News>> Ft86 Entry Price Rumored In Japan – Sub ¥2 Million

With the Japanese version of the Toyota FT86 presentation scheduled for the Tokyo Motor Show later on in the year, Japanese magazines have been speculating on a lot of details about the car that could single-handedly save the entry-level sports car market in Japan. One rumor that most seem to be agreeing on is that the successor to the legendary hachiroku will be sold for ¥1.99-million. With the strength the Yen has been enjoying as of late the converted price of $26,000 might seem pricey buy we can expect the Scion version of the car to be much closer to the $20,000 mark. If this is so, that will make the FT86 more affordable than the entry level Mazda Roadster in Japan, which sells for a ¥2.33-million ($30,500). This is one car everyone is waiting for!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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I bet that this one will cost more than 35.000€ in Europe...


If the price of this thing goes that low.. I'm gonna buy one..


Yes I cant wait for this car to come out! 200hp rear wheel drive from a small 4 banger yes!!....seriously?

Toyota ive given up on you already beat it.....when this thing has a straight 6 or v6 and i can compete with 370z's then come talk to me otherwise for 20k im going to invest that into a used 370z or bmw 135i


Jeremy V, you are looking at the wrong car if you want something to compete with the 370. everyone knows that.


Toyota make a mistake putting this under the Scion brand. I'm not interested in buying the FR-S anymore. Moreoever, I don't like their campaign of putting this in the same category as the AE86. How the hell is this compairable to the AE86?! It's more closer related to the Supra if anything.... Ya'll can catch me riding a Z34 or BRZ in 2-3 years.


@ lee

yet the ae86, when properly built, can hold up against many cars


The projected price of the IIV prototype is irrelevant.

First, Toyota must transition from prototype to production car, a feat that they have not managed to do for a decade with this project.


ah, yes...Badge whores and people wanting it all for nothing. The FT-86 brings them all out! Sure we'd all love a 400bhp rwd monster for the price of a Yaris, but get real. 200hp in a capable nimble chassis is perfect. Who cares if it's badged a Scion in NA?! And the purpose of this car couldn't be further from the intent of the Supra. If this thing is an actual performer with the chassis, It'll be what us REAL enthusiasts have been waiting for.


Here we go!!! Yes!


If the JDM price to USDM price ratio of the FRS is the same as that of the Miata, this would mean a base price of $19,800.


I think the reason Toyota put it under the Scion brand is because the cars in the scion brand are supposed to be cheaper and more affordable. With this car initially designed to be in the $20k category, it is a sports car designed with a price range, and flows with the Scion theme. Keep in mind that the previous sports car Toyota had was the Supra, and that was $31k MSRP

Comparing this to a 370z is retarded. This car was designed to be a successor of the AE86, which was slow but had awesome handling due to it's dynamics and low curb weight. Handling is the main selling point of this car, not the amount of horsepower or how many cylinders it has. A 370z is also twice the price this car is, they aren't even in the same category.


Take that VW Golf!!!


@YOUguysAREretardedTROLOLOL: i completely agree!!


Flat four means lots of room for a TRD supercharger kit as well.

Can you say "factory warrantied box of sunshine"?

Cause I sure can.


i want it...


As long as it's RWD and 1 /2 turbo


Rumours, rumours. I'll only believe when there's an official announcement from Toyota mentioning actual price and date of sales beginning,


@Jeremy, the pricing is not on par with a 370Z thus you cannot expect teh same end result. look at the car for what it is and not what you think is should/expect it to be. not all cars are made for all people just go find the one that appeals to you and run with that.

Look at a DC5R integra with a K20, a 4 banger with over 200hp at the frond wheels, yet so many people are seeking these cars which has caused the price and demand to be so high. fun cars are what people want at an affordable price. if all cars offer the same specs and price then what would the auto industry be.


I would sell my AE86 if the FRS is $20,000! That means I would need to make $19,000 more :(


Jeremy V.:

Yeah, 2.0l four pots suck, it's not like there are any hugely popular 2l I4 tuning platforms available, I mean who's heard of the EJ20, or the SR20, or the YB, or the 4G63... It's not like any of those are easily capable of getting 4-500BHP with off-the-shelf parts...


Just need it to be a good price when it goes on sale in the UK....... Unlikely though.


Jeremy V., I don't think you get the point of this car. It's supposed to be a lightweight entry level sports car. Power is not the emphasis of this car. It's about being light, nimble, and fun, which are characteristics of the AE86 Corolla. The flat 4 engine that will be used in this car will keep the center of gravity very low. And being that it's a 4 cylinder instead of a 6, it will be light up front as well


i can't wait to have one.


I've been air humping this car for a couple of years now. But i can't say that i would want the Scion badge version.. unless they don't put out a Toyota version. But either way i will buy 1(maybe wait a couple years after they come out and get it used) but i will as it will be a great tribute to the early days of my car life with a 2.0 flat 4. it will be a hella hot hellaflush daily! ive already got the image in my head..


This car is going to be a great success. For all the haters, this thing is designed to be able to accept the turbo fj20 from the wrx. That should solve the problem some are complaining about power. Plus, it's going to be roll-caged ready! bolt one on and go.




@Evolve: True that. It's not going to be under the 30k EUR mark. My guess is about 32.990€ in germany.


It seems many people are forgetting the whole point of this car... The reason its not priced to match a 370z is because it's not made to match a 370z! Also, mind you, 200bhp from an n/a I4 is quite good! just needs minor mods to the flywheel/drivetrain/diff to get more of that power on the road.


hasselhof i agree with you to a certain extent, if its a 200hp 4 banger inside and handles great thats great and dandy however toyota has put much hype behind this car and we all know its not going to reflect anything like what is being seen there ..there will be no carbon fiber diffuser it will most likely not even have projecter lenses i could go on forver and that still does not bother me what really kills me is that THEY DONT OFFER IT their TRD department is a joke they do not offer anything for enthusiasts and what everyone is worried about (badged a scion) is just that! look at the scion line.... now do you see anything sporty? even if they call it "sport" is it really sporty comon its a fucking joke Look at Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, VW they all hit the same price point and offer a car with potential....


Honto, I think you're math is very very very, off. A decade is ten years, no? Considering the Original FT-86 concept was deputed at Tokyo '09, this development cycle has been exactly industry average. Hardly a decade.


so that means about $45,000 + onroads by the time it hits australia... damn our overpriced everything =(


@Hasselhof - i couldn't have put it better myself! i do not care what brand it's marketed under in the US. if i recall, people were hating on toyota way back when as well but you can't argue with performance, reliability, and price. if they can hit all three, who cares the marque?! this is speed hunters, not brand hunters.


If you don't want a Scion get a Subaru BRZ.... It's a Subaru engine anyway... then do a little swapparoo with a built EJ257, throw a 30R on it and oh 400rwhp in a car that weighs not so much.



Well said. Exactly what I was thinking.


I dont care about the branding. Tell me how much it weights, how much power it has, the weight distribution, and how much it is going to cost as bare bones as possible. Then I will be excited. All the unofficial mumbo-jumbo that has gone on for the last 3 years means nothing until the official numbers are posted. I know of people who have tested it and driven it, but I still dont believe the hype until I see the official numbers. Many people where VERY hyped for the Genesis coupe, specially the 2.0, but now that it's out, it ended disappointing one too many people: weak engine to mod, mediocre handling and HEAVY.

So again, show me the real numbers then I'll show you the cash... I'll go finish my ae86 hatchback in the meantime...


If $26k is what it's sold for overseas, guaranteed it'll be $50k + in aus-land....


It's nice and all, but how does this even remotely compare to AE86?

I love the car, but I hate that toyota's using the 86's name for it.

It's just not that kind of car.


All show and no go.


I bet that this car will cost more than $30,500 in Indonesia. :(


So this means about $40-50k in Australia. It's a shame that cars are so over priced here when the Australian dollar is near parity to the US dollar.


I can imagine plenty of people will rip out the engine within 2 seconds of getting this car home ...


just produce this damn car already! 'nuff said.....


Here's a rumor:

This car will go into production the day after doomsday.


nice. if that price continues to australia i'll buy one no trouble...

but i see that as unlikely. I reckon 50k here in Aus unfortunately, even though clearly it will only be worth half.


what a interesting ride.


For reference, the wrx (or 2.0gt) in Japan is 2.7mil yen, mid spec 1.5L awd impreza is 1.8mil yen.

For the yank badge snobs complaining about it being a scion- just replace the badges. You guys already do that with your Acuras.


22% staff discount for the WIN.

Production version is a bit more bland than the concept.


This thing is possible only as good as the sum of all it's rumours


"Hopefully" the price is that awesome! Been waiting for this car for a long long time,..

@majority of the posts on this topic, few understand the ideals that this car is being built on and who this car is being built for. The fewer of those particular individuals that buy the car the better, so hate on its easier to thin the heard!:)


Badges are meaningless when you get down to the chassis and what makes up a scion it's a Toyota thru and thru. So when people say it will do poorly badged as a scion they have no understanding of what a true performer this can be. No doubt a forced induction kit will be produced for this car and when that happens oh how the doubters will cry and sneer. A little under 400hp and this car should terrorize all the 370 Z,Z06's, and other superior RWD's.

The real enthusiast will bring out the best of this car.


the price is gonna drop low, and then the cars quality will as well. i feel when they lower the price $6000 their taking out leather seats and taking out comfort and nice things and replacing cheap plastic panels etc like every other scion


Another cheap car we all thought that was good was the Chevy Aveo. Just becasue it is cheaper than another car does not make any better. it just lives up to its name...the cheaper one


$26k?!! Midas well buy a wrx or used sti.


None of you guys would probably buy a tC but Scion has sold more than 300,000 of them. This is aimed at young people that want an affordable, cool car. The AE86 wasn't marketed to enthusiasts. It was a freakin econobox Corolla. The allure to enthusiasts was how fun it was to drive. Scion will sell tons of these, and in a few years, the enthusiasts will be picking them up, stuffing turbos in them and taking them to the track.


this has to come to europe at 20 000 euros or everyone will keep on buying 2nd hans Zs or S2Ks, supras or other stuff like that...


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what ever happened to the subaru version of this supposed joint project. I knew subaru supplied the engine but i thought there was a fully fledged subaru badged version? Also as much as i'd like to see it i doubt those wheels will make production!


If this thing really has a price tag of around 25k I probably would up it and settle for a 370z. If it goes around 20k, I'd hop on it.


Why does it have to be a Scion???? :(


I want to racing....


As the debut of the production version of the Toyota FT-86/FR-S draws closer, there's been a lot of speculation about how much the car will actually cost when it goes on sale. One report had the car's base price in Japan set at about two million