Car Spotlight>> The Odd One Out

The VW scene is known for its style and exuberant culture which surrounds it. We all know of the odd sleeper which lurks amongst them but up until this year's Edition38, I'd never really seen a heavily performance orientated example. 

Thanks to J-Tech Automotive, I need to search no more as their rather impeccable MKII Golf was more than I could have ever asked for.

I still love the style aspect of the VW scene but it is refreshing to see a really well built and dedicated track car based on the MKII Golf. The 1.8 20 valve turbocharged motor should surely provide more than enough power.  

The interior, although very well put together is sparse of any creature comforts. 

This is a full on and no holds barred performance build. Snap-off wheel, pedal box, fixed seats and harnesses connect you to the heart of this car.

Compomotive wheels, Wilwood brakes and Toyo tyres. You can also just about make out the quick release front bumper catch in front of the wheel.

Taking a look into the back allows you a better look at the full weld-in rollcage, the welding on which deserves a feature of its own. 

Recessed into the spare wheel well was a pair of fuel pumps and a swirl pot. So, this is what happens when you combine the VW levels of OCD clean and a full-on performance build. Now to see it in action …


Paddy McGrath

Additional Photos by Rod Chong

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Wow. I love this VW. My imagination couldn't have done it better.


Surely some chucklehead will be in here soon saying "Man, this thing is a piece of shit! Needs more drop and camber, 4x4 olololol low is a lifestyle am i rite guyz? herpderpderp"


^noooo!! not everycar needs to be "hella slammed" wtf is wrong with people


awesome car and top guys cant fault them or the car. this is a performance car with looks to match no scene queen show car here !!


That's a fuel surge tank, not a swirl pot. Swirl pots are for getting bubbles out of the cooling system. Thanks for the feature though, good to see. Is that a standard gearbox or a sequential unit?


@ m: you will never get your question answered on here. It's a KNOWN fact that SP "writers" hardly ever reply to people's questions. That's how much they care about the stuff they feature !


Daaaaamn, Peanut butter and jaaaaammmm


Oh I'm aware, just hoping someone else might chime in :)


wait.. something happened at the end. you were cut off. lol


@eccramer. obvious troll is obvious.


If that's a 1.8T, why does it have ignition wires? 1.8T is coil on plug. What weirdness occurs here?

I think it's funny you don't see (or know much about) performance VW's. Here in the states modded VW's are split about 50/50 between stance and outright horsepower. There are some batshit turbo ones.


LOL'D! ^^^


Stunning! Fantastic work. Thanks for the spotlight.


Sweet vdub, i would really love to see it TA. probably it's even to low for TA


haha wow at least one VW head finally grew up and realized how to build a real car.


Beautiful Golf, that thing checks all my boxes. It's a lot like my Jetta but done waaaaaay nicer. I dig.


Well said nick


amazing, perfect one:)


also, not a pair of fuelpumps but a pump and a filter in line (: anyway - the car is amazing!


my fav big bumper Mk II ever


Paddy you know why you suck at reporting/ featuring cars?

THIS is a clear example !

You took a picture of the shifter and failed to state what transmission the Golf is using.

Being a inspired "race car" you failed to state what suspension components the Golf is using.

You failed to state how much power and torque the Golf makes.

And being a inspired "race car" (weight being very important), you failed to state how much the car weighs.

Then you get upset why I'm always harsh?

Those "features" don't tell much, if anything at all !

You might as well put up the pictures and spare us with your taste.

Put up facts !!!


Yea, that H2O pipe insulation on the cage tubing is real functional, just another hard parking show queen!


On the last picture, you're wrong about having two fuel pumps in the wheel well. Pump is on the

right and filter is on the left. Look at the two lines running to the top right of the picture. One is

the feed from an in-tank pump, the other is the return line.


@ m:

In that case I would search:

If that doesn't satisfy your question, I would call them up (0118) 947-9555 or email them at:




I think some people change it up to msd or some other type of ignitions systems as they are supposedly more reliable. Not 100% percent on this but I am sure someone else does.


@m. I think it's just a standard shifter remounted. A3 and later vws use cable shifters so in theory you can remount them if you wanted to.


Along with the extended stretch those unsafety belts are likely to provide in a collision.


That thing is extremely clean for a track car. I don't even see any brake dust on the wheels...


If thats a quick release front bumper catch, why isn't there one on the other side?


Never mind, i'm an idiot


now this has been done the right way.. liking what i see from top quality welding to just right wheel choice!


Right-hand driven and German registration plate? Or are these interior shots mirrored?


amazing german racing look!!! nice car!!!


I would've liked to see more detailed pictures of the bay, serious looking interior and such. But this is a sick build indeed. Any track videos of this thing? This is definitely another example of a track car with GREAT "stance"


Perfect build.

Nothing is more fun to drive, than a stripped and caged hatchback.


Marc: The stuff on the cage is padding. NASA here in the states requires it on parts of the roll cage the people inside of the car might hit if the car crashes.

IMO, I'd be more worried about the fact that those look like four-point harnesses than about how the shoulder belts are mounted.