Car Spotlight>> Valtonen Motorsport W123

To the
average Joe, this car looks like a normal run-of-the-mill Mercedes Benz W123.
But I wouldn’t feature this machine unless it has something special right? It’s only
when you take a closer look, you’ll start to notice that there are some big differences to a standard example.

This becomes especially apparent when you look at the front of the car. You’ll notice the lower half of the frontbumper has
been cut up to make place for a rather large intercooler. That’s a sure sign
there is something lurking underneath that bonnet unintended by the
engineers from Mercedes Benz.

This is
where Valtonen Motorsport from Finland comes into play. The information I have about the car is a bit limited, but I do know that we’re looking at a rebuilt Mercedes
Benz OM606 6 cylinder 24v diesel engine. It has a modified and ported head with
new valves and cams. In looking at this shot, the thing that struck me the most, was the attention to
detail. Everything has a place and nothing has been overdone.

The engine
is being aided by not one, but two Holset HX35 turbos. The first turbo is
visible in this shot and the other sits right underneath. I’m also told
that there’s a Eaton supercharger in there somewhere too. All this results in 500bhp engine
with 700Nm depending on the boost and fuel setup.

I found
this small video in which you can see how the two turbos are mounted and hear
the amazing sound it makes.

The engine is being cooled using two hybrid integrated
fluid-to-air intercoolers.

Motorsport only uses Adel Wiggins clamps to make sure none of the hoses pop
loose under full strain.

The front brakes consist of Wilwood 4 pot
calipers and Alcon 330mm  rotors and in
the back are 2 pot calipers with 300mm rotors.

The rear
wheels measure 17″x10 with 275/45 rubber wrapped around them. As you can see in
this video, the car has no problem burning up that rubber in no time.

cruising with this car knowing what its capable off must be great fun.

Hat tip to Juha-Matti Mölsä for the tip.

-Jeroen Willemsen

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awesome! Watch the video- serious tire melting fun!




You should know more about Mr. Valtonens other cars and projects. I find them most exciting in this country and the finish makes everybody speakless. For example the Rx7 and the lightweight Opel corsa with 1hp / Kg. Just google it up :)


still less than 7l/100km if your driving gently :D

5 There you go, some action ;) Finnish power! Would it be possible to do a Spotlight on Swedish TurboBandits? Would be awesome! =)


Such a shame there are no real vids of this car shredding in track or strip even though it was built some years ago. Gladly there is this crazy finn called Teemu Peltola who has for two seasons shown how MB w123 goes sideways. But I would really love to see this car show off its performance rather than just sitting in shows.


Twin turbo 6 cylinder diesel!? In a wagon!? Love it, brings the term "sleeper" a whole new meaning. Great post.


What a mean mother f*cker of a wagon, wow.


I love sleepers, and wagon based sleepers are my favorite! :)


I've seen this car in person. It's running a dual stage charged 2x Holset's and Eaton M90 charger -sounds like jet plane! Here's a small winter vido clip:


isn't that low power with 2xHX35 and an Eaton?


always love the W123 !!! One of the last real Benz ! Awsome car and pics


AWESOME!!!! A diesel estate W123 with 500hp! Pure win!


pure AWSOMENESS !!! love the W123 wagon and even this beautiful beast !!!


hmm..its doesnt sound like jet plane..chicken



The old Benz's are so under rated, they're some of the most solid cars ever built! Even stock they're a lot of fun to drive!

18 A small teaser of one saturday evening fun.


Propably a saturday night fun out there :)


This is the opposite of rice and so awesome for it.


peanut who...

collect jaw from the floor


Hi I have a 230e, with R14 185/80 tyre size, can I change to your tyre size without modifying anything?