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Over the weekend I got an email from Rod Chong with a link showing some cool Volksrod builds out of New England. The only difference between these and normal Volksrods is that these aren’t real cars, but 1/10 scale RC creations.

Franklin La Barbara has put together these highly detailed RC Volksrods with a special talent for scale customization.

Just like their full size counterparts, it takes a lot of work to heavily modify existing chassis to get them to this level.

The detail that Franklin puts into these builds is unreal. Check out the stinger muffler on this Beetle.

Can build photos for RC cars be just as cool as build photos for real cars? Why not?

I can’t imagine how many hours have gone into these projects.

I think my favorite of Franklin’s RC cars might be this Bus.

The “gasser meets sand” stance is just too cool.

A look at the interior shows just how much work has gone into these.

The same goes for the engines.

For more of Franklin’s work, you can head over to his thread on the forums.

-Mike Garrett

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Coolest RC cars I've ever seen. He should definitely try his hand at full scale mods though. Better yet, full scale volksrod RC car!


Damn....i thought pics #1, 3, and 4 were real cars in the beginning. HAHA

Amazing job!


pillarless bug is fantastic,


Just, wow.... unbelievable talent put into those creations. I can't believe how real the bus looks.


Right on! Nicely executed!


holy crap, the build pic of the cherry red one caught my eye in particular....thats a TA03F front gearbox/engine mounted backwards....some seriously impressive custom fabrication!


Watching the link on RSS-reader: "Cool, something about RC-cars"

Watching the first pics: "Hmm, just real cars"

About to click back: "Wait a second, those ARE RC-cars! :o"


if you didn't tell me. i won't know that it's rc car. amazing!!


if you didn't tell me. i won't know that it's rc car. amazing!!


Crikey, I've made one or two VW based custom RCs, but nothing near as detailed as those. Well done that man! I'd hate to crash 'em though…


I got an email this morning with the link to this site. I was stoked to see my builds make it here. Don't know what else to say except thanks for the great words and feedback!!