Event>> Hellaflush Japan 2011 – Pt.2

I think most people watched in awe as the Junction Produce Rolls Royce Phantom drove into the paddock at the Hellaflush Japan show. Getting recognition from the guys that started the whole VIP movement certainly means something for this first meeting. For this second part of the coverage I will continuing with a nice mix of cars, I think it wouldn’t do the show justice if I start splitting up the cars into various categories as the best part of Hellaflush was seeing completely different cars and styles with every step you took. So from a Rolls Royce on 24-inch wheels…

…we swiftly move on to a slammed EG6…

…and a colorful drift spec Nissan Laurel.

This oldschool Sunny wagon was pretty cool but I spotted a fake Speedhunters sticker in the back so I had to give the owner a couple of real ones to replace it with!

I was actually really surprised to see so many fans of our site, but this particular Honda Accord owner did something far more original than applying a simple sticker…

…he grinded the logo onto his rusty hood along with a few Domo-kun! Very cool.

Simplicity often speaks a thousand words…

…something this clean and to the point Altezza perfectly showed.

The owner of this S13 took full advantage of his 4-lug hubs and bolted on some oldschool wheels. Can’t argue with a choice like that!

And on the subject of older design wheels or more modern cars, this S2000 pulls off the look rather well.

This owner of this RX-7 came up all the way from Kyoto to enter the car in the show. The dark silver Yokohama Advan RS suit the white FD very well with great choice of offset.

This has to be one of my most favorite cars from the show. You can expect a full feature on this Osaka JDM CRX…

…as well as this simply awesome S30 from Star Road. When not drooling over the exterior it was hard not to get down on your knees and take a closer look at the cool new Equip 03s Work has just released. The old school rims are now available with a anodized bronze lip…

…the same treatment that is now offered on the Meister S1R. Personally it was the M1R above that grabbed my attention…especially after seeing them fitted to the slammed green JZX90 and the 326Power Sentia at the King of Sedan Festival the other weekend.

Skipper and Do-Luck combined forces to bring these two cars to the show. It was the Aristo however that everyone was looking at, as on top of the looks…

…it had all the performance anyone would ever want or need form a big sedan like this. That’s a 600 HP Do-Luck tuned 2JZ right there.

There was a steady line at the Fatlace booth all day…

…as Japanese fans waited patiently to get their hands on some merchandise.

Big props goes out to the DJ that worked hard all day keeping the music pumping through the massive speaker set up.

Hellaflush Golf MKI.

I drove the sedan version of the CD Accord for many years before getting the Legacy so that front grill remains a very familiar look and one I always take a few seconds to reminisce over. Still great looking cars today especially equipped with appropriatly fitted wheels

JDM all the way!

These bug-eyed DC2s are getting rare in Japan so it’s always nice when I spot one. Loved the military green the owner chose to repaint the car in…

…however why this 5-series GT in a similar shade of green was present really puzzled me. This is Studie‘s demo car but surely they could have brought along something a little more ground-hugging.

The Acura grille conversion seems to be as popular as Infiniti conversions for Nissans and Lexus ones for Toyotas. Something to stand a little bit out from the crowd…on top of the pink wheels of course!

Next to the Fatlace booth was Nishio-san’s Team Kazama Auto 2JZ powered D1 Lexus IS.

I will have to continue with a few more Hondas…

…cars that have since the beginning dominated the import scene in the US and that fans of the movement in Japan have emulated in their own ways.

You just couldn’t have a meeting like this and not see at least one fully decked out minivan like this Toyota Vellfire slammed on 20-inch wheels.

These two Impreza’s weren’t part of the display but I couldn’t help but grab a few shots.

Oh no! The dreaded onikyan! You either love it, hate it, or can attempt to understand it.

K-Racing Factory were set up next to the Hosino Car Style cars with this great little AE86.

Sound must be to die for.

By now you should all know how much I like wagons and this S6 Avant literally an inch off the ground looked very hot. Seems like Thule roof racks are a must…

…on a lot of cars.

This is a Toyota Kluger like I have never seen before. Admittedly these are vehicles that I just don’t notice around the streets of Japan, however the spider web theme and widened fenders on this one were hard to ignore.

This Forester was picked by the Fatlace crew as one of the best cars of the show…

…as was this E46 on Equip E05s.

Back soon with Part 3.


Hellaflush Japan coverage on Speedhunters

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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That CRX is superb, best car here. The blue s30 is very nice as well


Man! That's bad ass! GO HELLAFLUSH!


Picks look great! I really dig the way the japanese appriciate each others uniqueness. They don't look down on or diss fellow enthusiest that are out of normality. Great coverage, looking forward to part 2. How was the eye candy? Any?


loving the content up to press.. the black CRX looks the car of the show to me, still i think theres a lot to please most - even me and mine with our 'Dub leanings'.. liking the cutey with the 'crossed leg' stance at the merchandising stand.. phew! - nice to see a MK1 Golf out there too, as well as a good-looking Integra - Thanks for the quality pics -


There seems to be a lot of U.S. license plates in Japan. Great coverage Dino


I love that last BWM sedan and nice Hawaii license plate on that last Civic coupe.


All readers, please take note, the picture of the Rolls Royce is a perfect example of what not to do with your car, should you ever own one.


I really wish Speedhunters.com would provide bigger pictures. I know they have desktops of some cars but it would be nice to look at ALL these awesome rids in more detail.


That Highlander is interesting.

Nice Forester.

Not afan of the broken camber on that Q45, though.


HOLY SH** that Rolls is AMAZING. i didn't think anyone could possibly modify a Rolls without making it look atrocious, but this owner did it perfect justice @__@


... and someone brought a 'Phantom' out?! Damn son!


love that 86 but appears to be injected not carbs unfortunately


That silver car with the rusted hood isn't a accord. Its a Canadian 1.6el front end on a ek sedan.


somehow even Japan made HF look better xD


"The dark silver Yokohama Advan RS suit the white FD very well with great choice of offset."

Its sentences like this that remind you that hellaflush is about fashion, not machines.


That "Accord" may be an Acura 1.6EL front end, but the Japanese also had that body style, called the Domani.


Will part three contain more of the insane Carina Firevan? (fourth picture in part one)

I did post up a video of it on the Hellaflush meeting it on my blog and it is even insaner than before: the owner transformed its interior into dragracer look! :P


It's kind of weird how people in Japan want a "usdm" look(Acura logos/bugeye DC2) whereas in the US, it's the other way around(Honda logos on Acuras/ JDM front end swaps on DC2s)


the Kluger wins for most original.


tan honda on purple wheels is a Domani not an Accord...


Please More Pictures of that E46


I dont know what it is about the Rolls. . . but damn! Her painties just split


I saw that Phantom in Ginza once - it was rocking much much uglier rims at the time.

Amusing thing is, while it's rocking a fake plate here, it's real plate isn't actually much different from the plate put up there.


Great job Fatlace! The coverage has been good too Speedhunters! That Forester is crazy and good at the same time. It's RWD converted and gets drifted rather hard from what I know. I have to say that Phantom is one of the best tuned VIP style rides I've ever seen.


Feature / Spotlight on the Phantom and Kluger would be interesting.


The rusted hood car is a Honda Domani I believe not an Accord. Based on Civic sedan...


That CR-X, AE86 and the blue Impreza is too awesome!!!!

What kind of truck was that with the DJ booth? I can use one of those for my shop.


that rolly is so fly, but the matte green bimmer is pug fugly...you couldn't offroad for s*** in a ride like that :/


Unfortunately that last BMW didn't make it home in one piece... http://on.fb.me/pmKduD


Great coverage, thanks Dino.

The Phantom is insane!! I love it. Really like the IS on LM's too.

And I think I need a set of work CR-01's...


That Rolls Royce and the White FD RX-7 on Advan RS, timeless beauties : )


There are some cars that there I REALLY like, while others are just... annoying.


"...this particular Honda Accord owner did something far more original than applying a simple sticker..."

Accord?! That's Domani (or Isuzu Gemini) and there's nothing original about it. You guys rather showcase some stupid trend than feature a proper FF (aka HONDA) done right. This is NOT car life...this is RICE!

The rest of HONDAs weren't too bad...can't wait to see a feature on Osaka JDM's CRX tho. Those guys ARE original.


FULL writeup on the JP Phantom? I wanna see how much more VIP the JDM scene can make a true VIP car :)


Love the DJ 's truck!


to correct everyone so far, the silver honda with the rusted hood IS a DOMANI with "acura 1.6 EL" spec headlights (as those had orange signals instead of clear like the domani has) and SECONDLY nothing is "rice" about it because all parts ARE oem and direct bolt ons.... cuz it's not like putting on an integra front end on your civic.........yes the front does resemble a honda accord but do your research before blabbing out about things you don't know. -thank you