In The Moment>> Rwb Comes To The United States

Nakai-san of RAUH-Welt fame is currently in California assembling the first US-built RWB Porsches. Photographer Tram Tran popped by Fatlace Paddock the day prior to RWB USA's official opening to see Nakai-san in action.

Here you can see two of the three Porsches that are being prepared including the white Hoonigan 911 and one for a customer in Maryland. The green Illest 964 was getting tuned at FFTEC when we popped by. Mayday Garage are next in line, with Nakai-san later heading to Texas to complete their 993.

Nakai-san flew in from Japan on Wednesday and has been busy working around the clock on the three Porsches.

Nakai-san has been travelling a lot recently, having added the RWB touch to Porsches in Thailand, the UK and now the States.

The three Porsches are currently on their way down to Las Vegas, so keep an eye out for them at SEMA.

- Charles Kha

Photos by Tram Tran


Rauh Welt Begriff

Mayday Garage



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It would be an absolute dream to own a car built by Nakai-San. A lot of tuners produce good products and create parts that are a trademark look-- spoon, re-amemiya etc. etc.

There are also a lot of tuning houses that transform your car the way rauh welt does. But there's just something different about the RWB porsches. Every car is unique, every car is built by the man himself, every car is absolutely stunning and a million other adjectives.

He takes something cool and creates an altogether new level of bad ass with it. If I ever have the financial means to drop 30K + on having a car of mine built, this would be the man to do it.


It makes me very happy reading about Mr. Nakai getting to make his Porsches all over the globe. This is his absolute dream come true... when you do meet him in person you truly understand how much it means to him. RWB is his life and his soul! This really brings a big smile to my face :)


Is the "customer" in Maryland Vaughn Gittin Jr. ? Hmmmmmm.


Tram always seems to catch the moment! nice work...


YESSSS, just makes me more pissed we're missing sema this year.


I simply /love/ RWB Porsches . . and one of them would fit nicely into my perfect 10 car garage :D


According to the guys at Mayday Garage their 993 is still in Texas, will be worked after SEMA. Isn't it?


dam! im happy that hes finally in the states! :D


Thus rwb thing is getting Burt out!


Sadly I think RWB coming to the USA was bad, now the cars have been molested by ugly wheels in stupid colors.


David I hope they delete your negative comment asap. In my opinion each RWB car is a work of sublime beauty. Just seeing the letters RWB raises my pulse and makes me smile. I hope Nakai-san enjoys his time among US car enthusiasts. A group in which you should not be welcome. If he were in my area I would do my utmost to thank him in person for bringing his visionary creations to life


Is there going to be a grand opening event or some sort of event over at RWB USA? I would pay just to go and meet Nakai-san. Really I would.


this man is an artist if i had money to blow id spend it on an rwb right now


Would still take a Singer 911 any day over this.


There is something about being so immersed in a world or culture that you get to see an entirely distinct perspective on how things can be done. This space is usually reserved for people that blend the lines of crazy and genius. Somehow, he has introduced his functional art without showing any signs of flying over the cuckoo nest. All I can say is keep it up Nakai-San!


I hope someday I will have a RWB tuned Porsche 964 turbo. Until then keep up the good work Nakai-san.


So glad he's here we have plenty of Porches that need some Nakai touch!


The shop in California sure has way more room than the main shop back in Japan, That's for damn sure.


Absolutely amazing, i've dreamed of owning a car built by Mr.Nakai. This is gonna make it a whole lot easier for me!!


keep it up nakai san, we wont forget you =]


Welcome and much success from Rhode Island Mr. RWB!!!!


Damn, this dude just make 1980s Porsches look good


I love Rauh Welt, they look radical, but is $18,000+ for fiber glass justified?


David is a tool.


quality read.. i'll look out for your coverage of their arrival! Go RWB!


LOL. Yea Nakai-san I would be smiling like that too if i was getting PAID like you are right now. Nakai-san is like the japanese james dean making old Porshes cool. I wish him the best of luck and i'm glad he's getting his credit.


If i sell my house i would have the money for an RWB, a nice minute repeater, keep my Clio RS and have some spare money to enjoy the lot ! .... Hmmm, will have to think it over ... . Unfortunately i live in a country where fast and exotic cars are NOT really appreciated :-(


@David, Do you know the amount of work Nakai puts into these cars?? I HIGHLY doubt Nakai would put "ugly wheels in stupid colors" on his builds. Have some respect. This is a huge step for him and RWB.

BTW, awesome pics like usual Tram. It was nice running into you at The Paddock. Till we meet again...


I'd like to order a RWB 993 please, now where do I put my wishlist in?


Id like to clarify my comment, All these cars are a piece of art but I personally dont like bright colored wheels on anything unless its drifting.and i just think those Rotiforms take away from the effect with there modern design.

I fully understand Nakais and in no means trying to offend his passion

I just prefer rough race look the ones built in Japan have. I think these look to modern and like show cars.


A RWB in MARYLAND?!?! Looks like I'm going to speed hunting soon


I am going to be ready for them to build me a car.. I am dead serious... Anyone know their contact number in California? I have been e-mailing them and no answer probably because of being busy with SEMA... If anyone can help that would be great. Thanks.



Witnessing him do his magic @ RWB Opening in San Mateo, CA was a religious's been 3 days since I've saw him, and I still have no words to describe what I've felt at the moment. Shout-outs to Matt in Natomas, CA.


and to comment on 18k too much for this kit.. to a person who loves cars and the passion for cars its not too much to own a one of a kind car.. i am willing to pay this much to own a car that i know will be made specifically for me...