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The original Jensen Interceptor was a rather brilliant blend of British GT bodywork and American V8 muscle, and word is there will be a modern Interceptor on the roads in a couple years. CPP has released some renderings of the new Interceptor its planning to build at its new factory in the UK. They haven't released any info about what will be underneath the swinging bodywork, but as with the original you should expect a grunty American V8 of some sort.

CPP hopes to start production in 2014.

-Mike Garrett

Source: Autoblog



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Make this. Send me one.


as a proud owner of an orginal interceptor this is good news indeed i will be following this closely


Im sure they did sumtn about this on Top Gear UK?


if it is revived, i hope 'they' do it justice.. its one of those cars that a lot of 'petrol-heads' don't even mention, let alone know about.. especially spec-wise!


Now THIS is a revival. This thing looks fabulous, hopefully it will look just as it is drawn AND we get one where that engine is coming from. This car NEEDS to come to North America. I'm drooling just thinking of this car. It better be good.


reminds me of a Jag....


i vote for the current gt500 motor


I'm going to be flamed but I think the wheels need to be a bit smaller (ok, I know it's just a drawing). The car looks stunning, nonetheless and we're hoping the new ones won't fall off.


Really looking forward to this new car, as CPP also owns Bowler, Spyker, and Zagato. Shame they didn't buy Bristol Cars too. Think they build the Alu bodies for Aston's One-77 too!


Engine wise Ford and Chevy has some incredible engines. The coyote 5.0 or the LS7 would be great or the LS9. Either way horsepower wont suffer from the choices of engines the will have.


Looking forward to a new version of Top Gear's "The Interceptors" when this thing debuts.


in fact the interceptor is a copy of the real car, brasinca 4200GT uirapuru, a brazilian car


Whats with this Ford engine or Chevy engine shit? I can't believe not one person even mentioned Mopar. You can tell when some folks don't know entirely too much about the original car. If it should use an American motor (although I dred the idea) it should be based on the original and use a Mopar. Love to see a Viper V10 into it but the chances of that would be rather slim.. so a custom built Hemi (say maybe a 7 liter? The original was a 440cui. 7.2 liter so its not a crazy idea) could do the job alright. I do hope that they do bring the vehicle back with a bang.