Flash Result>> Vettel Inches Closer To Being Champion

From pole, Sebastian Vettel led every lap of the Marina Bay circuit and, in spite of a safety car period whittling away his margin, went on to claim a comfortable victory. McLaren's Jenson Button finished second with Mark Webber taking the bottom step of the podium. The win puts Vettel a staggering 124 points ahead in the Formula 1 Championship, with Button, Alonso and Webber trailing behind but separated by a mere three points.

We have a few more Formula 1 articles coming your way, but first it's time to catch some rest ahead of 20 hours of flying and transit tomorrow. Stay tuned!

- Charles Kha



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Hey Charles, thanks for stating the obvious !

Here is the official F1 site, where you can see all the F1 news and keep up with what's going on in the F1 world:


Why not talking about suspensions, tires, brakes, engines, aero, chassis instead?


My favorite race of the season.


how about less talk and more photos? there are plenty of websites offering results and commentaries and not enough ones with quality photos


It almost seemed like Vettel literally did a lazy Sunday drive whilst Hamilton was striving on. Hamilton did put on a good show however, the others too.

Just so everyone knows, it's raining heavily here in Singapore 5.5 hours after the race ended. Phew! It was an intense race. Looking forward to the next one!

Looking forward for more coverage Charles!


"We have a few more Formula 1 articles coming your way, but first it's time to catch some rest ahead of 20 hours of flying and transit tomorrow. Stay tuned!"

For all the sarcasm and complaining, isn't this easy enough to understand? If ever, this post is just to make sure we're not all left hanging without any updates. They already said more was coming, but they have their own priorities like... umm... GETTING BACK HOME FIRST. We're all just human, be patient. Otherwise, just STFU.


what a cracking race!!!

Did anyone watch the F1 Forum and Massa and Hamiltons 'Confruntation'??!!!!

was rather funny!


you were at the singapur gp, charles? :O amazing! really cool picture from our new word champion. need it as a wallpaper. ;) cheers++


Wow some people are just completely making a fool out of themselves with all the sarcasm . They dont seem to appreciate the articles on this website. Dont like this website? go on and read elsewhere then. Never mind these fools Charles, looking forward for some more f1 updates!


Funny how people are gonna hate. Charles, you are one LUCKY guy to experience all this! I know it's mine! It's every automotive journalist's dream to cover F1. Keep up the good work & keep 'em coming!


Vettel is in a league of his own. Managed to get a 20 second lead with ease


@nebelwerfer - you could watch the actual race to see more, or go to the F1 media site with more pictures then you can ever imagine. I'll stay here because of the good commentary and info. I do agree with the more in depth coverage of the technical :) Hopefully the people who want pretty pictures don't get a headache. Oh and F1 wallpapers for sure, not of this snap though :/