Event>>japanese Classic Car Show 2011 Pt.3

There's still plenty more to come from the Japanese Classic Car Show as Linhbergh and I team up to share this great event. Let's go ahead and kick off part three with a cherry looking S30 with flares and 16" Watanabes.

This Kouki Trueno was one of the cleanest 86s of the day by far.

A 1971 Mitsubishi Debonair – yet another one of the rare Japan market vehicles that were on display at JCCS.

There were some beautiful cars in the Datsun Roadster section, but this red one really caught my eye…

…thanks in large part to its FJ20 powerplant.

Lloyd's Yankee'd out first generation Cressida is always fun to see.

Another JCCS regular is this minty RB-powered S30 on Longchamps.

There were so many awesome S30s at JCCS year, but the most exotic of the bunch had to be this Z432.

I could stare at S20 engines all day long. That exhaust manifold is a work of art.

This Land Cruiser pickup looks ready to tackle some desolate wastelands. Also, I want to see triple brown and tan graphics on modern trucks.

A very functional looking AE86 coupe, but that's no 4AGE under the bonnet.

Nope, it's an SR20 and it will bring a premium before Race Wars.

Datsun 610 sedan slammed on Longchamps with a healthy amount of camber.

This Shinya Kimura-built Honda C100 is just too sweet not to share.

Simple and clean Corona. This body style has really been growing on me recently.

"Neo" style Bluebird coupe with big wheels, big brakes…

…and a worked SR under the hood.

A pair of Corollas spotted in the parking lot.

A fully restored 240Z. I think it would be healthier to eat off this car than off my kitchen table.

Well, that's it for part three. Back tomorrow to wrap it up!

-Mike Garrett



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Never really thought about geting a celica as a classic car until I started seeing these RWD coupe old school version. damn they look so so good, I am really beginning to think I will need one in my life if I ever work up the change to afford one. the s30 are creating a soft spot somewhere in there as well


like the The Fast and The Furious reference haha


hoping you might have gotten a shot of my car at the show, blue 240z, only one with racing stripes. Im a big fan!


"it will bring a premium before Race Wars." ok I got a giggle from that..


so much eye candy! i love sr swapped 86s, so sick!!


Once again this was a great show. so many cars and styles to take inspiration from.Fender mirrors are getting harder to say no to lol. That white restored Z had a great hatch accessory that i would have loved to have purchased if it were not for the steep price tag ( around 300 iirc). It look like a quality piece so it was probably a fair price.


I'm always so excited to see my car somewhere on your site. My car needs a SpeedHunters license plate frame since it doesn't have one =).

But I'm glad you guys notice my car year after year and I thank you!


Yellow 240Z on Champs


Nice coverage!

No pics of the RB-powered S30 at the NICO both or their Australian 510?


+1 for F&F reference, I live my life a speedhunters blog at a time ... sweet S30's


It *might* be healthier to eat off the white 240Z... until the owner catches you.


Premium before race wars...



I wish my dad had kept is Corona, That one in the picture above is sweeeeeeet. I would love to find one. Can't wait for part IV


fast and furious reference made my day


"Nope, it's an SR20 and it will bring a premium before Race Wars"...Really? lol.


Dude that 610 sedan was dope! Saw it roll into the show late, and it sounded fresh!


We need a spotlight of the first orange S30 pleaseee!!


love the corona really nice


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