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It was bound to happen. After Sebastian Vettel claimed back to back Formula 1 Drivers' World Championships in Japan, it seemed like only a matter of time before Red Bull Racing would also stitch up the Constructor's Championship. And that's exactly what they did in Sunday's Korean Grand Prix. Although McLaren were able to finally break RBR's stranglehold on pole positions, they weren't able stop Vettel from claiming his 10th win of the season. Congratulations to the Red Bull Racing team.

- Charles Kha

Photo by Getty Images, Red Bull Content Pool



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Charles, he has 10 so far not 11. But with the way hes been driving all season 11 might come soon enough, Some great battles in the Korean race!


yeah the Webber vs Hamilton battle was getting intense. Vettel as always is just too far ahead for competition lol


Congrats to Redbull for winning back to back both title, I just wish Webber was at the front this season.


If they give webber a car that is up to par with Vettels car, then maybe he'll win one. All their efforts are put into vettels car since he is the 1 driver for RBR. If you stuck Alonso or Lewis in the same car as vettel, he'd get 3rd place. Thats for sure. He's not as talented as the other two. He just has a better machine than them this year. Last year he got lucky.


Congrats, but I'm wondering, what does team Redbull do differently to give their cars the best conditions for Webber and Vettel? Sometimes it looks like qualifying isn't as intense as in other pits, especially when Vettel pulls off last minute laps before session is over. Driverwise, I think the top of the pack is close in skills and races can be determined with car setting and some luck, but I really wonder how Red Bull pulls it off?


LOL @ mark... yeah what lucky guy... what a dumbass statement.


@ mark

You clearly know nothing, both drivers get the same car but Vettel is far more talented than Webber.

The fact that Vettel won a race in a toro rosso says it all, you can't dispute his awesome record in F1 thus far.

Who's the fastest f1 driver to go round the top gear track?