Car Spotlight>>the Uberporsche At Rennsport

As part of the festivities at the Rennsport Reunion, Porsche displayed a selection of historic 911-based race cars which filled the pit garages at Laguna Seca. Among the bunch was the Rothmans-colored Porsche 961, which I found to be one of the most interesting cars of the weekend.

The 961 was the race version of the famous Porsche 959, and although it had a very short competition history it's a remarkable machine. In 1986 it became the first all wheel drive car ever to compete at Le Mans.

Rod covered the history of both the 959 and the 961 in his great retrospective a couple years ago. To see the one and only 961 on display at Rennsport was a treat to say the least.

After an engine fire ended the cars racing career at Le Mans in 1987, the one and only 961 was restored to the condition you see here.

It's an incredibly aerodynamic car. Here you can see the big turbo lurking behind the rear bodywork.

The nerd in me noticed the 961 was equipped with Holman Moody window nets. Interesting.

Look at the size of those wheels and tires! Groundbreaking stuff for the mid 1980s.

A final shot of the 961's very wide front profile.

The opportunity to see rare and historic race cars like this is just one of many reasons why Rennsport is held in such high regard among Porsche lovers.

-Mike Garrett

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Another reason why I will some day own a Porsche. What a stunning example! The rear shot killed it. Sex, straight up.


Whoa! One of my favorite Porsche ever (959) only in race trim (961)!!!!!

The restoration is incredible, looks like nothing happened, looks impeccable!

You hit the sweet spot right there, now I have to pick my jaw off the floor : )


I don't know why, but it reminds me of a toy car. I guess it's the insane size of the wide-body.


Wallpaper of the 5th photo from the bottom please Mike?


Look at those TURBOS. Two of them! :P


What a benchmark in appearance and technology. I didnt even know these existed...thanks!


I dont think I like to hood of the car... just something about it... but it looks crazy fast!


When I was a kid I did not like the 961. When I was a kid I did not have Speedhunters to show me how wrong I was.


I just bought a print of this for my garage, very cool car.


Oh wow, I didn't know they had restored it. What an awesome looking machine. Yes, I realize that's an understatement. :)


Amazing! Great spotlight, Mike – what a car!


such an amazing car!


Probably the most beautiful Porsche ever built! It just looks brutal Ive always loved the 961- if they could only produce a road going version of the 961 just like Mclaren did with there Mclaren F1 GTR, and Mercedes Benz CLK GTR that would be awesome!


a trip back in time before the effects of horse steroids were fully understood.


Stock Porsches are lame. Really about as bland as a car can get when it comes to the higher priced cars on the market. But holy crap do they look good with mega wide body kids. Race car mods or Rauh Welt styling, they look amazing


wow, only one 961 in the world and i missed it at Laguna Seca. wish i have gone back to Cali for a visit sooner. :-( she is BEAUTIFUL. thanks for the lovely photos. any desktops?? :)