Car Spotlight>> More Artz Sleepers: The Cordett

One thing I absolutely love about Speedhunters is the chance to collaborate with you guys, the Speedhunters readers. While our group of contributors collectively know a ‘reasonable’ amount about car culture and auto history, we certainly don’t know everything. But I like to think that if you add in the collective Speedhunters community to the mix, then perhaps we have something approaching a living, automotive knowledge-base.

And it was this knowledge-base that I wanted to tap into when I posted my recent spotlight on the Artz Golf 928. I asked for some links from you on the subject of ultimate sleepers. And you certainly delivered!

I am going to work through the links over the course of the next few weeks, starting out with a quick look at another Artz project: the Cordett.

Arts seems to specialize in creating these types of DNA mixing sleeper curiousities, often taking the chassis of a high performance car and grafting on the body of something more humble.

The Cordett follows this recipe: taking the chassis and drive train from a 1984 Corvette C4 and fitting a widened and lengthened Opel Kadett body to it. Top speed was quoted as 245 kph with a 0-100 kph time of 6.5 seconds.

It’s another mind bending Frankenstein sleeper from Artz! Tx to MIki for the link!

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image source: Classic Driver



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Do you have pictures about the Lotus Calibra`? It's an Calibra with a lotus omega Chassis``??


Wow......this made me puke a little..


You want to hear about monsters.... look at this Opel/Lotus from the beginning of the 90's.



Perhaps you should take a look at the TH2RS.


An 84 C4 is now a "high performance car"?? That's hilarious. This probably weighs more now too.


Artz bought a brandnew 86 Corvette Convertible. After the body conversion the car was brought to German Corvette tuner Callaway Cars, which raised power up to > 300 hp, so the car goes very well.


Real life Gran Turismo Hybrids. I love it like sex.




Nice! Another Artz sleeper is the VW Sciwago. Maybe not so extreme as the VW Golf and the Cordett but still a great project!


I was expecting a corvette with an RB26DETT or something. haha


Now these are some "hybrids" I can get behind!


This ad lists this car for sale a while back, allegedly packing 381HP. And by a while back I mean 1181 days

Mechanics Corvette + body OPEL cadett E first reg.: 10/1986, 280 KW (381 HP) Color: black, automatic, air conditioning system, black leather interior, aluminum rims, sun roof, power seats, power windows, all registration documents thereby ! 5733 ccm One-off production of the company Artz (see magazine Auto Motor und Sport 07/89), crossing of a Corvette with a special body of the OPEL cadett E, total production costs of 240.000,00 DM, structure of the OPEL body became on the chassis of the Corvette this completely by 25 cm widened and in the back over 15cm approx. extended, which became and leave front attachments joined the hood now to open unfold after in front, increase in output, power kit.


I'd rock that!


before finish reading...

i thought .. the rim looks awfully familiar!

than only i realize.. it is a corvette afterall


all that time/money/effort... and they chose a C4?!? with an LT engine?!? why not a C5?!? "mind bending" for the wrong reasons.


umm I understand the theory behind this, V8 in a small car etc etc, but why would you pick one of the most emissions choked v8 engines out there.


You missed the punch line.

The outer appearance is specifically a Kadett E.

Americans would be familiar with it as the somewhat lackluster 1988-1993 Pontiac Lemans. A Korean made FWD with a 96 HP, 1.5 liter engine.


These guys are crazy. While they were at it, they should have made the headlights flip like the Corvette, just for the sake of it.


Take a look at John Welch's Kadett rallycross car from the early 90's


before finish reading...

i thought .. the rim looks awfully familiar!

than only i realize.. it is a corvette afterall


Some reall off base comments in here as if the car was built just this year, wtf people WAKE UP. This was built when the C4 vette was new, this is an old project that is totally badass. A modern version would be a CTS-V Coupe underneath a Kia Optima body. I love cars like this, would be cool if more backyard mechanics did this, its not so hard to pull off but a lot of body panel work from scratch.


Aqui no Brazil....esse carro se chama Kadett.


You guys should be doing way more sleeper features.


Automatic = fail.


looks wicked.. surprised its automatic tho' - a true street sleeper - i have a acoustic parcel shelf for one of these in my cellar!! Thanks


The opening shot fooled me : )

(Didn't realize till I looked closely)


If it was built when the C4's were brand new, that's impressive. Btw, I'm a big fan of the C4 'vettes styling, this and the C6 Z06.


If anybody has questions concerning Cordett and Lotus Calibra - both cars are in my garage.


Talking about sleepers You can`t overlook the turbocharged monsters coming fron Nelson Racing Engines.



@LS1RX7owen that makes no difference the c4 corvette was still a very underpowered car, I mean they could have swapped in a late 60's corvette L46 and made more power....


You can`t overlook the turbocharged monsters coming fron Nelson Racing Engines


it is very intre You can`t overlook the turbocharged monsters coming fron Nelson Racing Engines


So many dumbass comments here, while not High performace car any longer the C4 was in the early/mid eighties when this car was made.