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I’m not going to waste any time showcasing a couple of my favorites from the Long Beach Motorama. There were countless candidates to spotlight, but one of my choices was “Firestar”, a 1961 Ford Thunderbird originally built by well known California customizer John D’Agostino.

I’ve said before that the ’61-’63 T-Birds are one of my favorite designs of the ’60s, so I was naturally drawn to this car. This one happens to be a perfect example of a 1960s style custom.

What I like is that most of the original Thunderbird styling elements are still there.

The afterburner taillights in particular get me every time.

The chop is subtle, and almost looks like something that could have come from the factory.

Mild scallops further enhance the lines. The dark red and gold paint combo is also choice.

The swiveling steering column might also look like a custom thing, but all Thunderbirds from this era included this. Gotta love the early ’60s.

To be honest I’m usually not to big on wire wheels, but they just work on this car.

I WILL own an early 60s Thunderbird so day. If it could end up looking half as cool as this one I’d be quite satisfied.

-Mike Garrett

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car was actually built FOR D'Agostino, but by OZ Customs if i remember right.

D'Agostino is more of a "collector", if you pass me the term.

Every year he has a car built by some famous builder, Oz did many, but doesnt build his cars.

2's for sale, you know. :P


this car is detailed to a 'Tee'.. i think all aspects of its look is just 'on-point'. the paintwork on the bonnet/hood is excellent. great wheel choice. i didn't even know it had a roof chop!? - i'd love to have seen the detail work under the bonnet though.. Thanks!


Amazing details on this one. The Tail Lamp section is so cool on these cars.

The scallops looks awesome. I'm lloving the deep red and gold color combo!


Ima get one too someday Mike. Was thinking 'vert but that chop looks awesome.




I investigated as i wasnt totally sure Oz did this car.

Infact it was built at Lucky 7 Customs in 1997, of course for D'Agostino.

Marcus Garcia is responsible for the fine candy paintjob, but cant remember the name of the guy that did the chop/bodywork. Jerry Sahagon did the interior, but i suspect he aint a Lucky 7 employee.

Oz did a very similar bulletbird few years ago, so i probably mixed the image in my mind .

You may read that D'Agostino is a car builder in many internet sites, but that is simply wrong info. All the show cards of his cars apart from the D'Agostino Kustoms header have very detailed info on who did what, and are always big names of the kustom world, like Aiello, Oz, Hines, DeRosa, Winfield and many more. D'Agostino is a great promoter, and thanx to him the world now can enjoy some of the most beautiful cars ever built, but must give credit where is due.