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If you liked the Osaka JDM CRX we looked at yesterday then you will love this EF9 they also took to the Hellaflush Japan show. This Civic is the perfect example of how well a light tuning can work. Looking at it you could be forgiven for thinking it was very close to stock but as you start to take it all in you begin to notice all sorts of little details that work together in creating a very unique…

…and subtly modified car.

The guys at Osaka JDM have perfected the fusing of two styles, peppering their JDM rides with little touches that have been borrowed and at times adapted from the US Honda community, helping make their cars stand out from the norm.

The polished B16A that powers this car boast a few more performance upgrades than the ZC unit that we saw in the CRX. Breathing improvements have helped liberate a little bit more power, parts like the bigger diameter throttle…

…a stainless steel 5Zigen exhaust manifold, and the race-spec…

…5Zigen N1 exhaust system. An N1 ECU, the same unit that was run on the EF9 race cars back in the day, helps get the most out of these modifications as well as bumping the rpm red line. This makes the shorter DA Integra YS1 transmission unit a joy to flick through while the Cusco single plate clutch and LSD juggle the slightly increased power the engine now develops.

Close up of the rear Password JDM tow hook.

Looks are given an “import” feel thanks to the countless US-spec parts the car runs, starting off up front with the headlights and corner lights, front bumper and front fenders…

…and ending at the rear with USDM taillights. The Osaka JDM carbon fiber adjustable roof spoiler and hatch spoiler add just about the right visual impact without going over the top. Fixed Ganador mirrors are a nice race-touch but just like on the CRX it’s the wheels that make the car.

Wheel choice and fitment are both crucial aspects of any build and they really nailed it on the Civic by fitting their very own Loop 5, 3-piece original wheels that Work Wheels builds for them. While sizes are the same as the ones we saw on the CRX with 8.5Jx15″ up front and slightly wider 9Jx15″ for the rear, the color isn’t. This is one of the three regular colors available and it combines a polished lip with a gold center. Toyo DRB tires were chosen for their high levels of grip both in the dry and wet and are fitted in 185/55 size up front and 195/50 at the rear.

Stance is everything and thanks to Osaka JDM adjustable suspension, the top part of the Toyos sink inside the fenders at both ends. Adjustable top rear arms allow to vary camber when needed.

The stickered body part is something I noticed a lot at the Hellaflush Japan meet. It can be pretty cool when done as tastefully as on this B-pillar.

Little details help add a little personal touch to the 80’s interior…

…things like the Password JDM shift knob, a modern day Alpine DVD player with LCD screen…

…and a dealer-option Momo steering wheel along with a factory Mitsubishi Recaro seat.

Combining forces with the N1 ECU is the R-Spec VTEC controller which allows the driver to select the B16A’s VTEC crossover point, an important thing when running shorter gears and aftermarket engine management.

Needless to say I will need to drop over on the guys at Osaka JDM next time I’m down in Kansai. I’m sure they have a lot to show us!

Osaka JDM

Work Wheels

Hellaflush Japan coverage on Speedhunters

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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wow.......EF9 perfection


the only thing that killed it was the exhaust... other than that, its clean.


That's the car my EF9 wants to be when it grows up.


is the exhaust designed to b on that side of the car or is it a custom mod done???

Owell, the car looks amazing!


This makes me miss my old EF very much.


Form > function for this specific build obviously because wider rear tires than the front on a fwd car makes no sense. I can't imagine what kind of understeer this car makes. Obviously it wouldnt be as noticable compared with a more aggressive set up, but it must still make a difference.


this one looks very well turned out, just like the CRX in the other post.. which by the way seems closed for comments - 10 out of 10 from me! - Thanks


Dino your photos have been amazing of late - what lens are you using?


LOVE IT! saw the photo of the crx and ef from behind rolling in the meet, and i was dying to find more informatin on them.and i got it! GREAT article guys!


LOVE IT! saw the photo of the crx and ef from behind rolling in the meet, and i was dying to find more informatin on them.and i got it! GREAT article guys!


As a 4th Gen nut, really nice to see some clean examples still popping up here and there, especially in their homeland.

Really interesting to see how guys in Japan are looking to emulate some of the USDM style to set themselves apart, while for years we in North America have been trying to copy JDM style and performance.

The wheel fitment isn’t my style, but overall very nice car. Thanks for the 4th Gen Honda Love Speedhunters!


Great post as usual Dino.


Just perfect!

LOVE stance, that's a combo wheel+tires


Racing ECU but stock internals? hmmmmm...


Could someone tell me why the wider tires(and smaller wall) at the rear? Something to do with understeer compensation? Most FF's have it the other way around?


That EF9 is so sick!! and i dnt even like them like that...


us honda heads would love desktops of the crx and this fine ef9 please and thank you.

those wheels are are well insane. i want a pair on my civic.


Its so funny seeing USDM body panels and lights on JDM machinery, while guys like us in the US drool over JDM counterparts. I suppose it boils down to having what isn't available domestically.

Sooooo that being said...any Japanese readers here want to buy my USDM EF frontend? HAHA!


bumper is not ef9


wow a honda without a shaved engine bay!

I like this actually..the crx too


looks like a fun little daily, definitely a wallpaper should be made.


Looks great, just as the CR-X! I love the fact that they have modified them with simple and subtles touches, and nothing crazy or tacky. Well, the sticker bomb is something I can't tolerate, but... seeing as how the rest of the car looks, I think I'll let it pass.


sooooo did they forget to put the right exhaust on? I mean come on! looks like donky poop


Apart from the stickerbomb, it's absolutely amazing!


wallpapers for all osaka jdm cars, please!


EF9?????????????????? With that front? Strange... Original EF9 don´t have those headlights, that hood and that front bumper...


What brand of rims are they? I NEED them!!!!


Love love love!