Car Spotlight>> 800whp Audi S3

Rod has already alluded to how important you, our readers, are to us. This month has seen a huge response both in the comments section and the Speedhunters’ inbox with suggestions and tips for some really cool street cars and sleepers. One past Speedhunter contributor from Greece, Kostas Sidiras, was in touch to share this, well, absolutely mental Audi S3.

Although the large front mount intercooler is a bit of a giveaway, the figures still leave me smiling.

0-100KM/H (62MPH) in 2.8 seconds and the 1/4 mile is despatched in 9.7 seconds. This numbers are all performed regularly on street tyres which is a pretty impressive feat.

To make the power figure of 800 horsepower at the wheels, the car uses the 3.2 litre engine from an Audi TT (which is naturally aspirated from factory) which bolts into this first generation S3 chassis.

The engine was then completely overhauled with forged internals and has been fitted with a Turbonetics GT-K1000 turbocharger. AP Racing provide the stopping power.

The best part about this is that this isn’t a sort of once-in-a-while kind of car, it’s used regularly by its owner. I think this is what appeals to me most, that you can just get in and drive and know everything will work just as it should. The interior has even retained all the expected creature comforts – aside from a glovebox full of gauges that is.

So, the next time you’re in Greece and a blue Audi S3 pulls up behind you, it might be best to just let him on his way …

Words by Paddy McGrath

Photos by Kostas Sidiras

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Greek Power!


Intercooler looks like a cut and paste card board print out ! however this car is insane !!


All of that nice work and then that front end.


needs a bigger intercooler



I've just removed a lot of inflammatory comments. Please keep it civil from here on in.



intercooler is essentiallll, lets people know its serious


Any video of this beast???.??


It seems that most people cant appreciate the true work that went into some builts featured on this site...Stop whinning about THE thing that you dont like and look at the hole car instead. This S3 is a true beast, very well done and anybody who love car will tell you that. Sometimes, minor thing on a car DONT do whole the car...Stop hating and start appreciating the beauty of these invention !!!!

Just my two cents...but im so fed of people hating when half of them dont even own a car...



Yes! I've seen that S3 on the road! Such a great car... And the sound... Is simply amazing!

In fact, here's a taste:


That front intercooler and lisence plate look real funny in the first two photo's. Like they have been shopped on the car.


amazing car!!!! i see vids of this audi in you tube and its very agresive!!!! lot of fun under the hood!!! yeah!!!!


Next time I go to Greece to visit family I want to take my Supra over and check out the scene. This car obviously gives me a damn good reason to!


is that fire from a waste gate in the first pic?


'??a pat??da!!!

G?a??? ?a? 50e??? t? e??a?e??.

Great post!

Greece has several cars with such high horsepower figures.


I actualy kinda like the front end, i dont think i would do it to something i owned however, and as for the car its amazing.


Yep I'll take one please! Bonkers!!!


Check out the purple flame under the inter cooler in the first picture. Looks good, but I would powder coat the inter cooler black.


The sleepers that are being posted so far, are far from it. I mean, a skyline, an elise and an S3 with a giant intercooler?

You should take a look at this link to better grasp the concept.

PS: Still the best website on the internet, even if i haven't seen them all!


lol the intercooler is bigger than my fridge door!!!! NUTSSS!!!!


Gota love the gate venting in the first photo

would love to hear it


Looks like a really nice car to have as a toy, i like the quality of the interior components, and the work that would of had to go into making an 800hp engine streetable.. good work.


really nice car!!! and about the intercooler: function over form, remember guys??


this is an old video in which this car had 800hp in full boost. Now it has 800 WHP @ 24psi only. The full boost of this car is 36psi.

0-60/h miles @2,78 s

0-120/h miles @7,2 s

60-120/h miles @4.42 s

1/4 mile 9.980s.

speed@1/4 mile 150miles/h. In this run the car had 24psi boost.


Nice car, but its "easy" to put 800hp on the wheels with a 3.2 liter....

Here in Brazil, we did that using the original 2.0 20v with a stroker to 2.2.


If you have enough cash in your pocket you could go out and buy a new one as at then you would be the daddy and save £4,500 :)


This thing is street legal in Greece ? In my country the first policeman would panzerfaust my ass.

"what is this noise ? And what is this big intercooler in the front ?"

"nothing officer, I just have some heating problems with my TDI 90PS motor !"

"get out of the car and get prepared to be assraped, I'm going in dry !"


Anyway, impressive car, I've seen some videos, it's serious business.


my friend have one of those , but not entirely this :D . well, his on his way there . what a knockout car (Y)


A new video of this beast is curently being made. You MUST see it to understand the potential of this car and its owner-driver


wow this thing can really lift.. love it - Greece has got it going on.. inflammatory comments?? on Speedhunters!! - Thanks for the post Paddy & Co.


gamhsameee paliii!!!!! this is spartaaa !!!!!


pantu iparxun ellhnes dimiourgoi!!!