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The FD will be 20 years old next year. It's hard to believe that it's been around for so long, but the 13B-powered beast continues to captivate the minds of rotor-heads the world over. Mazda really nailed it when they created this final generation of the RX-7, from the neutral handling, to the explosive delivery of its rotary engine and of course its timeless design.

There is no other car out there, especially one that is almost 20 years old, which lends itself so well to anything from mild aesthetic upgrades to complete transformations. The FD is the epitome of the tuner car and while in Sydney in August we were reminded of this as we got the chance to immortalize…

…a very special example. When Ras, the owner of the mustard yellow beast you see here, rolled in at the agreed upon meeting point we were all blown away at how unique the car looked. 

Sitting on a set of deeply dished SSR Professors SP1s, it ticked all the boxes when it came to stance.

It might not be showcar-low but Ras had to keep the car useable on Sydney's streets as this, believe it or not, is his daily driver. 

Taking care of the performance side of things is the ported 13B which has been joined by a Garrett T04Z single turbo mounted on a ceramic-coated custom exhaust manifold.

This supplies enough boost to allow the engine to crank out a solid 400 HP with more on tap if Ras ever wanted to go a bit wilder. With the primary objective of creating an amazing looking car, a lot of attention has been given to even the smallest of details…

…from the polished pipes that plumb the V-mounted intercooler in place…

…to the various color-matched lightweight pulleys.  

Back in the trunk area is where the fuel system lives with a neatly positioned collector tank next to the Optima yellow-top battery.

Seeing this is a daily driven car Ras had no intention of sacrificing comfort so you will not be finding a stripped out interior and an intrusive roll cage.

What you will be greeted with when you swing the driver-side door open…

…will be custom-upholstered Bride Low Max Gias reclinable bucket seats, a triplet of Defi gauges and…

…very nice Feed carbon sill protectors. Other details include a Blitz turbo timer and an ARC titanium shift knob.

Injecting some toughness into the exterior is a full widebody Fujita Engineering aero package made up of a Ver.2 front bumper…

…wider GT-like front fenders…

…and these overfenders out back, riveted in place for added effect.

Ras went with an authentic Scoot vented hood which helps extract hot air from the engine bay via the two large louvered openings.

The driver side headlight cover has been replaced with this Feed intake which allows air to be directed towards that big T04Z.

Feed carbon side skirts are a great addition, giving the RX7 a more ground-hugging stance.

Finishing touches include Ganador side mirrors…

…and a Bodyform carbon rear diffuser. It is however the massive…

…19-inch SSRs that really set off the car's stance. These huge rollers, 9.5J front and 11J rear, are wrapped in Kumho KU19 tires measuring 245/35 up front and wider 275/45 at the rear. Seeing his FD is quite the nimble, lightweight car, Ras has decided to stick with the stock Mazda brakes for the time being, fitting upgraded pads all round.

I personally really liked the uncluttered rear end with no spoiler, leaving the original lines to be fully appreciated. It might turn 20 years old next year, but the FD certainly looks as fresh as the day it rolled out of the factory in Hiroshima. 

-Dino Dalle Carbonare

Pictures Casey Dhnaram & Dino Dalle Carbonare



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beautiful rx-7! desktops please...esp for shot number 5


rad.I'm feelin this


I must disagree with the "ticks all the stance boxes" line. The front wheel gap is quite large, and is easily twice that of the rear, if not more. There is no need to stretch tires if you're nowhere near the fender. Undoubtedly a beautiful car, but I'd like it even more if the stance was slightly more aggressive.


the feed kit looks wicked, useable height, nice amount of power. Awesome.


Damn dude this is the most beautiful car i have ever seen


I typically don't like yellow sports cars, but this one is just amazing. The owner put together a great looking FD. I must say though, my favorite parts the engine bay.


would love to see this car in action.


That's wild, a daily driver that pristine.


love this car!


Bautiful, quick, and sooooo nice!


wow 20 years, might get some hate for saying this but this looks more modern than the timeless maclaren F1! incredible car


I'd like it better if it had slightly smaller diameter wheels with usable tires. No way this car is daily driven. What does he do at night since he deleted a headlight for an air intake?


Rx7s and Supras are timeless creation, JAPAN has these 2 timeless classic forever. this Rx7 is a gem. love everything about it


reverse rake-gross


Wheels are WAAAY to big


This FD is very usable and also very unique "part selection and detail". I usually like seeing FDs alittle lower like my FD but the way this car sits its very classy and street friendly. Not every car needs to have its aero scraping the ground to look great. VERY NICE FEATURE i wouldn't change a thing


i would have gone with a smaller set of wheels.....BUT other than that it is simply sexy!!!!


Really nice car, still looks fresh, i'd love an FD..but the only thing that bugs me about this one is tha the wheels are just too big..they could do with being 17's, IMO


Dino please stop splitting every sentence up around a picture with an ellipses between it...

....because it makes it hard to read


SEXY!!! If only they were HD


desktops please!!! this is the nicest RX7 I think I have ever seen


That is super-clean. Love the SSRs!


I came by the time I looked at the fourth picture


Best RX-7 in Australia. My dream car/bodykit/wheel combo :3



Pleeaaaasseee :D


Flawless for me.


Most beautiful rx7 I've seen in my entire life. Never thought a mustard-colored car would ever look god until now.




Thats the right filosophy for a street car, at least imo.

Some details i would change, like the big inch rims, but overall a very sweet car.


Almost perfect! This FD looks so NICE!


some of you may not realise that it is ILLEGAL to have the lowest part of your car under 100mm from the ground in australia. im sure he has it as low as possible so the police leave him alone and thus making it more daily friendly.


sick as F@ck


Smart man on not wasting money on brakes, the oem rx7 brakes are pretty damn impressive.


This car is a great example of a marmite car imo


Remember, the wheels cannot be too big!