Car Spotlight>> Ls1 Powered Bmw 3 Series

Compared to, say, the European drift scene, BMWs aren't a popular car to find sideways on Australian circuits and that's exactly why I chose to spotlight this particular car. This BMW 318 was built by Daniel Buchna as a thrasher for the Queensland Drift Matsuri.

The rear end sports JZX90 coilovers. The hubs are now 5×114.3 pattern which allow Daniel a broad selection of wheels. 

20mm slip-on spacers were used to widen the front track. The modified knuckles and brakes are from an S15 Silvia. Brakes from an R32 Skyline on are on the agenda.

The 3 series has ditched the standard aero for the M3 kit and mirrors. Soon enough the car will be repainted all one colour.

This is where things get a little more spicier. Under the hood you'll find an LS1 V8 with Pacemaker headers, a pod filter and KOYO radiater. The engine has yet to be fine tuned, but as is, it's producing 304hp. 

Transmission-wise the LS1 is linked to a Tremec T56 6-speed.

Inside you'll find a suede Nardi Deep Corn and three Omori gauges… 

…A Bride driver's seat…

…and finally an FC RX-7 bolt-in roll cage.

All in all the car was built as a thrasher for Matsuri and I think it has come together quite well. 


Speedhunters coverage of the 24H QLD Drift Matsuri



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304hp? seriously? an evo gets 400 from a 2.0...


Is there any brand they didn't take parts from? Mad respect for pulling that all together.


car is tits


@TOM- with just a set of headers?- its a shitload cheaper to make more hp out of an ls1 than pretty much any motor out there



Yes it's REALLY impressive with that huge engine volume...


What a Slapper!!! I'd make it a daily driver!


this is the first bmw ive ever really liked!


why boob under hood? because race car


He needs to clean up his wiring


this german mutant car with american power and japanese wheels coilover and stuff SICK


what a bastard of a car. love it.


Parts from five different cars, talk about resourceful lol


love that trailer hitch!!!!!! nice ride.


Is that a trailer hitch? towing duties?


Swaps like these are always a welcome sight IMO. LS1 3 series... Tits! Wonder what the dampening is set to up front? Spring rates?


I dig the tow hitch


@TomUK: Torque


Really like the style of this one. I usually hate E36's but this is very interesting! Should lose the tow hook though. The Simpsons boobs on the inside side of the hood is a nice touch!


@TomUK: what's the torque delivery like on that evo? (rolls eyes)


304 is wheel horsepower, that's about right from an untuned stock LS1. Nowhere near the engine's max potential. Probably still more than plenty for a small bmw!



stop trolling. An Evo has turbo powerz and the LS1 a shitload of capacity.


I would also bet that stock LS has more usable torque than a 400 hp Evo!


i hate this swap it can go fuck itself...everytime i see cool car and i hear ls1 i just think of another car down


where can i find a build thread? more info on my cage and coilovers please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@TOM an evo get 400 from a 2.0l WITH A TURBO...easy


not tuned either


herpa derp derp

not impressive for engine size

derp derp

cant control, must instigate



this car is mad bastard child status, however, it is also pretty sick


what a bucket


@TOM I agree. 304 must be a mistake, because the ls1 make more than that stock. They must have really fucked up the tuning lol


they should call in frankenstein. i can't wait to see it running. awesome



sorry if you don't like it, but would you stop being an ass about it, thanks <3


@NACHTMENSCH - will be done this weekend, was first drive of car at that point, didn't want to be unpicking looms if some of my wiring wasn't right! luckily, all is swell.

@Bruce - that's the plan, aircon lines and heater lines are getting made up in the next couple weeks, then rego and she's good to go

@TomUK - keep in mind the motor is 100% standard, with an exhaust and pod filter, and the motor and gearbox setup owes less than a set of injectors and cams for a 4G63, with tune and cam, it'll go around 380hp at the wheels for under $4kAUD total outlay on engine setup. let's see your 4G beat that and stay reliable.

Thanks for the kind words everyone, this was a throw together just to get back out on track whilst my main project is still in the works, wanted something cheap, fun and different. I'm happy with how things are progressing.


With only 304hp it's probably running in limp home mode, right ? This engine produces 350hp standard...


damn, only saw it drive out to the track as I was going... sick car


whats all the fuss about? it was prob a crappy 1.8 under there before anyway. this car is awesome. i't proberly gets better fuel consumption then an evo too... not that it matters for a drift hack


lol @ the towbar


Cool build, definitely needs a paint job!


... specific (i.d HP/L) power is a load of BS.

if the engine fits in the car (fits as in fits and can work from a chassis balance point of view)

then power is power. a less stressed engine is better.

dont get me wrong i love japanese and small capacity engines. but there is nothing wrong with that set up.


whats all the fuss about? it was prob a crappy 1.8 under there before anyway. this car is awesome. i't proberly gets better fuel consumption then an evo too... not that it matters for a drift hack


someone above said hack job and they were right. the work on this swap is sloppy.


TORQUE MONSTER, i highly doubt and small boosted engine will ever be as reliable drift car as this can be.


tell the hot blond chick to look at the camera, nice car too


@JustJohn .... who cares? when its out on the track who cares if the wiring is routed ghetto ... not gonna be looking at that, get it running, get it skidding ... wiring isnt fun, skids are


How did he change the bolt pattern? :) Awesome!


Would love to see a full feature on it when it's freshly painted.



Hubcentric adaptors are the way to fly, something like this;

they look a little like this


Your a cockhead casey


Awesome car on the cheap and it has to be a ton of fun! I love it, this is a real gem.


It's a cool looking build but I could've done without the boobs under the hood, it's tacky in my opinion.


Car was put together quickly for matsuri. That was its first outing EVER so nothing had finishing touches.

Rear stud pattern was redrilled and tapped, front has s15 coils, hubs and knuckles with tie rod and tie rod ends modified to suit.

This was built for the same or less than a basic sr s13, and is so much cooler and more fun to drive


@Mairus - The car is running S15 front coilovers and stubaxles, therefore giving it front 5x114.3, The rears were redrilled and tapped, currently changing them to studs too. As bolts were annoying in a drifting environment.

@connor & Zell - In australia, this LS1 was released with 220kw at the engine (about 300hp) it's now making that at the wheels. keep in mind, this engine is completely standard, retaining all standard accessory's, and has not been tuned yet, simply VATS removed.

@everyone - car is now all one colour, wiring tidy, R32 GTR rear brake conversion, currently fabricating brackets to run a second set of 32gtr rear calipers for hydro handbrake, Diff has been replaced with M3 item with 3.9 gears, solid bushes for the rear end have just come off the lathe and will be installed this weekend, passenger bride rail being fabbed up, and some ducting + another thermo fan are going in to help keep it cooler again. Cam, springs and tune are on the aggenda soon as money is free'd up. For a budget hack it's progressing at a steady pace with many improvements being seen. Thanks for all the C&C,


fc roll cage fit an e36? no modifying?