No doubt you followed the build of the Team Need for Speed RTR-X, which was a monumental project for not only Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Speedhunters, but also the many dedicated people who brought it to fruition. Team Need for Speed has just released this video by Will Roegge which provides some insight into how the RTR-X project came about.

- Charles Kha

Team Need for Speed

Speedhunters RTR-X articles



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That car is ridiculous! I will have to go talk to the mechanics in back to see what we can do!


Cool video but above all else it was actually cool to hear Andy Blackmore talking with the English accent instead of just seeing his writing on various topics and events lol.


So beastly. I have a few photo's of it as a wallpaper!


I found some cool build pictures on Twins Turbo site. They have the drawings with real picts next to it to compare. Pretty cool


what's with the pikey? :P


Great work, was a perfect mix.


Car is a work of art ! I just don't care for the fact that they didn't mention anything about Gary & Jason from Steen Chassis. That rear suspension, flares, front section,etc. would have never happened if it wasn't for them. Not that they didn't contribute but it makes it seem like the "Twins" built that whole car.


is it road legal in the US?

i'd like to see some footage of it being driven on the road. be good to see the heigh comparison between other cars and the trucks


Barry I totally agree. though I know for a fact that the Twins gave huge props to not only Gary and Jayson at Steen chassis, but also to Mark DeLong who did the metal work on the car which is awesome. Lets not forget Auto Explosion where Damion, Estiban and crew did the body and paint that should have taken 6 weeks in 4 days. There is also SticthCrafters that managed to do the entire interior from scratch in the 3 days before SEMA finishing up at 5 am on move in day.. So there are a good amount of people left out of this video.

The problem here is editing. The twins were interviewed for 2 hours and the footage of about 45 seconds was used. Since they were in charge of the build, and brought in their crew, Steen, Mark, Auto Explosion ect. They are getting the props.

Lets hope the magazine coverage does a better job of using the info they get on the build..