Event>>japanese Classic Car Show 2011 Pt.2

Let's go ahead and jump into part two of our look at the 2011 Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach. Based on the number of spectators walking around, vintage Japanese cars continue to be a big draw among SoCal's car enthusiasts.

Many old school car nuts bring their cars great distances to take part in JCCS. This slammed Toyota pickup was wearing Utah plates.

Mazda USA had a large presence at the show including a booth where they gave away tons of cool stuff in exchange for Japan quake relief donations. They also brought out several historic race cars. Not quite as fun as seeing these rotary monsters scream around Laguna Seca a few weeks ago, but always great to see legends like this up close.

A pair of S30s in different orange hues. With the limited number of spaces available in the showgrounds, the parking lot was packed full of cool cars.

A Cressida wagon doing its best boso impression.

The AE86 guys were out in numbers in usual. Here's a very clean Corolla Coupe with a full Kouki Trueno conversion.

Datsun 610 Wagon looking like a time capsule straight out of the '70s.

Toyota USA has been a big supporter of JCCS since the beginning. This year they brought out this original Celica pace car from the Long Beach Grand Prix.

I also thought that this Bonneville-ready Prius was pretty darn cool.

Another beautiful 240Z. Hey what kind of wheels are those?

That would be the newly re-released Apache 2 from Enkei. Looks quite good, no? Hey Enkei, if you guys make these in 14 inch I think Miata and 86 guys will buy them like hotcakes.

This Corolla was another one of the day's great parking lot sightings.

Not a classic, but I also thought this Honda Odyssey was pretty cool.

One for the Mitsubishi fans – an '81 Lancer. Don't think I've ever seen one of these in the United States before.

Another one of the many great looking 510s in and around the event. There's something about the color orange and old Datsuns that just works.

It also happens to work on old Toyotas as well, like this TE37 Corolla.

I think this first generation Integra has been at every single JCCS event. I never tire of its clean, period correct look.

Ratty and low, this Celica was overflowing with personality.

A very original looking Datsun 610 trying to find itself a new owner in the parking lot,.

I'll wrap up part two with this wide view of the Datsun Roadster section.

More to come from JCCS!

-Mike Garrett



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Any S600s? I think those are super uber cooool.


Really diggin' that Integra EX16! Hard to find in that condition, many are either rusted or modded to death.


oh my oh my!!!! every single car looks perfect!

anyone Hakosukas??? i would probably choose this over a R34 just for the personalitly that this car has....even though i have NEVER seen one in the UK.... :(


that red 610 is my fav out of the bunch.


Nice pics as always but it would be nice to focus on the JCCS show and not the newer cars like the C & D Prius and the Odessy. BTW that Celica with the black fender and "personality" was basura = trash.


Great coverage, keep up the good work Mike.


Where they giving those enkeis for free at the entrance?


Scratch the EX16 part... I got the model confused. I do know a rare package was offered for the 1st Gen Integras, does this black possess those options (spoiler, skirts, sunroof)?


Is that an FC rx7 race car to the left of the 787b?


More info/pics on that ra45 Mike..Great coverage like always!


the orange z is my car :O


you can find a lot of that 81' lancer in northern malaysia..


Im glade you liked my friend's Celica. He use to have white Supra Celica rims but the mesh looks a lot better. That front fender that was replaced was horrible. Im suprised Ian wasnt there in his 240Z. I think him and Justus are in the same state/


corolla pride! they never get enough coverage, thankyou spedhunters!


I remember seeing that 610 sitting in the parking lot. 610's are a rare find. I remember seeing that Odyssey there too but my sights were more set on the Bluebird/510 line up next to it.


where's the engine bay shots of the 787?????


A Box type! Awesome


Please, more pics of the Mazdas i.e. R100s, RX-2s, RX-3, etc, etc!


Awesome stance on the little grey Corolla!!


That black 240Z Fairlady needs a desktop!


Justus' car! Awesome coverage Mike!


bad taste of wheels...


I was wondering about the Teggy in the Lancer photo... and then... there it is 3 photos down! ^.^


Those Lancers are everywhere in the Philippines.

So are rims becoming like Jordans? with retroes and re-releases?