Car Spotlight>> The Ka67 Fire Wagon

It took me about two minutes to spot this slammed red Toyota fire wagon at the Hellaflush Japan meeting. As soon as I arrived I did a quick walkthrough the show to quickly gauge how many cars had showed up when I was instantly captured by the awesomeness and utter uniqueness…

…of the KA67 Carina Wagon in front of me.  

Aside form the fire truck theme it was what was sitting under the hood that made the car even more special…

…one of the cleanest engine bays I have ever seen, with a 3S-GE sitting right in the middle of it. If you are going to do an engine swap you might as well do it perfectly right?

The 3S runs velocity stacks so each cylinder can get a direct and limitless supply of air…

…while custom headers take care of dumping spent gasses into the exhaust. Too bad I didn't have a chance to hear this thing, it must sound pretty damn good.

These old Toyota Carina wagons were actually used back in the day as support vehicles at Japanese fire stations across the country so it's probably from there that the idea was taken from. Or maybe the owner is a volunteer at his local fire station as the writing on the side reads Hikari Shouboudan, or Hikari Volunteer Fire Brigade…

…he even brought his equipment along too! Not sure how the wheels and stretched tires would help though.

Not sure if the car is drifted or not…

…but its stance screams out dorisha in every way!

Wheels of choice are Watanabes of course, a perfect match.

119 is the number to dial in Japan to call the Fire service.

This impressive build surprises just as much in the interior with a full custom roll-cage…

…and a repositioned driving position. The steering column has been extended to bring the Key's Racing steering wheel closer to the driver, who now sits in line with the B-pillar.

The shifted driver's seat called for a Tilton pedal box to replace the stock pedals, which are just too far to reach in this configuration.

Wonder if this is what the owner wears when driving on track!

This is the perfect example of just how wild and diverse the Japanese car scene is.

Hellaflush Japan coverage on Speedhunters

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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how tall is this guy?? the shifter is so far way !!


Thanks Dino for hearing my prayers! ;)

You just made a Carina-fanatic very very very happy! :)


That is pretty funny to see the shifter so far forward still, thats the only flaw... nice eye David!


he shifts with his foot


Such a sick car, love it. And for those wondering about the repositioned seat, the owner is a really big guy!


Heres some more vids of it, and vid to boot ! ...


Hope you will meet the guy & car again when it is fully finnished! but for now it is one EPIC project!!!


this is the best wagon ever!


@David - I *think* that the shifter has no knob on it, so he might probably have something on it that repositions the knob backwards.

Can't imagine why is it not on though.


Learn me a lesson. Whats the benefit of having the seat relocated?


Holllyyyyy.....sweet build man.


I had seen this Carina a long time ago, but it's great to see it in detail now! It's just lovely!


That engine bay ... so beautiful ... I'm in awe.

Please don't drift it, it's too pretty!


Great looking show car.

I don't know how can the owner/ driver possibly change gears with the stickshift located in the original position.

Form>function I guess.


With wire tuck like that and almost no electrical doodas in the interior? Does the car even run?


maybe relocated the seat further back for weight distribution?


Though the stretch is a little extreme, the car itself is very nicely built no doubt.


Thanks for the link, sounds like an entire orchestra with just four trumpets.


this is why speedhunters lets me down, all they do is take photos, while not knowing much about cars at all

if you knew a fair bit, you would have realised it has rear camber, old cars like this (especially wagons) are most likely always live axle, so this must have a IRS swap, which would be AMAZING to see.


that's some epic gangster lean!

very unique build and beautiful bay!

20 pretty much as good as it gets. An inspiration for all of us wagon owners! Love the fact that despite it's a wagon, it's very much a single seater.


What an awesome car!

you could eat off that engine bay, so clean.


My jaw just dropped to the floor...




the SSR's r spares! =P


Very clean project. Sex is dripping off this car.

How about some hi-res wallpapers?





Doug's rustbucket S13 ... That’s ok, just happen to find it, quick Google, once I looked at this original article :)


Fan of the 3sge beams! Anyone know were I can get those models of the 3sge beams engine and gearbox from still?


@TOM theres no fancy swap it had a semi independant rear from factory


all 80's Toyota wagons are live axle from factory, this has been converted to IRS. not sure which car but has come from another 80's Toyota. there was a work shop that used to sell a few bits needed to convert these but its all mostly fabrication work. not hard at all to do.

car looks alot better on his MK3's...

epic car, every time i see a pic of it the car has been taken one step further.


Nice! Too rare. Wish there was some action shots though...