cant get it now without going to the used market.


seriously? this car again? c'mon speedhunters, are you being paid by toyota or something? isn't this too much free publicity for a car that isn't even on its production version?...


300 dildos


I hope the quality is not that of the Yaris.


I'm pretty sure that this car will go up to $45-48k in Europe (about €33-35k).


@Yuri, that would never happen. The FR-S is the new successor to the AE-86, I can assure you it will be much better than the lowly Yaris!

I'm gonna have to say the range should be between $20k and $25k. That seems reasonable to me for what the car is supposed to be. It's not a little rooty poot people mover & it's not supposed to be a higher end sports car. For that price, you can get the FR-S and still have some left over for decent modifications that let you sleep well at night.


Oute ena arxidi


The pricing is likely to reflect how good it is and what the competition is. In Europe the nearest RWD, coupe competition with 200PS or more is probably the 370Z or BMW 135 coupe and neither of those is particularly cheap (I think both are easily upwards of 30k euros). This is likely to be less powerful and cheaper to run so will form its own segment, so would have thought it's going to be about 25k euros (so about $35k). If they hit that kind of level or below they will probably get interest as it would be comparable to hot hatches. That's the kind of market this car should be aimed at.

Personally, I love the sound of these cars but wouldn't be buying new...and Subaru's and Toyota's sporty models in UK tend to depreciate a lot quicker than a sporty German or Ford RS/ST, so it could be a good second hand buy about 5 years after launch, which would be my option.


Really hope they decide to go with one that has the 'Racers' or 'Track' mindedness to it like the EVO RS. One with no power items expt for whats running under the hood. If you really wanna compete with the 370z's and such out there their gonna have to cater a little to the tuner market. Just have my fingers crossed that its not a super fail like the Genisis was, yes apples and oranges, yes toyota is quality, just speaking mainly about the thought and idea behind it. Not gonna hate on it till it's tested and pushed on the track bc im really hoping Japan decides to bring back the tuning age again instead of the electronic age.


needs to be under 20,000 we dont need power windows or sun roof..or power mirrors make ac a option give a basic good handling rear wheel drive car ..plus jus the fact that it has a subaru engine flat 4 vs a inline 4 ...toyota should give it to us cheap...i expect it to be closer to 30 thou though by the time it comes out...i will jus buy a used evo...


If it is under 130k USD here in norway, I will get one. Dont think it will be that cheap tho.


The price will depend on the roman numeral behind the name. What is it now, XII or XIII?


curb weight.. that is the question. it will never be as light as we want. thank dot. thank side impact beams ,12 airbags ,"NAV" systems, Toyotas electric throttle control systems , OBDII systems,traction control systems onstar systems, bluetooth blah blah blah. WE dont live in a simple drivers world anymore.


In Australia a new WRX costs AU$44K and a basic MX5 cost AU$49K. For the FT86 to be relevant it will need to be priced under $40K. (Aussie dollar and US dollar are about the same at the moment). Here's hoping it's closer to AU$35K though!!!


They could sell more if they lowered the price down to $5,000.


anymore then 26k and i feel this car will have missed its mark. Like many people have said before me its supposed to be a nice "cheap" rwd coupe. Like the hachiroku im sure it will make a huge riff in the import car scene, i just hope its in the "civic si/mazdaspeed3/gennesis coupe" bracket of cars and not the "sti/evo/mustang gt" bracket. Im also excited to see hopw the success goes for this platform. Id would be willing to bet that if this car is succesful we will see other manufacturers have an interest in rwd coupes again. Id love to see another silvia or even more old school jdm rwd goodness.


If this is supposed to be the rebirth of the legendary AE86, even $20.000 is a bit too much...

The idea of the AE86 is well known by all its fans across the world: light, RWD, nimble and CHEAP 3 door car.

A car that brings high level of sportiness performance into a very simple and cheap, affordable pack.


Truhiden said it best.

Buy an original AE86 for $2000

Spend $10k swapping in the beams 3S-Gte from an is300

$3k for 9 inch wide watanabe 8-spoke r's

$3k for coilovers, swaybars and rear-end link

$800 for tires

$1000 for flares,and bodywork

$3k for paint

Most baddass, raw magazine cover worthy track car for less than $25k.


I agree with what KOLTON said, it has to be able to compete with the genesis coupe so it has to be in the same price ranges for the models of the genesis


I just hope Toyota makes it a large class car, With the option of going bare naked (Engine-frame-wheels-seats) wich could cost around 17-20k to a allround great confort-sport car to 30-35k


I bet it whould cost from 50000$ in Norway because of insane taxes and import fees. AND people will by it.


$15,000 USD. Nothing more than that. The AE86 was just a sporty version of the grocery getter Corolla, well, the AE86 was still a grocery getter, but a cool one. A cheap price is what it needs.


Mazdaspeed3 anyone? A fully loaded turbo car that cost 22k-26k. If they price it above the wrx there wouldn't be a point. I bet it starts at $19,999.


Beach… Your missing the Point!, its Rear wheel drive car,back to basics drivers car. (well lets hope)!. Not everyday Front wheel drive Milarky!. And it’s about price, not if you won’t a front wheel drive car instead!.

Its not meant to be over refined(but I guess they could), that’s the whole point!, a fun decent priced, drivers rwd car!.

But back to the point 20,000 to 25,000, I guess, and as someone pointed out, UK would be pricy,time it gets here.


just checked and the miata is going for 20K - is light, good suspension, 3 pedals and an experience a hard top will never match


This kind of car is always between 25k-30k ... Don't know why this would be an exception.


New I think about 26.000euro or 30k for a more racy version.


Since it's an imaginary car, do they accept imaginary dollars?


If the car even comes to Ireland - not likely - it'll probably be in the €40 to 50k bracket......


I don't understand the point of polls like this. Why ask what anyone wants to pay for anything? Surely people want to pay as little as possible for everything right?


Real money or game tokens? Because this car exists only in video games.


can i pay in trident layers?


Way too many unknowns to talk about price. Power? Weight? Interior quality? The better those are, the more I would pay.


To it depends how much comes with the car like turbo and more and possiblely a moonroof


If the car were to come to Malaysia, it will be at least double of JDM if not more.


Imo having this car as a Scion brand isn't too bad. With that said, just like the brand's original mission, they should allow buyers to heavily customize this car with options.

Don't want to pay too much? Cut stuff out. Kind off like the Evo VIII RS.

Want a better trim pieces/moldings? Order it through the dealer.

So say $20K+ USD for a bare bones option, no ac, no ps, no cc etc. (given the rising prices of cars and the economy of course).

You won't really get the same budget pricing as the original AE86 but given the advances in chassis development and other factors, its still a good deal imo.

I'm waiting for the first guy to tear this thing apart, address all the weaknesses from the factory and kick some ass on the track!


More than fifty cents and no one will play that video game.


This website needs a BS delete.

Or we should all be sharing in the advertising dollars that are being thrown at Garrett for continuing to write this crap.


no matter what the cost, i could be a better car for cheaper.


To it depends how much comes with the car like turbo and more and possiblely a moonroof


Well Basical I work At Toyota As a Salesman

Candiac Quebec

and its going to be sold in between 20000 and 25000

for sure its going to be a good platform, for sure its going to be solid like the TC

Low center of gravity.

no doubt its going to be a good one


zero dollars. I will gladly romp on them all day long in my evo 9 though.


i'd pay an arm and a leg


i don't buy a scion, i go for a toyota version for sure...fuck scion !!


Looks good, Great engine and we all need a small rear drive sports car we can afford, as far as mixing Subaru engine with Toyota chassis putting a good thing with a good thing is always good, unless it was like when the Honda V-6 went into the Saturn lol


I would be willing to pay around $40k if they make a very limited run TRD model with serious performance. Semi-slicks, cent lock wheels (the ones pictured), fully adjustable TRD coilovers, and either a high reving N/A or a turbo. I would actually prefer the higher price so I don't see everyone and their grandma riding around in one.


Compare it to how much you would pay for an mint AE86.


why buy new??? wait 2-3 years...let them work out the quirks...and if the 2015 model doesn't have any mechanical changes...then...go buy a 2012 model. smartest way to go about it. there's no reason to race to be the one that has the first FT86. or the first to have a turbo converted one...or the first to have a 9 sec one....or the first anything....most likely, performance shops like hsk or greddy are gonna beat everyone to being first, anything. wait a couple years for the market value to drop. thats the smartest plan.


I put under 20k with the understanding that the FRS is to be produced with the 2.0 N/A engine. A wimpy motor on a porky chassis that's marketed as a sports car BETTER be under 20k...


Somewhere between the price of a new s15, DC5, 350z and s2k. Around 50k on road aud is fair.


Just to shed a little light (and maybe gain some sympathies), a new Corolla in South Africa goes for $30k. And they're assembled there as well.


If they put that stupid Subaru engine in it, 10.00. I think proper homage to the AE86 GTS would be an FR coupe weighing around 2800 lbs (to meet modern day safety standard) and an N/A engine similar to that of the F22c making around 200 to 240 hp.


I would pay more if it was a Toyota


Under 25k, Im not looking for luxuries here just a car i can dd and track. Thats fun to drive and doesnt feel gutless and can perform. I would "Prefer" it badged as a toyota but i can adjust things from there if necesary:)

rev happy

enough power to enjoy the chassis

working lsd

good seats

Been waiting for this car for a long time now, anxious to see what toyota finally did....


i would pay 30k+ if they re-stamped the original ae86 chasis with the 4age again


with a toyota badge? alot. with a scion badge? not alot.


Even at $30k it's an absolute bargain. I'll have mine delivered with no engine, please ... because I'll have an RB26 in it so quickly its headlights will pop out.


In NA trim, this car should not be priced above 20K. Especialy with Hyundai offering a FR TURBO car for around 22~23K that eschews the use of that "oil-drinking" EJ20. The badge on the car should however have NO BEARING whatsoever. If you don't like the badge, then delete it, and cry about something that's relevent, like the crappy-ass engine.


Enough to keep the ricer scion people from making it the next ricer car to have