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To be fair, the Juke model was something we before never really associated with power and performance. However, when Nissan got in touch with us to explain the premise of a special and one off Juke based concept, we were all ears.

They are putting together what they are calling a 'Super Juke' based on the popular crossover model. What makes this special is not just the stripped out interior, wider arches, front splitter and split rear wing but the 480BHP powerplant (which just happens to be a similar output to the first generation R35 GT-R) which lies beneath. Taking a look at the concept sketch, those do look like GT-R wheels with some rather large Brembo brakes behind them.

Although there is no official word if the car will be brought into production, we have been told that the car is a reality and that we will hear more about it sooner, rather than later …


Paddy McGrath



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be sweet if it was powered by the new GTR engine


Never liked the juke, but this look and sound awesome! I want one! :D


Whoa, really? I would never have expected a "super Juke" by any means. I didn't know Nissan was one to really make "faster" versions of their normal consumer cars (well besides the SE-R models).

Will this make production? Unlikely. Would I be in full support of a 480hp Juke? For sure! Any kind of fast subcompact is up my alley.


does looks good, but not the name...

really looking forward for it


if this is real it shoult be the new godzilla's son, just like the Pulsar/Sunny GTI/R from the early 90ies


like it, the juke was really a meh car for me until this.


r35 hood too... damn...


lipstick on a pig


@ alex

I think 480 BHP outweighs that.


makes the pig look pretty though


i wonder if this could be turned into a WRC version. would be nice to have a 5th manufacturer by 2013.


Always likes the modified potential of the Juke, going back to the shopped black one with the green TE37s. This car would be something completely unique in the car market and something I would honestly be interested in down the road when it hit the used car market.


They'd have to make some pretty big changes to bring it into WRC. The engine is limited to 4 cylinders and only 1.6L. It would make it interesting though.


Still absolutely hideous.


Don't care. Build a gawd-damn Silvia replacement.


ewwwww please dont


MAybe a WRC program next year? :)

This version is something


not really a fan of the juke , but this does look pretty insane !


*scratches goatee* Dunno? might have to see it in person and functioning to really make a call. With the same heart as the GT-R, i hope it'll be AWD as well. Over all i'm feelin it, diggin the carbon fiber front and side splitters, the split rear wing? I guess it works.


This car will never exist other than that picture


I've a feeling you might be eating your words and sooner rather than later friend! - PMcG


I could see that being transformed into a crazy Pike's Peak esque racer. I probably blame Suzuki for that mental image.


They can improve into a more aggressive front that show off a little his more than 400 hbp


Suzuki Swift on Steroids...


definitely interesting to see this go any further. But the picture looks like a 10 year old got bored on the computer and mashed two pictures together.


GT-R wheels and brakes, GT-R hood scoops. Sounds great, but really scared about what looks like a 2 piece spoiler in the back... that looks kinda crappy.


Put the head lights in the top and the fogs in those huge bug eyes and be RB or VQ powered and ill sign on the dotted line


just goes to show everyone is a sell out when it comes to power


The Juke could have been a really sweet car but the engine they put in it is pitiful. What's it a 1.8 turbo? 1.6? *yawn* This concept is what the actual car should've looked like out of the gate.


It'd be cool if they entered Rally (WRC, X Games RallyCross) with this vehicle. Now if only Ford would a rally edition of their Fiesta!


Retarded... just put that power in something worthwhile


Amazing, all I can say. Always loved the look of this car. And for sure, making this a modern day equiv to the gtir would be the bee's knees.


Haha, yeah right. Why on earth do people ever believe that these concept cars will ever get made? Manufactures have been making "concept" cars and rumoring production models for decades. They almost never come through, and in the the rare instance they do the product is a watered down husk of the actual "concept" vehicle. That people still buy into the PR hype amazes me, and is a testament to the prowess of the advertising and marketing arms of these firms.



paddy, i hate to say it, but nissan just trolled you REAL hard.


I think the Juke was a mistake to begin with, a sport model isn't going to help it much. It's like Nissan is trying too hard with the concept picture. No matter how many GT-R like traits you give its appearance, it's NOT a GT-R & somebody who really wanted the R35 wouldn't settle for this...thing.


What Alex said.


As long as it's AWD it would be a sweet car. A dual pipe center exit exhaust would be the icing on the cake.


instead of calling it the "super juke" they should call it the "stiffarm" haha


Really never liked the Juke. Ever since it came out it looks to me as the ugliest car out on sale today! The "uncertain headlights" design configuration is the biggest downside to this car, I think; it's like the designer just couldn't make up his mind on which one of the two sets will be the headlights, bottom or upper set? Then came the deadline and he just had to release whatever he had:)).

However, for some reason, I can't put my finger on it, I have to admit that I do like the design of this concept.


@Marc: Completely agree.

They can throw all the goodies in it, but the Puke is an ugly car, so... no thanks, Nissan.


I really don't understand why they would put the effort into such a vehicle. I think its quiet ugly as well.


since when is the juke popular


I think it would be great as a modern day GTiR. Could certainly use some improvement in the looks department


Looks like the Juke's on you bra


Seems people have quickly forgotten that Nissan once made a "mini GTR" called the Sunny or GTi-R depending on where you were from.

This appears to be a remake although the original certainly didn't have 480hp!


Return of the Pulsar GTI-R?


This car is being built right now as a prototype, think GTR.....


As a person that likes an OEM car rather than an all out modded car, I liked the nissan Juke as a cool awd crossover SUV. But this sounds like it might be as fast as a Cayenne S turbo or a Range Rover supercharged, or the V12 Audi Q7. Can't wait to see a finished product.


Interestingly Nissan Europe were the ones that were pushing for a super version and not Nissan japan. NMUK even created a mule which uses a manual gearbox from the quashqui and 4wd system based on the CVT juke.


Perhaps a base for WRC?


doesn't this just look like a massively hyped up micra? if it were bearing the same look then i'm all for it, looks amazing, should go like stink, why not?


Wow, this is pretty nice. I remember a photo of the Juke a while back photo shopped on aftermarket wheels. And this is even nicer!


i've heard that people from UK propose this idea... they plant the GTR engine and its 4wd system (ATTESA something?) to this Juke... not really love this car but seeing this one on the street roaring GTR's engine will be fun!


LOL "Super Juke" haha. The name is funny.

I want to drive this thing though, bet it moves!


I think I'll get over the looks real fast when I step into the driver's seat : ) 480hp!