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With Honda officially confirming that production in Japan of the K20 engine will cease, Honda enthusiasts will be wondering what the future has in store for them, particularly in terms of the venerable Type R. A glimmer of hope has come from Mugen Euro, who have unveiled a new take on the FN2 Civic Type R by stroking it to 2.2 litres. Last year 20 Mugen-tweaked CTRs were released in the UK, although no specific announcements have been made regarding this year's version which has 30% more power and torque over the standard model. 

Hiro Toyoda, vice-president of MUGEN Euro, commented: "Environmental pressures mean naturally aspirated engines are rapidly being superseded by other engine architectures and technologies. We may never see the like of the K20 in a mainstream production car again, so felt it only fitting we mark the occasion with this special 2.2 version of the Honda Civic Type R". 

- Charles Kha



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The FN2 is already discontinued, so this is like that latest MUGEN NSX-RR creation: looks nice, but that's about it.


Its a sad day..! Proud owner of a K-series powered Civic.


Meaning the next type r will be hybrid? Yuck


Why can't I have something like this in the USA??? D:






Of the 20 released last year, 4 are still unsold. Rumour has it that the four left could be fitted with this engine, or the engine (or stroker kit) will be sold seperatly.


Can't wait to see a true test drive of this one


first the s2k, now this? looks like honda is becoming the new toyota


1.6 turbo to take over? I do remember Honda were investigating if they could get a turbo engine to rev to 9000 rpm!


I've been saying it for years... Honda needs to release a turbo charged car for the masses. It needs to make up for shit canning the almighty NSX and now, a personal favorite cuz I got one in my driveway,The S2000. It was once said "honda's mojo is put away in the closet." So blow the dust off that shit and bring it back out...


Sorry, but i say good riddance to the entire range of under-powered and more specifically under-torqued bore fest that were the Type R Hondas.

Honda have had their heads up their arses for so long now and all the Hondaboys have to face up to buying a real car now.


^^^^ sounds like a mustang owner has seen one too many type r badges and tail lights in his lifetime... :)


To reply to Damon... Really? Thats alot of overexageration on your part. If that was true they would not have been nearly as close to the successes they achieved in the performance car world. Its easy to talk crap about a car by looking at in on paper with no idea what the vehicle is all about. Honda is a fantastic brand that makes some incredible performance cars. Are they the best? No but to say they have there "Heads up there arses" is intense ignorance. Great performance cars are about more than one million horsepower and 8 cylinders but rather overall driving feel and balance. Just because it doesnt fit ytour preference doesnt mean its a bad vehicle, lets grow up shall we?


No Hondas aren't generally torquey but that's a good thing when you're putting the power to the front wheels, heaven forbid you learn to drive a car properly by keeping the revs up. Personally I think the rev-happy nature of B and K series engines is among the best quality of sporty Hondas but I'm biased. Love my Integra, saddened to see the end of the R.


Damon your an idiot i track Porsches and i still love my Hondas that i used to have. what a blast. Its so easy to talk crap about a car when you only know numbers and on paper facts rather than true driving.


Honda people dont get paranoid. I wouldnt doubt if Honda looked into more turbo production cars especiqally with its touring car program using Turbo engines... As much as most people dont see it, Honda is more familliar with turbo cars than we think. Back in the day Honda made themselves legends in f1 with the turbo engines used in the Marlboro MClaren MP4/4S.... Seriously good things can still happen... Keep your head up.


No K20 engines anymore? That makes me sad. :(


haters to Honda means they got smoked once by a Honda and wasnt happy...


Xracer6, don't forget the City Turbo!!!


agreed. I'd love to see a new Prelude/Integra/whatever with a 1.8-2.0T pushing 250+ hp

sign me up RIGHT NOW for a new S2000 (S3000?) with a 2.4T pushing 350+ to the rear diff!