In The Moment>> Lens Envy

Just 24 hours after the finish of Formula D Irwindale, I hopped on a plane to the Netherlands to meet up with the European Speedhunters crew. This trip is quite a different one for me, as I’m stepping behind the camera to do another round of Girlhunting for Team Need for Speed. I’m doing a series of shoots at Zandvoort Circuit this weekend and for the first time ever, I have been granted an all access photographic pass. To say I’m excited to wear this splendid neon green vest would be an understatement to the highest degree!  So today, I scoped out a prime spot on the top of a sand dune and claimed this territory to perfect my photo stance.

Having worked alongside such a talented crew of Speedhunters photographers, I’ve had lens envy on many occasions.  For the last round of the FIA GT3 European Championship, I’m going to do my best to make my fellow Speedhunters proud… oh, and (as always) I will be giving out a stash of Speedhunters stickers ;)

I hope to see some of our Dutch Speedhunters readers at Zandvoort circuit this weekend!

– Miki Taka

Girlhunting at Gatebil

The Need for Speed Euro Spokesmodel Search 2011



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Jebus! Look at all those freakin chemtrails in that pic!


miki taka is incredibly hot!


I love those Canon telephotos. What do most of you pho-togs of speed-hunters shoot with? 100-400mm? Reply to


Grats!!! Seriously can't wait to see the awesome photos you'll take. I'm sure you'll make everyone proud! ^___^


shooting on the track, mid day, with a tele lens and FLASH. you can't fail more.


So jealous of you right now!!


MAERSK: Zandvoort is near a major international airport. ;)



Most of us shoot Canon with Ross and Andy heading up the Nikon side of things. As with regards to lenses, it's down to personal preference really - I usually shoot track with a 300 2.8 L prime and a 70-200 2.8 L on a second body


You obviously know little of what you speak about but I'll still entertain your trolling. Shooting any race weekend, sessions can be short and spread out so you shoot when the cars are on track - it doesn't matter if it's day, night, dry, wet or the coming of the apocalypse. Flash is very helpful in harsh sunlight as it provides decent fill light but just because it's on the camera doesn't mean it's being used. It's better to have it ready and not need it than to need it and not have it.


Shame i can't come to Zandvoort this weekend, since i have to be in Rotterdam for another event :(






Nobody would shoot with a flash in the middle of the day let alone with with a tele. How stupid do you think we are?


Thank you very much for the reply in regards to the lens question, Paddy, I really appreciate that. lol @ the troll,


It was a great day yesterday! =D

Finally, I've spotted Jonathan, Jeroen and Miki! Too bad I couldn't have a chat with them, as I didn't have an accreditation this time..


@ Sean. It's actually a common technique that some photographers use in the middle of the day. A 70-200 isn't that long a lens in Motorsports terms (with a full size sensor) and at Zandvoort there are many spots where the cars are literally a few feet from you.


Paddy, you are awesome.


Have fun, its a great circuit to shoot!

and on those chemtrails................. dude's the spot where she's at on the foto is like 40 kilometers from schiphol. Biggest airfield in the Netherlands...... come one dont be stupid




look at all those chem-trails!


You kids and your pumped-up kicks!


Want a sweet green vest too!!!


@knt & Sean: never been to Francorchamps or Zolder? If you don't have a tele, you don't see a thing!


Jeez, dredging the bottom of the barrel here guys. I usually enjoy the behind the scenes stuff, but this one really just smacks of self promotion.

Regarding the flash; I've shot at international motorsport events for years, and rarely do you see anyone shooting on-track action with a flash. At the distance most shooting points are from the track, flash is gonna do sweet f.a. especially on a sunny day. Me thinks it's about the 'look-at-me' factor more than anything else.


For this ‘Behind the scenes' post I wanted to share some of ‘the secrets' we have