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In the build up to last weekend's Italian Grand Prix, some were feeling that it would signal a turning point in this year's season. The high speed Monza circuit was tipped to be a track that wouldn't suit Red Bull Racing, with some teams hoping it would see an end to Vettel's domination.

Of course, the tifosi were hoping that a scarlet Ferrari would be leading the field – and that's exactly what unfolded on the opening lap. Starting from fourth, Fernando Alonso rocketed off the line and into the lead. The opening lap also saw Antonio Liuzzi lose control of his HRT, sliding dangerously into Nico Rosberg and Vitaly Petrov to bring the safety car out. 

Mark Webber once again had a disastrous start, dropping down into the pack by the first corner. Things were made worse on Lap 5 when Webber collided with Felipe Massa while trying to pass.

While Massa was able to continue to eventually finish sixth, Webber wouldn't be so fortunate. With the wing firmly lodged beneath his RBR, Webber speared off at Curva Parabolica, just one corner away from making it back to the pits.

Jaime Alguersuari – who also happens to be a DJ in Spain – put in an impressive race in the Toro Rosso, jumping from 18th on the grid to seventh by the chequered flag.

Opinions have been divided over the return of seven-time World Champion Michael Schumacher. Although he's struggled to match team-mate Nico Rosberg, Schumi has proven quite competitive in the last few races. That form continued at the Italian Grand Prix, where Schumacher looked exactly like he did in his prime…

…Of course, one of the things Schumacher is most famous for is his aggressive driving style which made him one of the most difficult people to pass.

After the restart Lewis Hamilton was caught snoozing allowing Schumacher to overtake. For the 16 laps that ensued, Hamilton – himself recently dubbed 'too aggressive' by the press – battled to try and find a way past Schumacher's Mercedes. If you watched the Italian GP, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Was Schumacher's blocking exactly what F1 needs, or did he cross the line?

Hamilton's team-mate, Jenson Button, again struggled at the beginning of the race. After initially dropping to seventh, Button fought his way back before passing both Hamilton and Schumacher in quick succession.

Button would continue fighting his way up the field, passing Alonso to claim the second step on the podium. McLaren would rue their poor start; with Hamilton and Button recording the fastest laps of the race, they felt they had the pace to challenge Vettel.

It was an action-packed Italian Grand Prix, and it was easy to forget that Vettel was all alone up front for a good portion of the race. In spite of the predictions that RBR would struggle at Monza, they proved the opposite. Vettel smashed out a shocking qualifying lap – half a second clear of Hamilton and seven-tenths faster than team-mate Webber – and although he had to pull a brave move to reclaim the lead from Alonso, went on to win the race convincingly.

Mathematically, Sebastian Vettel could clinch the championship as early as the next race on the streets of Singapore. Will anyone be able to stop him?

- Charles Kha

Photos by Getty Images, Red Bull Content Pool, Mercedes-GP, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Media Centre



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Martin Brundle hit the nail directly on the head during the commentary on Sunday. Schumi was pushing the limits of what should be allowable. Formula 1 needs the kind of nail biting edge of your seat battles that were the result of his aggressive defending. I found it to be the highlight of the race, and was rather disappointed when he so easily let Hamilton through in the end. For sure he should have been given an official warning at the end of the race, and it was good to hear Ross Brawn give him the warning from the paddock, but beside that, let them race.

In the past, drivers have both been punished for less and gotten away with more, but in the end the focus should be on getting both drivers home safely at the end of the night. Schumacher was very close to pushing the limits when he nearly shoved Hamilton off the track at Curva Grande, and if any penalty were to have been given it should have been for that reason.


altough i want the Mclaren drivers to be on top of the drivers list, i have a feeling that the Vettel would walk away with the title this as well....he might take it in singapore, but if he didnt he would more than likely take it in the following race Suzuka! and that is the sort of track that RBR feel more comfortable on...!

but either way no-one can deny the fact this season, we have seen some truly remarkable driving from these guys, thanks to Perreli Mainly and DRS (beside the biased opinions!)


What a race!!!!!!!!!!! I believe Shumachers block on hamilton was not overly aggressive. For me it made it more exciting and I think you should be able to do a little more blocking since DRS, KERS and the new pirelli's help make passing easier.


can't wait to see these guys next year when circuit of the americas is finished in good ol' texas


Button! On the button all day, my favorite driver from the old BAR Honda days.


I agree with what was said above. This is the kind of action that makes F1. Again, it was dissapointing when Schumi let Hamilton through so easily. The only point where it came to too much was when he slammed the door on Hamilton. It was great all the same.


I completely think that Schumacher was right in how he went racing at the Italian GP. There were a couple of times were he shut the door on Hamilton, but it was in places where it was silly for Hamilton to be there in the first place. It was simply good defending - something that not many drivers seems to know how to do these days. I hope Michael isn't penalised for his driving because there isn't any reason to.


Loved the race. I wish the early battle between vettel and alonso would have gone a few more laps, but the pass was awesome. The schumi hamilton battle was the highlight of the race, it was awesome! Glad to see Bruno finally get a shot at driving a real car, good for the kid. Hoping next year Kubica & Senna drive Renault.

Finally, I really wish they wouldn't ban the off throttle engine rev. It sounds amazing, and Im jealous they won't have it next year at Austin!!!!


Schumi was brilliant. That is the kind of defending we need to see in F1. Its a competition, you should be allowed to fight tooth and nail for your position.


Schumi didnt let Hamilton pass easily, He was comunicating with Ross Brawn on the radio at that point and hit the limiter in 6th before his shift to 7th. He unfortunatly made a small mistake.

In regards to curva grande incident, if schumacher was to be penalised for that then alonso would have needed to be penalised for running seb onto the grass on the outside of curva grande.


Excellent Monza race with plenty to watch. Monza can be dull but it wasn't this time.

MSC walked the line in the rule book and only just kept on the right side. To be honest, LH's setup was pants and he should have forced MSC into an illegal move much quicker. When JB got behind MSC his didn't take long to pass.


I dont think Schumacher pushed too far, Button was able to overtake him, and its not like he was drivin a wider car, he was just fighting, I hope we will se a race in the rain in the near time, that would be even more interesting.


In rmy opinion, Schumacher didnt do anything wrong. He was being aggressive because he didn't want Hamilton to pass and was doing the right thing defending his position. The only reason why Hamilton passed was because Schumacher opened up for him because he was concerned about the issue of him double blocking which I think is also dumb. Other than that, i was impressed by Vettel again. The way he passed Alonso was pure skill. I'd say it was the best overtake the entire race. He even managed to get a 16 second lead over Alonso almost the entire race. this kid is just too good


about the passing thing i feel when ur diving to win you must do everything possible to get the win. if the person trying to pass is getting scared then al he has to do is stop trying to pass.


they may as well give Vettel the championship now. he's just gonna qualify on pole and it's impossible to pass at singapore so championship over.


You can't fault Schumacher for being a true racer and giving the fans the action that they wanted to see, FIA needs to stop clamping down on the bare basics of racecraft just because Martin Brundle didn't like flying through the air upside-down.

As for Hamilton, what took him 16 laps Button did in just one attempt, that to me says something.


I don't get why some people say Shumi was very aggressive, he should of let Hamilton pass, well... don't forget one of the best racers were very aggressive and that is why we love them, they pushed boundaries and for us as audience that brought us excitement and nail biting experience. if this sport is called racing, let them race, they know their limits and i doubt they will put each other in the risk of fatal crash or something like that. and i also hate it when they say, oh he is faster than you, you should let him pass.... well if he faster let him over take me, don't just let him pass and give up your place. that is just boooooring. in the old days sport wasn't this soft.


@ Jezza

If you watch the replay you can see that when Vettel passes Alonso he holds his line wide on purpose. Alonso had every right to be there as he was in the lead, it wasn't a blocking manoeuvre, he was simply taking the proper racing line. Vettel had the room to back out, but was brave enough to drop two wheels in order to get the inside line at the 2nd chicane.

Schumacher on the other hand made an aggressive change in car attitude to position himself off the normal racing line when Hamilton was moving to pass on the inside. He could've put his car there in the first place to force Hamilton to make his move on the outside (as Vettel did), but instead Schumacher first took the wide line, presenting the opportunity to Hamilton, and then aggressively cut him off.



Yes but alonso even stated that he ran vettel wide deliberatly, in that case its no diferent to schu changing lines deliberatly.

Also vettel was side by side at that point, where as hamilton would have lost his nose.

Never the less i think in both instances it was great racing and what f1 needs more of.


Schumacher is awesome good to see him pushing the boundaries again


@ Zuri

In the old days drivers had about a 30% chance of retiring before they died. We lost a lot of greats because they were constantly exceeding the limits of what their cars could handle. Now we have cars that can exceed the limits of what the drivers can handle. I'm all for Schumi taking a defensive line and making the allowed one blocking manoeuvre, but you don't go cutting off a faster driver to the point of him having to dip two wheels of the track in order to avoid a collision.

Schumacher was indeed one of the greatest Grand Prix drivers to ever have lived, but it seems as though the cars these days do not fit his driving style at all, and he has been struggling since his return. He's even admitted it himself. I'm not saying he should retire again, I just think he needs to find a way to keep his extremely competitive attitude at bay in situations like this.


My position on Schumacher's driving is that although it pushed the boundaries of etiquette it wasn't dangerous or illegal. And since when are racing drivers meant to be polite? I'd hate to see the day come where drivers were too scared of being punished to defend their line, or worse, being prohibited from defensive moves at all, like a certain American open-wheeler series.

Let 'em race!


ahhh i think people are over reacting about that hamilton and schumi problem!!

hamilton hat shitty gearing no wonder he could not overtake and drs and kers is on hamiltons side so what is the big deal its a race and in any motorsport there are rooles and if you want to race more up in the frond you have to drive betwean legale and illegal