Car Spotlight>>the Gunnar G-93

As I wrap up my Car Spotlights from the Rennsport Reunion I want to share one more rare Porsche I found at the event. Meet the Gunnar G-93, a very unique mid-engined 911 race car from the early 1990s.

In 1993 Kevin Jeanette of Gunnar Racing took a production Porsche 911 and worked it over to take the mid-engine drivetrain of a Porsche 962. The suspension, gearbox, and twin turbo motor from the 962 were all swapped into the modified 911 shell.

The G-93 was built to run at the 24 Hours of Daytona in 1994. Despite being approved by IMSA before the race, the officials would end up banning the car before it got a chance to compete.

One of the cool parts about a mid-engine 911 is being able to see the twin turbo motor underneath the rear window.

The body has been extensively modified. These roof vents bring air into the engine bay.

18" centerlock wheels – like the ones you'd find on a 962 – are tucked into the fenders of the G-93.

The cockpit actually looks surprisingly normal, given how much the rest of the car has been altered.

A few years later Porsche would introduce the groundbreaking 911 GT1, but as you can see the GT1 was not the first mid-engined 911 racer.

-Mike Garrett

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Very cool. I'm sure they were pretty dirty on IMSA after building a car only to have it rejected before Daytona!


the livery is so cute and awesome haha.... is it original??


its all about business here and business is power in this instance! - no engine bay shots?


Nice to see a non RWB Porsche,


them vents look sweeeeeet!!!


G-93 its for sure,


Isnt that 6-93 ? Awesome car! And i think its prety fast!


996 rear lights on a 1994 car? anyone got any info on that?


holy shit!! look at those rear fenders!! even more insane than rwb!!


I'd love to see how the shifter linkage is set up being that the 962's gearbox is behing the engine


Those look like March Racing Formula 1 wheels to me, not 962 wheels. 962s ran a variety of BBS split-rims.