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When Mike mentioned that the rumor mill had started regarding a new Toyota Supra set to debut in 2014, the comment box exploded. This just shows how much we love ‘our’ Supra. Mike asked you guys what you would like to see from a new Supra. But what about how it would look?

Luckily we have some very talented 3D designers at our EA Stockholm office who whipped
up this awesome looking concept, visualizing what a next gen Supra could look like.

Their goal
was to try and keep the DNA of the Supra MKIV but still create something new and
fresh. I do recognize some styling hints from the FT86-II that I saw recently
at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show.

We at Speedhunters think
they definitively got it right. We just hope that somebody at Toyota is reading

For now, we can only keep on dreaming …


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the front reminds me of the r35 gt-r


ill believe it when i see it...knowing toyota it will have a hybrid front wheel drivetrain no led lights no hid lights but they will offer it in exotic colors


i'm not feeling enough nineties love here. This looks like a mashup of a nissan and lexus. where's the quirky toyota blood chaps?


Looks almost exactly like the FT86 in my opinion


it better have a straight 6


Looks great!

I hope they put a brand new inline 6 Twin Turbo or V6 B-Turbo in the new Supra, if they make it. Not like the 1LR-GUE that sounds italian.


I see pure Lexus when I see this.

The Supra needs to be more quirky because thats what its always been in terms of styling. The MkIV I don't think was ever seen as a beautiful car, some consider it quite gangly looking and I think thats what this car needs to do; split the consumers into either love it or hate it groups, this one is


There are so many distinctive things that make the Supra unique and distinctive....why throw all that way? this is just a try-hard GTR. Meh.


looks like the honda HSV from the side


This won't even become a working prototype on a mule chassis until 2015.

Then it'll take 10 years to design a production version, 5 years after that to decide on what colors to offer, and it'll be however many years after that before the number crunchers decide how much they want to charge people to own them

It will be 2025 before this car gets released to the public. By then there will be ridiculous taxes on anything that isn't powered by Heavy Duty Ultra Hyper Mega Super Low Emissions electic dominate hybrid drivetrains.

Mark my words.


Its a poorman's mashup of a FT-S and an LFA.... and the whole c-pillar and rear fenders area is a disaster...


The cockpit is too far forward to be a Supra. A Supra needs a long hood and a short tail.


Just needs the 3.5-4.0 Liter V6 found in the IS350 and a lightweight body to go with = win.


Looks A LOT like a 350z, especially in the 2nd pic....


Please keep the MKIV Tail lights.


Ugh... It's nowhere near the old Supra. I don't like it at all. Then again, neither do I like the new 86.

They all look like lexus LFA, and that can't be good.


absolutely amazing


I don't understand why people are so worried about it not looking like previous Supra's. I don't like the pillars but I like the design overall. Just be glad Toyota is finally bringing back their line of sports cars.


LOL this is a rough concept that Toyota will probably never see and was made probably in a couple of days at most....simmer down.


Oh look ! A Toyota 370Z with a bodykit !

The new Supra WON'T have a straight six. Inline 6 are dead, they take up space and have harmonic vibrations. V6's are much more compact and weigh less.

The new Supra ought to have round rear tail-lights !


Strech out the front and make sure you get that inline 6 completely contained in the wheel base. 4.0L twin turbo 500hp. Let the LFA eat dust.


Wow it's a 350z!


coll wut


NOPE! try again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i cant beleve they didnt use the "circle stye" tail lights


Thats a cool looking 350z


Looks like a 370z mixed with an ft. But i still love it, a new supra to go with the genesis and the Ft would be very much appreciated.


the shape screams Nissan fairlady far more than it does supra. I doubt we will ever see the production of the supra again anyways


The front looks like a Z !


Close the rear "brake air-intake" and it would be feasible....





PLEASE make this.


Looks nice but to much like a Nissan and I hope it comes with better intirior this and better handling


It's looking LF-Aish but nice. Not really digging the centered duals. Now hopefully it won't take 11 years to be built like the LF-A


No... please... They already "killed" the ae86, the civic, and now they want to murder the supra lines? futurist design doesn't mean better/nicer/anything to car lovers... Atleast I hope they put a 2JZ-GTE inside...Don't kill legends, futuristic designers...


Looks likes a 350Z front end and a R8 rear end


Wow. What can I say, That's exactly what it should look like. Amazing work!


Wow. This is awesome.


Until Toyota releases an official statement confirming they will in fact produce a MKV in 3 years, I'm not going to get too excited.

If they do however, they have to do it right. The concept isn't bad, but the front end doesn't seem quite right for me. If the aim is to give it the DNA of the MKIV, I think the headlights need to be more true to the previous design, as well as the grille (the stock MKIV never had a grille that large).


Looks like the FT86


If manufacturers listened to to people, half of the world's cars would never be out. But Toyota, BUILD THIS!


I hate the front end, but from the rear, I can really start to see the "Supra". I feel like the fenders are a bit to defined however, sofeten them out and you'll get that 90's feel.


I like it. Wish it had more "Supra" in it, but still a nice looking car. Though I do worry about headroom, and that is clearly a two-seater only (prefer 2+2s myself).

Let's hope they actually produce something that looks just like that.

Though I won't hold my breath. Especially after the FR-S spy shots....


i all car bout is it needs to have a striaght 6cylinder 4.0 litler twin turbo!!!!


looks like a lexus.


Not liking it so much, to much nissan look.


I see an FT-86 when looking at this car. Don't. First the GT-R "an attempt to revive the legendary Skyline GT-R". Then the FT-86. "An attempt to revive the legendary AE86." Then this? No, I am not hating, I am stating my opinion. For me, it lacks a lot of things that make the real supra a beautiful car. Smoother lines? this thing looks like a shrapnel. Tailights? This thing looks like some I don't know what. Engine? I don't know, but I get a feeling that it'll be a V6 or a flat 4, or even a V8 (not that I have anything against these motors, it's become a trend.). Worst case scenario (for sportscars)? Electric motor. For me, it's a no-go.


i think the front of it does look a bit iffy....BUT im more impressed by the rendering that they produced!! i would never have thought that it was a model!!! still a nice concept never the less.....


"The new Supra WON'T have a straight six. Inline 6 are dead, they take up space and have harmonic vibrations."

That's some funny stuff. Go back to playing with your crayons kid.



what was the chief designer/design team thinking when he/they came out with this render?

A 1st gen 350Z of course.

C'mon Toyota, you can do better than that.

Give me that "super frog shamu whale" look and not this obvious 350Z rip-off front end.


Did you geniuses even read the fuckin article? It's not an official concept. It's something A game studio made up....




The original supra was perfect. Just adjust the bumpers and add some modern touches. The end.


Are you guys for real? I could tell this was a Supra just from seeing the pics. The A-pillars, roof line, hood, duck tail. It's a perfect blend of new Toyota design trends (LFA/FT86) and classic Supra lines! I love it!


Wow I wonder how long it took him to create that! Looks good! But looks a bit too small for a Supra.


i really hate how futuristic it looks. just looks like an ft86 with a kit. they need to atleast keep the 93-98 headlights and tailights


those mkiv tail lights. so simple, but they made the back end of a supra tough looking. if only toyota could bring back simplicity and power.


why does it remind me of the Ft-86


looks like a Z car size with FT86 styling - probably appropriate considering it's likely to be m3 money


From 350z to 370z to this, just looks like the next generation of Z to me... More of a Nissan look, not so much a Toyota.


Is it me or does this look like it would be at home in a Ridge Racer title?


Ok the design look alright but they are making the same lines of the ft-86 ,it's better if they look on the mkIV Supra and the 2000GT aerodynamic lines;not for nothing like i said the design looks nice.If this car comes out for production some people would buy it, but they prefer to get the old school technology, like the previous supras MKIV.Now Toyota won't make the inline engines.But people think about it the best engine that Toyota has ever made was the 2JZ-GTE ,it makes a lot of power with less money and with the stock engine. Obviously is old technology but imagine the redesign 2JZ-GTE with the technology of today think about it...


The triangular and pointy roofline makes it look like an egghead; a trend Lotus brought in with their latest designs. And we know Toyota had some relations with Lotus in the past.


The rear is stunning, but the front end looks like a 350Z/ RX-8 mash up.


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SO much better than the FT86!!!!! toyota, quit being such boring people, and make this with a new-school turbo 2j. please.


JDMized, you might be interested to know one of the most popular engines in Australia right now is Ford's 4.0l inline 6 turbo engine, which people are getting a lot of power from (400kw+ atw). It's hardly dead.


absolutley love the front but i just gotta have the old MKIV taillights


Reminds me of a 350Z


Nice render but this is clearly by someone who has not been trained in Automotive Design. Just because one can model and render does not make a designer.

It is clear the artist has taken inspiration from the multiple FT86 and other Toyota concepts, but the form doesn't hold together and as others have said looks more like a Nissan.

However, with more development, this could be quite believable.


nope. do not like. glad this is only a concept as all the lines need to be toned down. just ugh!


I agree with the Nissan comments and i think there is also RX-8 in the front too.

Design brief must have read - make it look like all japanese sports cars of the last 10 years at once.

Should just call it the FTA and put a subi H6 in it... lol


I'm not a fan of that LED row across the back, it looks a bit weird, but aside from that I like it.

If Toyota do decide to do a new Supra I hope they go wit something like the original design. It was such a great car so they don't need to reinvent the wheel (pardon the pun). A redesigned version of the 2JZ would be great too ... more engines to swap into other cars!

76 are wrong. inline 6s are more stable and balanced. they are among the most balanced of all engine designs...along with v12s. v6s, in contrast, have shitty balance and are piece of crap design. their crappy rev characteristics and lack of smoothness comes from the firing order. inline 6 are only "dead" because they are compartively more expensive to produce than a cheap POS V6, and they take up more space under a hood. they are better, but they arent the cheap easy route. similar to rwd vs fwd. anybody who argues a v6 or fwd is superior is a moron.


it just doesn't say supra to me it looks to ft86 like it needs to have that look of a supra with a modern twist this has too much modern in it. the way ford changed its mustang to the ones we see today is a perfect example of that still kept the aggression but added some modern looks to it


Is there a waiting list? I'm on!


only thing supra here is the slant back, the rest is either, lambo, ft86, lexus or 350z, the next supra should still have the sexy curves of the original but with a touch of the futuristic pen. next supra should still posses the muscle feeling.


Looks like the Chevy Volt had sex with a Nissan 350Z.


Its trying a bit too hard for me. It needs to look less like a try hard sports car and more like a down to business brutal weapon like the mkIV


Wow, a lot of comments! I love MkIV Supras (even had one) and I'm sure I read Toyota took some styling cues from the Ferrari F40 for that (a car I also love). Reckon a Supra should be aiming at European supercars when it comes to style - but be more reliable, more tuneable and cheaper. This concept design is pretty cool, it's the way design is going - more angular (even Ferrari are doing it)- so there's no point people moaning about it. If you love the MkIV shape and straight 6 a MkIV Supra. If the car above came out and it was 350hp or more and was reasonably priced I would have a go at saving for one.


If it's not RWD, I'll cry.


That just ANOTHER crap!

Its the same as all these modern crap ugly all-alike-clone cars I see everywhere. There is no style of it's own, its so fashion. I wish this will better die in this concept rather then knowing that MK5 will be THIS, a mix of other named above cars.....


Make the front fenders lower. no point having lots of space above the wheel.

The supra was all about round shapes. this one isn`t..


You know what that concept needs? ......A Targa top


it is a very nice site for TOYOTA SUPRA CONCEPT


I read all this comments going like "this does not look like a supra, this looks like a ft-86", and really it has me thinking like "this does not look like the cars I used to like, actually it does not look like a car anymore, it looks like something from the future, kinda like the generic car from the future".

Design aside, looking at the side pic, the engine could even be in the middle this time. Talking about the engine, this is likely going to be a small turbocharged V6 indeed. I hope they won't put a 4 banger in there though. A car needs at least 5 cylinders in order to sound expensive. Or rotors.


Why is there so much pessimism here on Speedhunters? I think the design is nearly spot on. The front end has that Supra wide mouth with it's cheekbone-like vents on either side and those wide swooping fenders with gorgeous lines. They even have done the duck tail on the hatch where it dips down after the rear glass and rises at the rear.

I believe too many of you are holding on to the dinosaur of a 2JZ. It has shown potential and is an incredible engine, but an iron block inline 6 is not going to be effective for the market the car will be aimed at. I'm sure they'll set their sites for something like the 458 Italia, so I assume they would choose something with amazing response and plenty of power and torque. I don't see turbochargers in this cars future.


Me like a LOT! :)


These new cars are very exciting to me. They are what I aim to be able to buy and modify after I'm comfortable in my job and life. They are like what the R34 is to me now, amazing but out of my league.


Too Fairlady look alike :(


What program(s) do your designers use? It looks good, but I think a lot of details need to be addressed. The overall body line does have MK.IV-ness in them, but that's where it really ends. The rear end needs to be redone, because it has way too much FT-86 influence. The side windows have the angles and lines of the GT-R. The front end has Mazda/G37-ish headlights, and under the headlights, the intakes (for lack of a better word) make me think of the GT-R as well... It needs way more MK.IV essence injected into it. Looks cool and all, but really doesn't pay the MKIV any homage.


Applying the styling atrocities of a Camry over the top of a Supra silhouette is still a fashion crime.


Box-shaped cars. That is what we need. All new cars just look way to round and girly.

The 80's and 90's were the glory days of Japanese cars.

None of the cars in the past 8 years looks good to me.


I hope Toyota don't go I-ROBOT and make it too futuristic. A mix between the LFA and FT86 would work with the 4.8 L 1LR-GUE V10 possibly running forced induction. Have the engineers at LEXUS revamp the LFA engine too keep cost down and production time low instead of R&D'ing a new engine for the new supra. I guess the six-speed automatic sequential should stay too offer the most performance if the engine has forced induction added. Overall just give the Toyota faithful(including me) something to rival the GTR,911GT, or the ZR1


Ive got a feeling Toyota's gonna make a Mk5. Toyota's probably going to makr it a v6. Watch them make a v6 that will be better then the 2jz motor


Wow looks like every other concept car. Acually it looks more like the LFA kinda.


Wow, another never ending prototype parade that never goes into production. Does Toyota really need two of these? Isn't two imaginary cars going to saturate the market?


I believe that if Toyota was to bring back the Supra, that it should rival that of the GTR as far as pricing. If its less, then what will it be aiming for the 370Z, price range?

2J it, and call it a day,lol


that s bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where s that supra design ???? where s street body kit suitable car ??????


this car confuse me.. the people talks about ft-86 and if you look the car closer, its like the ft concept, i thing this supra concept need some details like the old supra.. i dont know.. the unique tail lights stile of the last supra, or the twin turbo six cilinders engine .. something to make you say.. my God!!! this is the new supra!!!


So the EA design studio goes out of their way to produce a schematic of what THEY think the Supra COULD look like...and everybody goes on a rage about how it looks bad? EVRYONE....this images aren't from TOYOTA was just a sketch.....sigh*




I've been an avid Supra fan for the last 5-10 years, and I'm gonna admit. I think they did a good job on this one. Obviously it's not gonna look just like the last one, we are now almost 20 years past when the original MKIV came out in 93. That car was ahead of it's time then, and this one will be ahead of it's time now. I'm pumped to see where this car goes. I don't care if it's a V6 or an inline 6, but it better get a turbo or two! :)


they need to remake the 2jz maybe a factory 3.5L straight 6 single turbo in and alloy body LFA


the supra escense is lost


From upside it looks like RX-8, front R35, from back some kind of american ufo. Still, it looks quite good, but not like supra.


I called this WINNING!!!!!!

now that is SEX!!!


It's cool and all. But will it be coming to the US?


Looks amazing. Quit hating.


I love it just a little more inspiration from the mkiv on the rear lights, dual exhast based on the GTR and a targa top and you will have the dream MkV


perfect interp of a modern supra. win


To me the over all shape is similar to a gt-r with some lexus ques but still noticeably different. and to every one complaining. why would they make a car almost exactly like the old one? it would be absolutely pointless and a waste of time and money for them. why not make it perform better instead of having a rebodied car with 20 year old drivetrain. if it was that it wouldnt even touch the gtr or lfa. and theres no way they will put a straight six in this. to much space required. also seeing as how the cockpit is more centered on the car im sure the transmission will be in the rear for better weight distribution. my guess to an engine would be v6 or v8 nothing more or less. If you want a car that looks like the old supra, go buy an old supra.


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there ain't no supra, that is a damn concept car. I can accept the first picture, but the second picture is totally suck !! peace..


In it's own it looks good, but I cannot seem to discern the Supra genes in this one.


It looks like the Saleen S5S Raptor in the front and the FT86 in the rear.

Dosn't have a long enogh bonnet.


Nice design study, although not very practical. Can you imagine trying to climb into the cabin with that crazy angled roofline? You'd have to fold yourself downward and across to step in. Haha



Because V6 ; )


The car looks WAY TOO GOOD for anything that TOYOTA is capable of making!


I understand why Toyota have been so many years in the developement of a new Supra. The old Supra was a revolution to the industry for fast street cars. Today it is a legend in the tuning and styling world.


Here's a pic of the new supra


the front look wayyyyy to much like a 350z


LFA + 350Z + FT86 = this fake concept


^ haaaa.

i agree completely


i loved the last few years of the supra. the supra was just everyting perfect. the 6 speed twin turbo. awww man its just nuts. best car ever. BRING THE SUPRA BACK!!!!!


AND BY THE WAY this supra in the picture looks much shittier than the old supra.


good to c that im not the only one who think it looks like the new Z's from the, let there be the production model!


dawm this is the worst supra concept i've ever ever seen fuck you chellious !!!