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An important aspect of any self respecting motoring enthusiast’s life should involve having your views challenged on a regular basis. After all it would be a boring world if we all liked the same thing right?

But it’s only by having our opinions challenged that we can grow as connoisseurs of automotive culture and further expand our knowledge and taste.

This is the second time I’ve been in the presence of this MKII Golf and truth be told, I’m still not sure of what to make of it.

As an overall package it’s very well executed and the finish is flawless. It’s a very clean motor where attention has been paid to the details – this is always a big plus in my book by the way.

The details continue under the bonnet, where subtle but classy touches of gold have been added to compliment the car’s overall theme.

One of the biggest talking points surrounding this Golf is the ‘zero-lip’ BBS wheels (which were modified by Rotiform if my memory serves me correct). I know our own Jeroen loves them but I’m still not sure and I’ve been thinking about them for quite some time. If they were just regular BBS rims, no one would look twice so I can appreciate that they’re different and do help the car stand out from the crowd. You can’t deny the workmanship which has gone into the car either.

So I ask, what do you think? Is zero-lip the next thing? What are your opinions on this car as an overall package? If you like it, tell us why. If you don’t, give us reasons. For the record and in advance ‘0MG, the wh33ls r teh ghey’ is not a valid piece of constructive criticism.

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts …

Paddy McGrath

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Pure win, in my books.


I don't like it. In basic it's the wheel turned inside out.

And i can't think of anything that looks better inside out.


My problem with the wheels has to do with overall structural strength. I'm sure they're fine for just riding around town, but I would be hesitant to put them under any serious strain.


it's awesome, the wheels ain't that bad either

but I'd prefer them nornal


I can appreciate the work that has gone into making the car that clean, but those wheels just don't look right, it almost looks as if they have got a normal set of rims and then bolted over a metal disc with the design on it. I would definitely need a new pair of underwear everytime i parrallel parked with them sticking out the way they do.


the wheels are ugly as f*ck. my opinnion.


I don't like them. In my opinion, a nice rim needs some dish, not neccecarily MadMike style dish, but some. This type of wheel is the exact opposite of that, the heart is like 50mm than the lip, and that just doesn't feel right.

Also, what @Collin03 stated, I can't imagine that driving around on these wheels is good for the car itself. Just like driving with wide spacers, you extend the space between the end of the axle and the plate the wheel is mounted. Simple physic tell us that a bigger momentum is created, and that is a bad thing.


The wheels are different in the same way that drinking draino is different. A change of pace? Yes. Okay? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


whats scary about this is the fact in America it would not even be surprising if the next wheel trend shifts from concave to convex :facepalm:


modern day RICE...


because.... show car.


the car yes....the wheels with Zero Lips No!!!

not to my taste personally.....


Good night.

From the above comments I think that the basic formula of a tuned car is to stand out in a crowd, and, following the basis of the owner's car ideas, putting the wheels "inside out" might not be a very bad idea.

Obviously that in a mechanical engineering appreciation, is not the best idea, but when you put so much love into your own personal car, making a little change like that, can be a trend.

It's a mix of what is not supposed to do to your every day car, which your can't afford the risk associated to this kind of wheels (making a corner at high speed can put you in a bad situation), but by modification standards, it's one of the simple and original things that has caught everyone's eyes.



I think its ugly for the sake of being original. I appreciate the work and the effort. I just think stance on cars are becoming ridiculous. I'd rather see that effort go into an original engine swap, but its not my car so who really cares what i have to say.


its not original. the germans have been doing it for 2 years. look back at features on this very site.


Tractor Trailers have been doing this for years.


UGLY. Yes the workmanship performed is impressive, and all the right pieces are in place for a really nice show car but - doing anything for a little attention isn't really the same as making something people can enjoy and respect.


Another VW that I don't hate, but don't love either. I feel the same about Audi, as well. I can appreciate the stance, styling, and the tremendous power some tuners produce, but they're always gonna be just 'alright' to me. (rebuttals in 3, 2, 1.....)


I'm not a fan of dubs but I respect it


'0MG, the wh33ls r teh ghey'

nah i like them, but they seem too impractical to park. Thats why i like deep dish wheels


Theres only so much VW's can do to stand out. So they try different things. Personally I dont like the wheels. But who knows, maybe something ugly and stupid can catch on like skinny jeans on men.


the germans and belgians have been doing this for about 2 years now. you have even covered cars with wheels like it yourself.

Not a new fad so much, but it seems when certain people do something it blows up?


I like it! It's not really a new thing or the next thing, it's a chosen wheel on a low car. Standing out because it's almost the same as the other low vw golf at the low vw show! Personally if it was not a BBS style it would feel fresh. But I think you will see more zero lip cars on 'show' cars, maybe a 3dr golf? Or a mk1 golf? With the same wheels in a different colour? I prefer form and function.


I like it. Bold and different in a time when things are just more of the same. I wouldn't do the zero lip to a more modern curvacious car. However, it seems to work with this heavily creased and angular body with oldschool protruding bumpers.


0MG, the wh33ls r teh ghey! TEH SUX!

They look...incomplete.


No my cup of tea, I like moderately low offset wheels


props for a clean job w/subtleties on the MKII, but IMO the wheels are as rediculous as the spacers used to mount them. Kind of a waste since E50s are so rare. Shame on Rotiform.


It's unique, and that's obviously what the owner was looking for. Such a beautiful car! Now, I for one, wouldn't rock these, but hey that's just me.


It's all a matter of taste, I personally don't like these wheels. They make the car look awkward.

Just like some people adore rusted hoods and some absolutely hate the living **** out of them.

Some like vanilla ice, some would rather throw it on the ground.(Like a boss that is)

My 2 cents.


This car has 100% achieved its goal. And thats to stand out. As stated in the post, if the owner had chosen a set or regular BBS rims, the car and all the attention it deserves from the work put into it, would have been lost in the sea of MKII golfs out there. This car, it seems, was built to serve two purposes, 1) for the enjoyment of the owner, and 2) to get people talking. Yes the wheels to stick out (pun intended), but if they didn't, neither would the car.

And personally, I don't think 'zero lip' will become a new 'thing', it will only be done a those few who see or feel the need to take things to the next level, and do it for the lust of something different.


Not my cup of tea. The wheels idk. Mega lip and offset isn't all I'm about. but this feels like the opposite direction (well it is..). Unique though.


Goofy. It looks like someone built the splits up wrong.


Zero lip is fuglier than the mexican little-wheel poke from the early 90s. It deffo grabs attention, but honestly, it looks like the axles extend now 4" past the edge of the car with the wheels tucked inside.

Wheel lips look aggressive and impressive. Zero lip looks completely opposite. I appreciate the owners drive to be different and gather attention but no, I feel this is a horrible look that deserves to stay in Europe and die off.


Its cool to see different than normal things but honestly a lip provides wider stance = improved handeling. i cant see why shortening the wheel bace by flipping the rims inside out any good. to one is their own i guess but as for me function over form!


maybe a little less "zero lip" and it would be sick, but idk about this.


Im gonna have to say keep them as standard wheels. Turn your collar shirt inside out and we'll just wait and see


Clean car thats well executed. Like the the carbon fiber bumpers. In my opinion the wheels ruin the car. I have never been a fan of so ugly its cool and they just look odd.


To each his own but not my bag of tea, I am all about function.


This is definitely a look to push boundaries. What I would really like to see is a concave version of this no lip style, maybe on a MkIV golf, something rounder. Love the look of this MkII, pure genius. For those interested, Speedhunters did another spotlight on a MkI Golf with the same style here:


imma low offset guy myself....different...yes....fugly...maybe


They look cool. If i was to rebuild those rims than I'd be rocking em' with a deep lip.. but then it would just be another stanced out VW. It kind of seems like a parody on big dish wheels, definitely not the most aesthetically pleasing sight, but definitely rad.


Great Mk2, the rims are insane, but work with that car. The rims remind me of 80's touring car rims off a Audi. Carbon fiber bumpers and tan leather dash were equally cool and you need more pictures of them.


I like the idea of "Different" as much as the next person. But this wheel set up just doesn't give me the fizzle I'm looking for. Sure it may turn a few heads but I hope we're not seeing the future here.


I've seen this around the net a few times. I respect the euro car culture, this is deffinetly unique. I don't know if it will catch on, but again, people said the same this about the "hellaflush" scene when it was still small.

I don't like the zero-lip, I appreciate the goal to be different though. My preference would be the face of the wheel being flush with the lip, instead of poking out.


I don't think zero lip is the next big thing... But on this car it's rad and I'm feelin it. It really does make the car stand out. Nothing else on the car is too extreme and I think that makes the wheels even more important.


I'm really not feeling the wheels, but I come from the "hella-functional" side of the house.


0MG, the wh33ls r teh ghey!

Haha, just kidding. But do have to say I like where the owner's mind is at. Thinking outside the box and being different with what you have is what the auto culture is all about. It would be lame to have everybody rocking the same style and the same parts. Just look at the Japanese Bozo-style cars; not everyone's taste, but owners deserve respect nevertheless.

Rock on "zero-lip" v-dub, rock on!


They kinda look like thos spinner-wheel trims...........


different doesnt always mean it will look good. not my cup of tea with the wheels but the whole care looks awesome


i like 'em. ha. they're interesting.


I wouldn't trust it to drive hard, so it doesn't do anything for me. I don't even see that as a car, I see it as a cosmetic accessory that's really expensive and isn't allowed indoors. If I'm going to accessorize, it'd be with something functional, like sunglasses. Also, they only cost $15.

So really, it's interesting, but not necessarily in a good way. Just like extreme camber and skinny tires on wide wheels. Not for me.


same as Luke: because. car show.


it's different... but "different" isn't always a good thing...

but c'mon guys, let's step back from the wheels for moment. he started with a slower-than-piss VW that's tucked/painted/bagged/useless with clearly ZERO intent to ever drive it hard. from that aspect, these wheels are just another shade of lipstick on the pig.

if this were a car with driving purpose, i might be upset. but as long as it's a parking queen, IDAF what he does to [make] it [uglier].


the car itself really got it. clean. high quality build. lots of eye-cathcing detail. love the carbon bumpers (which originally are crapy placic) or black silicone piping (which originally is crap too) under the bonnet. these details doesn`t stand out if u doesn`t look carefully enough. that, i think, is the heart braker. but wheels - 100% opposit. they literally are screaming that they are not like others. ok, i undersand the tase. i`ve seen people who would give a hand for a set of RONAL turbo wheels " `cause this is old-school = cool ". but for this car it just doesn`t fit! it doesn`t feel right. it`s not a rat or a racer. it`s a clean old-time daily driver with modern tweaks. i might b wrong but in my opinion matt`gold (or bronze) ATS cup alloy "steelies" would b perfect for this case.


inside out wheels because driving a gold grocery cart and having bad teeth arent enough in this day and age.


Takes me back to the gladiator chariot days when spikes were ornamental in the center of the wheel. Is this his next move? Chop your leg off! Get back!


i would have to agree with most of the people above, it is the zero lip that puts me right off. Can agree that different can be different and challenge your thoughts, but for me no thanks; if the owner likes it though, good on him.


I have respect for the owner of this car simply for doing something unique. I can't think of many modified cars that are built to the taste of the public to look at, but to the taste of the owner. In my opinion, this car pulls off a look that I don't think could be achieved on some other cars. I think would prefer this look over a set of the standard wheels in the same size (but not on my NB Miata, that would not work lawls) But I agree, parallel parking in this car must be a real seat pinching experience!


Zero Lip-Zero impact for me, ruins an other wise sweet looking car. I agree with Collin03- Would not trust their strength.

Kudos to the owner for daring to be different, but there are reasons things like this are not common practice-Safety, structure and god awful looks!


i doubt the wheels will become the next big thing,

standing out for the crowd is one thing, but looking good at the same time is another.

If you can no dish (yes i know, not exactly the same) i would and i think alot of people would agree some te37 or 57d's would look much more aesthetically pleasing.


I'm all for doing things differently, especially in show cars. In fact you need to mix things up in order to stay relevant. However, these zero lip wheels just don't look right. I appreciate the effort, but it just doesn't look right..


"After all it would be a boring world if we all liked the same thing right?"

McPaddy worded his question incorrectly:

The correct word order is:

After all it would be a boring world if we all liked the same RIGHT thing?

It certainly world be boring if people weren't that stupid. But it would be a lot safer. Let's hope this fool kills only himself with that motorized atrocity.


I don't think the wheels are that good-looking, in fact they're kind of ugly. But they somehow just work. And it's getting increasingly difficult to stand out with VW's recently; it's good to see something different.


Something about them just look really really out of proportion, and not in a very good way. Don't get me wrong. I love me some BBS, and even more VW. But that much offset (or appearance of) just doesn't look good.


Challenging the status quo is great! wheels look fantastic. i think that some people tend to forget that creating a project car is an art. The wheels are artistically beautiful in its own way. Sure, they might not be setup to go around a road course but that's not the point of creating a street-driven project. The goal is to create art.


I love it. It's original, unique, and eye-catching.

I like stuff that's bold, odd, out-there, and not your typical, average car.

This is one fine piece of art,



Again, points for being different, but absolutely no points for style. I do hope zero lip is not the next "thing" as it is hideous. However, as with anything new there will be bandwagon jumpers...




It dosent look bad at all, when i first saw it i was like "WTF?" but after like 2 days i could see it looks nice. This is not a "rice" car like " ATR" said, it just a personal taste. Maybe its not the best one for the car or anybody else but hey those rims got everybody talking about them, soo i think this way they are going to gain some popularity. I imagine already seen this rims in america and i kinda hope so. Dont tell me you guys are not tired of a stanced car with dip dish? Im just saying this because they are making the same idea over and over again, dont get me wrong i love almost every taste out there , but come on dont be saying its ugly A'F just because you dont like it, i remember alot of people talking crap about stanced out cars or hellaflush cars, but hey look around everybody is doing it nowadays. This is just another taste that it not might be the best one but slowly it going to grow like every taste out there right now.


I loved this car on it's previous wheels, but these new wheels are just sooooooo wrong. There is nothing about them that is appealing to me. Wheels must at the very least be flat, almost 2D looking or have some or lots of dish.....this is just plain ugly. If this becomes the new trend, I'm simply never looking at internet sites, magazines or going to any meets/shows that will have cars like this on display....I'll stick to my little world where ugly, trendy, scenesters and their fads don't venture. Not to mention the 6-7inch adaptors this car runs to have these wheels, I've seen a picture somewhere of it without a wheel on, and that's just another stupid thing about it.

No offenece to the owner as I'm sure deep down inside he doesn't really love the wheels and juust wants to do something different for attention, but go back to the BBS E30's and bring this car back to the level that made it awesome before!


when i first saw them i hated them, but they have certainly grown on me


"Is zero-lip the next thing?"

I don´t hope so, cause I like it too much. If everyone would do that, the wheels ain´t as cool and unique as they´re today!

This Golf has two mistakes in my eyes. The wheels should be paintet black and not gold also the VW badge on the back should be on the regular position.


i dig it. and i hate the hate comments.

People should build cars for themself not to please everybody, so fuk haters.

I wouldnt run'em but i give a 10 outta 10. The orange MKI is even sicker.

Why zero lip anyway??? i see lips in there.


VW's and wheels is something different... The wheels are strictly bussines, no remakes of Rotiform.

There are a lot of people shouting here, pretending they know everything about it. These are pure racing wheels, hardcore group A splities and nothing less. Mounted in a way they make maximum clearance for massive callipers and the double "bend" makes the outer rim even stronger. Maybe not everyones taste, but def a good combo with the mk2. I like!


I'll never understand Dubbers


I Love it! I loves it for the fact that not only are we looking at something that is truly original but is yet different, I also wanted to say that we are the first people to be looking at history of a new trend in the making, and for me that is the coolest thing for me to experience!


It definitely an interesting style to explore but i suppose that my style seems to prefer the rims withe offsets and sink in rather that stick out


You've said the same thing twice you want the Germans and Belgians to be given a medal or something? Just because it was done 2 years ago doesn't make it any better,......the Orange MK1 and silvery blue MK1 that did it quite a while ago(there may have been a few before that even) looked just as bad as this does.....sorry!


This is what will be popular in some time. I can already see these "inside-out" wheels scraping the fenders as they spin, causing massive sparks.


if the owner likes it thats all that matters


Whoever commented about the structural stability of the wheels is an idiot.

These wheels are designed to be mounted in the front or rear and it makes no difference functionally to have them reverse mounted like this. Whether or not you appreciate the look is one thing, but these are race wheels, and you could do laps with them set up that way if you so wished.


I like the car overall but I struggle to understand the rims. Nice and clean though.


@Eric Sermon, you are my hero, personally I love the wheels, cool or not it makes the car stand out. The car it self is amazing, and if it did just have some regular BBS wheels, no one would pay attention to it because it's just another "dub".


I think these wheels are great, would I put them on my own car? no. Would I take them off this car? No. They would definatly only suit a small number of vehicles, but they way they sorta hold the body of this golf up is really unique. Personally ive never been a fan of wheels tucked behind the guards but these wheels could definatly change my mind. As a side note im sure this guy <3's Haters = )


Those wheels are wild!

I like the little details on the car like the carbon rear bumper trim. Car is clean.

At least you can now say you have curbed spokes instead of a curbed lip ; )


Wheel are stupid as fock.

The only worse trend I've seen other than assembling your wheels wrong is painting them floresent colors.


Pants on the ground. Wheels grinding against fenders.


The AA plate on the front makes it for me. ATD


They remind me a little of the OZ Racing rally wheels where the centres stick out like that to help aid brake cooling IIRC. Personally, I'm not a massive fan of the wheels on this Golf (although the rest of the car is sweet), but then I still think a Veilside kit on a Supra looks pretty gnarly when done properly...each to their own and all of that!


Looks like crap.. nuff said.


someone a few years ago started the next big thing with low offset wheels that look great. this guy is just trying to start a new trend with the opposite, but i think he chose the offset more for the attention rather than because they look good. it was inevitable, predictable but just doesnt look good. next thing you know people will be raising their car to 4wd height and claiming to be different. rest of the car is lovely.


To ones own i guess.....


People criticizing these vehicles with the "form and function" argument, do you really think these guys who take their vehicles to shows are going to make a giant paperweight? No, the time and effort put into these cars should give you a slight idea that these guys know what they're doing. I have a hard time believing Rotiform let him drive on these wheels if they had even THE SLIGHTEST chance of something going wrong with them. yes he's low, yes he has extremely different taste in wheels, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I like the car, not a fan of the wheels, but I'm sure he can drive it normally without being anymore cautious than other people who drive low. /rant


I dislike the wheels. But that's why I appreciate the car even more!! Odd I know, but my pet hate is people that modify their cars safely to just get 'scene points'. Be unique, dont get RMs or BLQs because your mate said you they would look super cool. DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!!! When I bought my A3 I put 15 year old monoblocks on it. because people said I should? No, because that's what I thought would look good, what would make me happy and I hadn't seen them on my car before (well before players anyway!!!)

This car is award worthy for the reason that it pushes the boundarys and does something different. For that reason, in my books it's WINNING!!!

aaaand relax....


Chris Scenemore is a cunt


FYI I didn’t read anyone's replies because I don’t want my opinion to be influenced. The rims are what caused me to click on this thread so they do attract attention to the car. Now that he has my attention I don’t know what to make of it. It kind of looks like phase one of some James Bond type vehicle defensive wheels. It makes me want to see a saw blade or spikes come out of the center cap. Sine I cannot straddle the fence I give them a thumbs up because if it wasn’t for the rims it would be just another Golf and I would have missed the Carbon fiber goodies and my 1st chance to respond to an article on this site.


I can absolutely appreciate the work and thought that has gone into these wheels, especially in a scene where so many things have been tried and done already. So for originality a 10. Do I like them... personally I wouldn't have them, but if every one's tastes were the same...


I like Volkska's idea of a concave version but to those of you who think the strength of the wheel has been negatively affected? Don't be so silly ...


These wheels are amazing and I'm glad the majority of you hate them... that means they won't flood the market and lose what makes them cool, their originality. I'm sure a ton of you are barely familiar with the early watercooled scene and / or vintage BBS magnesium to begin wtih - and to appreciate this car I think you need a strong understanding and appreciation for both. my .02


Not a fan of the wheels. The rest of the car is beautiful. I'm a huge fan of VW's especially Golfs/Rabbits/GTI's and BBS wheels(Classics - all of them). I'm just not a fan of the zero lip look. A true classic needs no modification. If it ain't broke don't fix it.


Hellaflush: Making unmodified Priuses look sporty by destroying car culture and the performance aftermarket.


i think it works with the arches.. looks nice, nice article btw


0MG, the wh33ls r teh ghey


Instead of hating,get to your garage and start you'r own build wankers


To be honnest, the car is well build, the owner pushed the details very far, but those wheels are just..well not my cup of tea to say the least... other than that, it is a tidy MK2..


wouldn't mind that AA badge tho'


the car as great details and the wheels kinda "Makes" the car ... it's good to see fresh ideas ... since the scene has so much of the same ,,, besides u can't go wrong with bbs ... no matter how they Are !


@ Kris:

well said. or they could just stuff a dirty sock in their mouth...or in this specific case, break their typing fingers, ahaha.


All it needs now is a fake carbon wing


The car looks great but like most I'm not a fan of the wheels. They don't look smooth to me and it doesn't quite seem to flow with the rest of the car.


not sure sure if the 'Zero-Lip' is gonna be the next big thing.. personally i don't like how they look, but i can get with the idea that somebody wanted to different and 'push the envelope' of a quality build. all in the workmanship is excellent - i'm sure it turned exactly like the owner wanted - Thanks!


I really like the subtle gold details in the engine bay : )


I can't wait till the 4wd height becomes popular again, why not?

If anything, more cars will be made to actually go fast and not look broken.


This car is so full of WTF that it boggles the mind. I have sseen it all! Consider my mind blown!


i do kinda like it on this golf. it really stands out. but i'm sure it would be ugly on a newer car. i think it only looks cool on classic cars that are realative small. like a golf or something


how are these wheels built up? did they just switch the centre of the wheel with the outer lip?


someone trying to re-invent the wheel.. HAHAHA


What kind of world would it be, if we couldn't all laugh at stupid people doing stupid things?


I like the car, but hate those wheels


I ADORE THIS WHEELS ,wouldnt have them but I like it. Brave.


looks like a train.


The rims are a mixed feeling. They're cool, but i wouldn't put them on my car. It literally looks like a backwards rim... The engine bay is clean and so is the rest of the car. But the wheels are what makes the care cool, but kinda ruins it in some ways.


It just goes to show that stance and style is here to stay and people are having fun and expressing them selves with it, and in this modern world and our changing times 500bhp on the street is not cheap and alot of the times not practical nor usable.


Looks like the front wheels on a big rig, not much of a fan. I think wider, dished wheels look far better. I feel like there's no extra tire to look at, almost as if it's riding on bike wheels. There's also more options with dished wheels. When done right, a polished lip with a splash of detail color on the spokes is a classic look that's hard to ruin. I can appreciate the craftsmanship, but i'd never do it.


I love the wheels man! all the schmucks that are hatin' probably rock rotas and think they're cool. lol


Wheels are hideous. maybe he's forward thinking... could be useful when using the national railroad system


I want these rims on my B3 Passat! i would have major haters!


The next big trend for Hellaflush: knives attached to the wheels to look like Roman chariots.

I'm cashing in all my Enron stock and my subprime loan investments, and investing all of it in chariot style wheels for these flush schmucks.


Guys trying way to hard. They look tosh, plus there Gold and that makes it even worse

Watch "Scene Tax' be added to wheels like this in the future..

This isnt a fresh idea its a shit idea, doesnt flow with the car one bit. Take them off and its yet another middle of the road golf...


Thats about as positive offset as your ever gonna get. haha



That's fine, more clown cars to laugh at.

Rice is still prevalent just with more tire stretch and more camber.




Thanks for all the positive


I love the goldish champagne color so much : ) Such a beautiful color.


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