Random Snap>>gone, But Not Forgotten

With the recent news that Mazda has discontinued production of the RX-8, I found myself hunting around for cool examples of the breed. That's where I found this inspiring circuit-tuned example from Japan.

Here's hoping Mazda gets to building another rotary sports car sooner rather than later.

-Mike Garrett



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As much as I admire the rotary, this would have to be the fugliest car mazda built.

Gone and very forgotten.


A unique body design and great handling. Just choked by its lack of power compared to its competitors.

This is on my list of cars to own.


Hahaha Tom. The doors were cool though!


Come on Mazda, build another beautiful sports car like the FD3S, and put a rotary engine with SKYACTIV technology in it,


Come on Mazda, build another beautiful sports car like the FD3S, and put a rotary engine with SKYACTIV technology in it.


Mazda should have used Kaizen theory, which has brought them to what they are now and offered this platform turbo'd. With Toyota's FT-86, I hope all other JDM manufactures jump on the band wagon and come back to produce some affordable JDM epicness.


As a father of two who wanted a sports car that wasn't a BMW sedan and enjoys insane handling more than outrageous power this car fits the bill nicely. Looks must have grown on me because I love to look at mine. Still, a turbo version would've rocked!


with u.s. federal gas mileage requirements getting more and more strict, we may never see another rotary =((


let me guess... the RX-9 ? lol


As an owner, i love it. Hopefully the next rotary comes turbo!


lol Those louvers.... i dont care for rx8...4 doors? WTF MAZDA. renesis come back in next gen miata, for the win!


@Tom, I couldn't agree with you more. From day 1, the front end looked like a failed attempt at making the S2000. I will always see the Rx8 as a compromise Mazda had to make to keep a rotary based platform in the automotive world. While the suicide rear door may be great when carrying people, I have always thought of a sports car as a vehicle with 2 doors and 2 seats.


What, no SpeedSource RX-8?...shame on you!!!


Non-turbo rotaries are pointless for all but sub 2200 lb cars. The old 13B-T's in the Turbo II has more power with exhaust and better mileage.

If the next rotary car isn't a turbo-charged rotary RX-7, Mazda's greateness will be lost forever.


I remember the day it came out... so sad to hear it go.


im actually kinda glad to hear this. with the way new cars are going it looks like the rotary gets to die with its dignity intact.


O boy look at all this hate. I own an RX-8 and from PERSONAL experience, the car is great. The suspension from the factory allows for more than enough tuning without needing to go aftermarket. Ill be the first to admit that it IS lacking in the power dept. but that can all be solved by strapping a little turbo to it. And as for the looks, I think its beautiful. Its kind of like the Evo X's. At first I thought they were hideous but after awhile it grew on me. Just open your minds and you'll see the true beauty and inginuity behind this machine.

-Stop the hate


I've only been a fan of RX's for their amazing chassis setup - plenty of lightness added, amazing brakes and balanced handling, they are ripe for motor swaps like LS1's, etc. and I adore the RX's for that. I am intrigued by the rotary motors but also sad they havent reached their true potential yet, its a shame they cannot be all aluminum and fuel efficient in passenger cars. Sad to see the end is near, good feature though, nice to pay tribute.


As much as I love rotary-powered cars, the RX-8 does not get my seal of approval. Heck, I prefer the FD3S RX-7 even more! Though a 20B RX-8 is an exception...


Hopefully they began the r&d for the rx 9. the new 16x motor with a electrc supercharger/turbocharger should be the shiznit. so the end of the 8 might be a good thing. take that back. a necessary thing. not a good thing


The RX8 isn't discontinued in Japan, the news was only for us and Japan.


The next rx7 / rx8 or whatever needs to have a turbocharged 4 rotor in order to compete with these next gen cars...


Imo they should have made it a 2 door instead, like how a NC Miata looks with a hardtop.

Front end looks great with that bumper though.


Never liked this car. Bad engine, ugly look, non-tuneable, it always allowed only to be riced. 4 doors, gosh it looks like it's pregnant, and if you ever see one in sale, your first thought should be - engine is obviously nearly dead.

After an amazingly beautiful and stylish FC3S they went to a great looking FD3S and then? THIS? Finally it's near it's logical end.


For Mazda's next sportscar they would need to do something pretty special, the Lexus LFA and Nissan GTR certainly turned up the wick on serious performance cars from Japan, and the Nissan 370Z and soon to be released Toyota FT86 have certainly rewritten some rules. Good luck Mazda in your endeavours as I believe you are the only japanese manufacturer that still has some personality and heart left.


Love this car.

Maybe the engine is not as good as 13B REW(but still, can you make 235HP out of 1,3 liter engine?)

The chassis is great, the car handles very good.

It can beat a lot of cars (350z, STI, Evo....) on the track.

And if you swap 13B REW or 20B REW in it, this can be a very serious track car!


i own a rx8 and i think its a wonderful car great handling great top end power and aggressive looks i havent had a problem yet from my rotary not a bad engine at all who else can make 232hp from a 1.3lite engine just take care of it last u forever so all the haters out there just read this lets go rotary