Car Spotlight>>r1-powered Fiat 126

It's hard to determine exactly what constitutes a sleeper. Is it car that's faster than it looks? A car that's faster than it should be? A car that's faster than it was EVER meant to be?

Whatever definition you use, this Fiat 126 out of Sweden certainly qualifies.

Now this little 126 doesn't look stock. Yet the flares, wheels and roll bar do little to convey what's in the engine bay.

Yep, that's a Yamaha R1 engine that's been wedged in there. Motorcycle swaps work best on small, lightweight cars and it doesn't get smaller or lighter than this.

Interior view. Not sure if I've seen a smaller steering wheel on a street car than this.

The wide wheels and tires make the Fiat look pretty tough, and help get that screaming Yamaha power to the ground.

Sleeper? You bet.

But more so you can see this Fiat being one of the world's funnest cars – regardless of its humble origins.

For more check out the thread at .

Photos by M. Lindblad.

-Mike Garrett

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This little car is soooooooo AWESOME!!!!! I absolutley love it love it love it!!!! I am definelty getting something like this someday- this little car has to be sooooo much fun! :-)


macchina meravigliosa :)


I live in Poland where the original 126p was built. We have some wild engine swaps for this car over here, but I havent seen anything as impressive as this!


Taz racing in the UK have a couple with small block Chevy lumps, and a couple with 4ag's, one of which is turbo'd


In Italy we have an entire championship for the "Proto" cars (with a motorbike engine in it). Fiat 126, Mini, Fiat 128, Fiat panda and so on, as long as it is small and lightweight. Some of them are A LOT more wild than this one (wider and more powerful)! The 126 in your article is very beautiful and well made tho!


Fantastic car. its so unique, looks great, and im sure its too much fun to drive. Id love to see more one off stuff like this.


Wedged in there, LMAO.. God, I wanna to drive that thing so bad!!


Polska Produkcja ! ; )




Nothing says 'sleeper' like giant flares, air intakes, and fat tires...


YEEEAH! Fiat 126p is a HISTORY of Polish motors!!!! In a little time ago all most people in Poland drive this cars!!! Always in as memory!!! FIAT 126p <3


Hey it can get much smaller and lighter than that, my R1 engine car is proof oh that.

That fiat is super cool but it's not quite a sleeper though


Hi! Nice that you like the car. Here is another better movie that Marcus made:

Rod Erlandsson is the builder of the car and check out his garaget thread for more info and other great cars he have built.



in b4 thousands of comments saying "IT'S POLISH OMGOMOGM POLAND IS RULEZ".


does that thing even weigh enough to get the tires up to temp?? it's soooo tiny! looks like fun for sure.


Swedes, gotta love them for their nutty but awsome builds !


i'd love a desktop of that second photo


I feel very proud, when I see our Polski Fiat on Speedhunters! Polska Rulez!


Unamused 126 is unamused.


What a fun project : )


my dad had ones of there hahah this is great


Good thing that the vehicles caged.. short wheelbase + rear mounted engine (larger then what comes with the vehicle) + alot of power and traction can = a vehicle laying on its roof. Sweet build no matter. I'm sure that its a Ferrari killer on the track. I love things like this so keep'm comin.


Wsyt !! jakis jelen napisal ze jest dumny ze to polski fiat, tak polski fiat ale dopiero w szwecji , bo w polsce o niczym takim nie slyszlaem .


awesome! im italian, so i know this these tiny bugs, and ive lived in england long enuff to have seen the v8 powered 126s at the Pod!

The compomotive wheels are veru nice, look like a crossbreed between watanabes and minilites.

the 205/50/13 tires are rare as fuck!


my next project car....this is definitely MUCH MORE sensible and more rep than the V8 Subaru and Civic....those are just BORING!!!


This is so cool ive seen this car on youtube maybe 2 years ago and now i see it on speedhunters...I FINALLY BEAT SPEEDHUNTERS SHWEET


looks rapid.. and it should be with that 'power to no weight ratio' LOL. most def. a sleeper but the noise that thing would make would probably wake the dead.. love it - Thanks


In Poland we call this car "Bobik". :D

This Fiat looks cute


nice work :))


I really admire this, But i would love to see a work log og could someone explain to me how u made the drivetrain? how did u get the power from the engine to the rear wheels?