News>>production Ft-86 Leaked?

With all of today's technology it's nearly impossible for automakers to keep secrets about upcoming models, especially highly anticipated cars like Toyota's FT-86. If this is legit, we are looking at our first image of the production FT-86, found in a leaked catalog for Modellista aero parts. 

We'll have to wait until the Tokyo Motor Show to get all the details, but this gives us an idea of the changes made from concept to production version.

What do you think?

-Mike Garrett

Source: FT86 Club



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i think its very nice looking. i like how the body styling is a little bit more sane and sensible, it is much less extreme than the concept versions. i like it.


I like the agresive front that has stayed consistent through out the design, it is deffinetly something that few other brand bring to the table. However the back half of the car is nice it seems to generic to other sports cars on the market. Also is it a hatch?


Autocar magazine have the interior images


ehhhh on the tail lights


i think the car looks awsome, for some reason i dont like that line on the side of the car, kinda throws me off.


Big ole fake, Toyota is not even making it Scion and Subaru are.


rear light fail!!!


The back of the car reminds me of bmw z4

Don't know if this is good or not.


o0Syn<--YEAH because they DON'T SELL SCION IN you really post on here without knowing that? Is the joke on me?

With that said I really hope either Scion or Subaru has that fugly wing option-only without any other premium performance features that would make me regret not buying a premium FT86 just because I don't want to deal with that stupid wing and neither does whatever girl I let drive it.


o0Syn, are you really that stupid?


^^^IF YOU LOOK CLOSER, this catalog is from japan. scion does noy exist in japan dumbass!!


The mini GT-R.


Some of you seem to be a little confused: The FT-86 is a joint project between Toyota and Subaru Toyota will sell it under the name FT-86, Scion with the FR-S (note that Toyota owns Scion, as well as Lexus), and Subaru with whatever they decide to call it.

I think the photos are legit. And like others, I'm glad they kept the front end consistent. It's going to be an amazing road car.


the FT86 will generally look like this, but this car has aftermarket aero that a run of the mill car definitely won't have. (ride height looks a little low for production too). i just wouldnt get people's hopes up too high with stuff like "...we are looking at our first image of the production FT-86" just sayin..


@ EMS_ subaru is calling theirs the BRZ


I loled at the Toyota not making the ft-86 comment hahaha what an idiot


This isn't the stock look. It says Modellista Aero Kit on the bottom left




Not bad, almost as nice as the original concept :)


soooo want this car!


I like the agresive front that has stayed consistent through out the design, it is deffinetly something that few other brand bring to the table. However the back half of the car is nice it seems to generic to other sports cars on the market. Also is it a hatch?


I don't know. It looks more like a subaru: exterior and interior.....


Those wheels have a very familiar design, but i can't put my finger on it.


I was right! Looks like a supra's lil' brother and I am ok with that! It actually looks nice, VERY nice. I will def buy one!


The rear looks much better !

Luv it


I like the renders here:

That is a nice looking kit, BTW.... well, except for the chrome strip on the side


looks like a jza80 with a bodykit. not that its a bad thing


So far, I do like.


I don't like it. I think Toyota have produced so many more better looking cars. I really don't see what all the buzz is about to be honest.


Oh god, I hope not.


I kinda like it but it seems to remind me of the old supra mixed with a Porsche Panorama, and a Subaru STI


I like the front, but I'm a little ify on the back.

Its going to be badged as a Toyota in every market but the US as a Celica. Its going to be badged as a Scion in the US. And besides, Toyota owns Scion. Subaru only collaborated in making the car, its not going to be badged as a Subaru anywhere.


Not too crazy about the silver strip going down the bottom of the door.


Can't help but notice that the leaked brochure image is still computer rendered and has no actual photographs of the supposed production car or the parts offered for the supposed production car.

Also can't help but notice that the Modellista license plates shown on the image appear to be much less skillfully photoshopped into the image than the computer rendering of the car they are laid over the top of.

This is pretty obviously a hoax, and not a very good one if it is so easy to spot.

That looks like an old Celica or Corolla brochure that someone dropped one of the concept car photos onto, and then pasted a couple of the plates into it.


DIggin' it. Looks sensible and REALLY liking the new rear end.


I like the way it comes together, That strip on the side has to go.....But I cant wait to start designing Wide body kits for it.


scoin is toyota same company just there sport urban division for the youger kids and lexus is toyotas uper class vechicle is all the same company build from the ground up.

respond to o0syn


Not bad, not bad Toyota.


i like the FR-S concept the best :( they shouldnt stray to far from that beastttt


Kinda disappointing. Looks too cluttered compared to the concepts. I really liked the clearer and more simple design of the concept but they had to add on a a clunky looking body kit that gives it that high beltline/fat side look. Also the taillights and chrome side trim don't help.

Overall shape is still great, and I like the rear end redesign


I dislike the chrome trim on the door and the whole rear end! The tail lights look weird and deserve a little more flair.


oosyn your a fool scion is toyota in japan and the rest of the world, scion only exists in the us of a,.


WoW...if these are real then that is one gorgeous looking front end. REar has me guessing a bit. Overrall car looks awesome


@ o0Syn :

It's certainely a European model. For example here in france, only the xB and xD models are called Scion, even the iQ is sold as a Toyota.


p.s. totally looks like a z4 from the back


It totally looks like the front end was modelled byb Toyota and the rear end was modelled by Subaru and they just mushed the two together.


im not so sure about the tail lights.....


Notice how this is in a catalogue for "modellista aero parts", as in this model is equipped with what at least looks to be a lip kit if not more. I hope those aren't the original tail lights and I bet stock lips will be less aggressive than that. From the picture on the bottom it looks like that stupid chrome rub strip is an add on too. Basically just disregard anything thats commonly changed on modified cars such as lips (or even whole bumpers), skirts, mirrors, lights, and wheels. Other than that though, seems like this is gunna look like a pretty nice car. Absolutely love the line that starts on top of the front fender and goes all the way to the window


Yeah this is out of a aero catalog so the production model wont have those bumpers or skirts. Still looks promising though except i have to agree the taillights are a little... blah. Still though, cant wait to see a production model in the flesh


theres a full feature in best car magazine

1.990,000 yen for the base with steel wheels

to 3.100,000 yen for the top model.


they should have kept the concept taillights


Ugly as Hell. I'd rather wait for the new Supra or save up for an LFA.


i dont like the rear design especially the lights... kinda look like hyundai. very very disappointed. the previous concept design much more better. This new 'refurbish' design makes it soft. so disappointed


It looks like subaru from behind..



Now for some Type-X type tail lights and it will be perfect.


now the only hope is that the FT sell extremely well and then makes nissan and honda to bring back their FR sport cars...


If it will look like that and a good price tag on it il buy it


Leaked........or is it purpose built hype for the most over hyped car?


If it will look like that and a good price tag on it il buy it


For me looks like a hyundai Genesis........


iLike it! However this thread has so much misconception it's driving me nuts... This is a collaboration between Toyota and Subaru and manufactured in Subaru's plant in Gunma that will both be released in the USA as a Scion and a Subaru. Toyota also owns Scion with a partial stake of Subaru dating back in 2005, hence the collaboration between both companies. :)


They just CAN'T KEEP THE CONCEPT'S TAILLIGHTS due to the restrictions in some countries (Guess which ones ? European, of course !). In USA/Japan you are free to do more or less what you want with your car, but for example in my country, there are lots of stupid regulations. For example you have to be able to change the lights of your car if they are broken (dunno how you are supposed to see its broken, and how they can tell if it was already broken before or if it just happened, but meh) so you can't have too complicated shapes for the lights as even a 70 year-old lady should be able to understand how to remove the headlight shell.

Just look at the Jaguar concepts with their classy thin lights, and look how the production car actually looks. This is because of these damn laws. It appears that European leaders don't like cars. :'(



The rear lights are tacky, and the bonnet line looks raised! Please let this not be it!!!!


What the hell have they done to the back end? - the concept had such nice sleek lights and lines. Those lights are hideous :(


What the hell have they done to the back end? The concept had such beautiful sleek rear lines and tail lights. I think it's a liitle ruined at the rear. :(


Rear taillights look ugly!! Other than that, it looks great

LOL @ o0Syn



I have a stack of Modellista brochures and they do not use CGI images, they use actual photos of the vehicle and their products.

Those images are obviously CGI.


From concept beauty to reality UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never would want one.


Just needs a little work, but definitely has potential. I approve.


Wheels and chrome protection seems to be accessories... since it's the only 2 things I dislike, this goes pretty well !


Loks like a baby LFA


when this car (finally) hits the dealerships, someone will eventually swap a chevy ls motor in this thing, too.


Looks like a new Z (350 or 370) same basic shape and body lines.


Must be fake since even the Koreans look better.