Car Spotlight>> A Functional Porsche 964

When we first showed pictures of this 964, there were quite a few negative responses, most of which were appalled at the idea of a stanced 964.

However, when you look at this car up close, you quickly realise that this is all pure and unadulterated function.

Flocked dash, a dished Momo wheel and a full roll cage alongside a complete interior offer the best of both worlds.

The black and orange colour scheme runs subtly throughout the build of the car.

Even sneaking a peak into the engine bay, you are rewarded with a taste of what lies within.

It’s the little things that really make this car. Check out how the black paint blends into the clearcoat to show off the carbon fibre hiding beneath. Beautiful.

Orange Porsche brakes hide behind the 18″ wheels which are wrapped in Falken rubber.

Further proof if you needed it, that you can have your cake and eat it too. This for me is absolute automotive bliss!

Paddy McGrath

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Porsche 964 on Speedhunters



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Dear Santa again ;) - first the Aston, second Lotus and now this. Love wheels and interior.


OH MAN!!- This car looks so daim wet, straight look'n like it's still wet man- wow, this is really nice boy cleaning the back should have a rain coat on for real!!



Porsche is the worlds greatest car company for so many reason, not just the simple fact they've won more races then any company :) This further proves that point.


LOVE Porsches and everything about this one is nice, except the garish wheels. it would look a lot more functional with smaller wheels and fat racing tires,


While I do like this car, I respectfully disagree. The fact that it has bucket seats and a roll cage is irrelevant to the "functionality" of the car as long as it is laying in the grass along with the other "stanced" cars around it.

How many euro style VW's or "hellaflush" cars do we see on here all the time that have the same additions or modifications but are purely slammed show cars?





G R E A T !!!


reminds me of super troopers


Damn, this is THE dreamcar, right there, awesome!

Desktops, PLEASE!


Wallpaper please!


I can't stop smiling while looking at this gem!


This 964 represents what I like most about a well-built car- clean, subtle lines that accentuate the line of the original form. No gaudy aero, just nice carbon fibre and stance=profit.


Pure automotive eroticism




perfect...i have never ever seen the paint blended into the clearcoat to show the Carbon underneath! Very trick!!!


No complaints. Just pure art.


Nailed it! Both subtle & subversive. So much attention to details... Love the paint fade into CF roof no 3M wrap here! Nice colour combo black and orange proverbial nod to the 997 GT3RS. Wheels are from AP Car Design I believe (very similar to Brombachers and Cargraphic) and the classic BBS style.


Paul Krefta

Hahahahahahahahahahahaaha. You sir, have my vote for best post of the year!

Emasculate car.


Thank you Liam. Everything else about this car IS functional, but the fact that it's stanced then makes the rest of that irrelevant. Stupid low ride height and flush wheels mean you can't actually drive the car in the way the rollcage and bucket seats suggest.


Nice show car.


I spy ITBs...


That 964 is absolutely perfect!


This car is so beautiful!!! I personally liked the red better but just because of the color but both are equally stunning. Man, I would love to have one of these to just cruise around in!!!


what a great looking car!!


without the orange and with more tasefull wheels and it would be much improved


Falken tires =/= function

Specs on suspension? Stock bushings? Engine specs? No aero?

This is not function, this is form. Nothing wrong with that necessarily, but call a duck a duck.


What Liam said- just because you have a cage and a flocked dash doesnt meen anything- show me a track car with that low of a profile tire- there are none- beautiful yes, but functional- not in a million years


bonerjams '11


I hope im wrong but this car looks way too tidy to have been driven in anger, as it should be.


Of course its functional....its function is to sit and look pretty, Not what Porsche had in mind. Sacrilege


Why does it have a roll cage?


Because it's got a flocked dash and bucket seats that must mean it's super functional and race-rady?



There are quite a lot of people here making assumptions and are condemning it purely by the type of cars which are surrounding it, which is a pretty narrow view of things in my opinion.

@Liam - You're saying it's not functional because the cars around it are stanced? That doesn't make any sense at all mate ...

@Ryan - I could show you a LOT of cars that are used on track with low profile tyres similar to the above (Hell, they're only 245/35/18)

People still have this strange pre-conception that if a car is stanced, it is automatically non-functional. It might be a shock to these people that you can run a car this low with similar fitment and have no detrimental effect on the handling of the car but it does need to be done properly from the beginning. Maybe you've seen too many cars where consideration to handling was an afterthought?


1000000% walls please

i had never seen a so beautiful porsche in my life and now i wand see him every day on my pc ^^


This is one of the most beautiful cars I've ever seen on speedhunters! Love it!


i know nothing, but, i think this is a show set-up and can be changed for a track weekend.. i guess.. why not?


Beautiful car..

I would drive it on the track like this... the owner wouldn't


Chris nailed it.

Those tires are high-performance all-seasons, nothing more. What they lack in ultimate grip they also lack in sidewall strength, turn-in and feedback.

Otherwise, I have no reason to disbelieve this car is capable of respectable lap times.


It may in fact be "functional" but let's just say that I'm not completely convinced.


Paddy, oh Paddy.....

You are trying to defend your statements in the feature by picking up irrelevant things about the car.

You ! You are the one that featured you VW Caddy with fake BBS, made it public, and eventually took the post down. (I wonder why?).

Now, this beautiful 964, because it is indeed beautiful, but like Liam and Hotcakes said, it's not functional, it's form !

There's nothing wrong with the low profile tires (actually those tires size are great for the car, however, the tire themselves, being mediocre Falken (Falken at amateur-tuner cars tire at best) do NOT suit a race car !

A functional tracked car does not have alcantara interior and pretty-shiny paint job.

Again, I'm not hating, I actually like this Porsche, but call it a functional-track capable car is a stretch, a too-far stretch !


stanced doesn't mean tou can't use the thing man.. this example look fantastic! is it used on a track? it might be.. i certainly would even if it was just for straight line 1/4 mile fun.




Want one!!! Perfection!


Liam wasn't saying this car isn't functional because cars around it are stanced, he was saying this car isn't functional because THIS car is stanced.

You say that you can slam a car this much without it affecting the handling, but show me a genuine track car that has ride height and fitment like this. There aren't any. FACT.

Fair enough you dig the show scene, nothing wrong with that. But don't try to tell us that these cars can race too. Like that other guy said, call a duck a duck. Don't tell us it's a cheetah.


Well a cheetah it is!! With functional palmed feet that is.


stunning car, probably not up to track use based on the builders focus on wheel fitment and he would probably cry after getting a stonechip on the first lap . However, with the right suspension package there is no reason why this car cannot be up to the job. The ride height is about the same as a 964Cup race car but it would need the race springs & maching dampers to pull it off. The stretched rear tyres would not be suitable but there is no reason why he couldn't have a 2nd set of rims with sticky tyres for track use.


Amazing car!!!!!Needs BBS LM's though....


Nice slammed Porsche and like others said just need to swap out the wheels and tires for serious track work


this car its like the monalisa on wheels!!!!! amazing!!!!!!!!!! a pice of art!!!


I think you guys are being a little over the top with this track car crap. The car can run on the track, and be a "track day" car. Perhaps thats what he meant. I feel like most of you are making the statement of this being a "track car" as it being a a race car. Why cant this guy track this car? It doesnt need to put down 911 GT3 Cup car times to be a track car and have some fun with it. calm down people.


^^^Thank you^^^

@Paddy- I think you just missed my point (easy to do at times, this is the internet after all). It was never my intention to criticize you, this post, or the car. My comment on the other cars was just an illustration of my point. Maybe it would be easier to understand like this:

" The fact that it has bucket seats and a roll cage is irrelevant to the "functionality" of the car....How many euro style VW's or "hellaflush" cars do we see on here all the time that have the same additions or modifications but are purely slammed show cars?"

What I meant was that, in my opinion, it is hard for me to consider it a so-called "functional" car because this particular car is "stanced" (as you called it). It's sitting very low to the ground and it is tucking stretched, all-season tires. I would consider this particular combination of these three things to be style oriented and seeing as those things (suspension setup, tire size, tire type) would make a much bigger difference on a track or curvy road then the things you highlighted (flocked dash, roll cage, MOMO wheel).

I'm sure you could drive this car on a track, but the setup is compromised compared to a car that was truly designed to be there from the start, and the way the car looks would probably reflect that.

As far as me "condemning it purely by the type of cars which are surrounding it," maybe you missed the first thing I wrote in my post. I like this car, everything about it, the paintwork is excellent (not an easy thing to do with black), the stance of the car is great, the quality of the work done and parts used is obviously high. To me it is usually a good sign when a build divides opinion, it generally means the owner/builder is trying to something outside the box. Diversity is the most important aspect of car culture.

To call me narrowed minded is, quite frankly, and insult. I feel I am one of the most open minded people you will meet, especially when it comes to cars and customizing them. I love and can appreciate cars of all types and styles. I have been deeply involved in several trophy winning show cars. Actually, that's where the majority of my customizing experience has come from, but for me, having fun driving cars, on the street or track is where true automotive pleasure lies.

I hope all of this makes sense, it is much easier for me to explain my self in speech than in text. Maybe we can shoot the bull over a pint someday!


I think you're all missing one point. 911s can be run that low, and not have massively deteriorated handling capabilities. My '87 is very close to that height, and it handles spectacularly well. The black car itself is extremely well built, with money spent in the right areas, from what I can see. The naysayers are all making assumptions about the car's use and capabilities without knowing the full specs. I'm with Liam, any car that polarises opinion means that you're on the right track.


The car runs kw clubsports. It is only run that low for shows. If you think bbs wheels are better maybe you don't know what these are. The dash it not flocked. The engine run itb's, one of a few in the world to do so. The interior is pretty stripped with rs carpet and rear screen to keep some class, it is a Porsche after all. After all, the carbon is there to loose weight not for looks.

In regards to tyres, these are road use only not for track use.


^^^ Take that haterzz!!!!! this car is awesome


Beautiful looking car, would look nicer in the nuburgring car park than a show ground. From the cars I've seen hammered around the ring it's not too low.


Followed this baby hitting bends and straights at minimum of 140mph on the way to this show, this car drives amazingly and also sounds like a well tuned Porsche should sound, oh and through the darkness was the best bit as it flamed out through the tailpipes and lit the road up ahead of me just so I could keep it in my sites. Trust me this cracker ain't for show, it's the real deal people, love it or loath it it's capable, more than capable ;D


I don't want to read another negative comment about the wheels!!!! wheels are perfect and you only wish you could muster a combination like this!!! check my site


how did they install the carbon fiber roof? did they have it cut or did they got a new full carbon fiber roof installation?


i just wanna ask where does the carbon fiber roof start? i mean, what part in the roof did they put it?