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After my weekend at the Rennsport Reunion I've found that Porsche owners are some of the most dedicated I've ever seen. I can't recall another single brand event as large as this one. In fact, it seemed there were more people at Rennsport than even at the famous Rolex Historic races. Such is the power of the Porsche brand.

Spotted this 911 in the parking area. Dig the rally style lamps on the hood.

You couldn't have a gathering of famous Porsche race cars without the 911 GT1 could you? This one was originally driven by Paul Newman, Kyle Petty, and Gunnar Jeanette.

This '87 944 Turbo race car was pretty wild.

The turbo four cylinder under the removable front end makes 675hp. Solid.

Among the display of historic of 911 race cars was this '64 911 – which is one of the first two 911s imported to the United States. It also became the first Porsche 911 in the world to win a race after taking the class victory at the 1966 Daytona 24hrs.

Also in the line of legends was this '71 911 ST that competed in the East African Safari Rally.

This is one of three 911s built for the '71 Safari Rally.

Another great 911 GT car, the GT2 Evo from 1995.

Back out on the track, a 914-6 dips through the Rainey Curve.

Decades of 911 history are visible in this view looking down from the hillside.

Not sure if this is a work in progress or the owner is going for the rat look. Either way it stood out quite a bit.

Just about perfect if I do say so myself.

A huge display of 962s in the scale model area. Nerd mode fully engaged.

The collection of 917s was equally as impressive.

115 horsepower is nothing by today's standards, but in 1959 it was enough to get this 356 Carrera GS-GT up to 140mph.

Now this is awesome – a Mercedes transporter used by the Porsche factory race team from 1968 to 1989.

Traffic jam at Turn 10, with several different models battling it out.

One of the GT3 Cup cars heads up the long uphill section toward the Corkscrew.

The simple beauty of the '67 911S.

I'll wrap up part two here, but there's more from Rennsport coming soon.

-Mike Garrett

Rennsport Reunion Pt.1

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No Rauh Welt Porsche ?... :)


rwb is typically found in japan, as that is the only current source of the tuner 911.

not to say californians arent rich enough to import them, but registraion problems would likely prevent road use, so one would only buy it as a track car. which i fully support. thats where those cars belong. screaming around like pissed off german cars should.


Feature on that '87 944 turbo!


Importing a genuine RWB Porsche from Japan to California and registering it shouldn't be a problem. Porsche's in Japan meet and exceed crash test like everywhere else in the world. It's not like a Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R we're talking about.

And just for the record, RWB is not the only Porsche tuner in Japan.



that first picture is pure gold

also, a mercedes porsche carrier seems sacrilege in some way...


So much awesome Porsche porn on display. Takes me back to my own glory days...


RWB =/= RennSport (RS) - The RennSport Reunion is about historic significant Racing Porsches, more so than a just general Porsche gathering. Look out at SEMA for the RWB debut in USA.


Apparently theres going to a RWB in san mateo,ca next to the hyp beast paddock...i mean fatlace paddock. Its suppose to open up this month apparently.


"Nerd mode fully engaged." awesome


red 356 best car on speed hunters evar


some one will do it future?


Gorgeous 356's. Love the red one.


Brilliant coverage mike. And peter illest/fatlace and ken block are building RWB 911 as we speak but are not ready yet.


RWB is in the US right now. Look for coverage from SEMA to see their car. I know Mark Arcenal is building a nice one for the show.


That 944 engine is so tight! love it! wonder who built it?


Even if you don't consider yourself a Porsche fan, the Rennsport Reunion was something to be inspired


Just a slight correction, the 911 GT1 you see there is actually a copy made by Gunnar Jeanette, called the G-99.

Here's a little history.



It is always fun at a Porsche event, check it out here http://bit.ly/oiS4zN or on Facebook here http://www.facebook.com/NoBraking