Event>> Iaa Frankfurt – New Cars & Concepts Pt.i

In my first
report on the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show I wanted to concentrate on the new cars and the concept models that had been unveiled. I'll have a more in-depth look
at all the other cars and stands in a different post.

I'll start
with the Ford stand that had several new cars and of course the EVOS Concept

presented their new Focus ST. The front wheels are powered by a two litre,four cylinder engine with 250bhp and 360Nm. 

This five door ST model
will be made available for the global market in 2012.

Ford also
had this Wagon version specifically for the European market. The wagon or the
estate as it is also called is still very popular on our shores. I really
think that Ford made the right choice in making this version and I'm sure it
will be a great seller.

The Wagon
is powered by the same two litre engine and is mated to the same six speed gearbox.

The main
attraction on the Ford stand was this EVOS Concept. The new
front grille, thin headlamps and overall form gives you a clue to the future
global design language, Kinetic 2.0 which Ford is aiming for. If you step away
from the ‘concept' side of things with the huge doors, you then see
elements of the next Mondeo.

describes it as a four seat fastback concept. The four doors open in a spectacular way.

Last but
not least Ford brought this Fiesta ST. It will be powered by a 1.6 liter
Ecoboost engine giving it 180bhp and 240Nm. 

debuted their new Civic that looked a lot better than the first version. I especially
like the front end.

But at the
rear it becomes a bit fuzzy with  a bunch
of different lines. When you look closely under the rear light you even see a
small tacky piece of plastic. I'm not even sure what it is doing there but the
car had it on both sides.

interior looked pretty solid, although I found it hard to push the buttons on
the radio and the climate control because the gearknob was in the way.

This is the
Subaru XV that they have dubbed a crossover. This version had a diesel engine
under its hood, perfect for the European market.

I absolutely
love the new design strategy that Citroën has taken. I will have a closer look
at all the other models in another post, but I'll start with the Citroën Tubik
that is one of the most talked about concepts at the show.

interior looks amazing with the modular seating.

The Tubik
is influenced by the old Citroen Type H (aka The Tub) vans of the 50s. I think
that Citroën is one those companies that has the balls to put this into production,
albeit in a watered down version.

walking around the Fisker Surf it reminded me a bit of the Ferrari FF. I really
liked the overall look of the car.

The rear
needs some getting used to but I really think it works.

This Alfa
Romeo 4C was accompanied by a lovely model that approached me after I took this
shot because she loved my t-shirt I was wearing. She couldn't give me any informatio on
the car though.

Andy told
me that he thought it looked gorgeous in silver, just like it did in the red, but
does look quite heavy in this rear ¾ view.

Maserati is
jumping on the bandwagon with this Kubang concept.

It clearly looks
like a Maserati from every angle but it is just not my type of car. Luckily
Maserati also brought their Gran Turismo.

One of the
first fruits of new management at Group Lotus, the Evora GTE showcases the new
front end from the Lotus concepts shown at the Paris show last year.

The rear
features a huge spoiler and carbon diffuser.

The Suzuki
Swift has been very popular for many years in Europe so it is only logical for
Suzuki to present this new Sport version.

People in
North America will feel left out because they don't get this car.

Martin brought their Zagato that looked exactly like the race car version that
raced the 24hrs at Nürburgring. I think they cleaned that version and just put
it up for display.

The car
still looks amazing and I guess it won't take long before it goes into

I'll be
back shortly with part two. 

-Jeroen Willemsen

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Wow, the Alfa Romeo 4C and the Lotus Evora GTE look stunning.


awesome cars as always at this show....i do hope that they change the headlights and the fornt grill on the V8 Zagato.....looks like they forgot about that!


The Citroën looks great :D Looking forward to more of the Citroëns that are there.

The Suzuki Swift is a very cool car, a great looking well driving small four wheel drive. That new one has lost some of the coolness the previous models had, but still very nice :)


why is it that north american car market only gets garbage compared to the rest of the world ?


The 'tacky pieces of plastic' are for boundry layer separation - better aero - lots of cars have them but they're usually disguised in the rear lamps (Audi A2 / Renault Megane) or in the rear c post (latest MINI). These look like an after thought though.


1: If this post isn't proof that Ford is no longer an american car company, I don't know what else would be more obvious.... oh wait, i know: if they don't release any of the fun trim models of these cars in the US. The RS500? The original AWD Focus ST? yeah, screw you too, ford. We don't all like big trucks.

2: I love that Alfa Romeo is using the Red Yellow and Green coloring for their exhibit. Shows where their heads are. Maybe if the rest of the world got on board with the red, yellow and green, more cars would be as sexy as Alfa Romeos are.

3: Hey! Look! a Jeroen post that isn't full of cars covered in knock-off performance parts! Maybe this breakthrough will transfer over to future decisions on what cars to feature in the future.


New civic is ugly :-(


I'm sorry for this but the Ford Focus and Fiesta took their design inspiration from CR-Z, you can even see the resemblance of the front bumper. Alfa Romeo copied/used the shape of the old Lotus Elise/Exige on their side intakes and tail-lights.


More Please!


People it's official the best honda civic ever made was from 1973 to 2000 after that it's getting horrible there's no originality with the designers today what a shame


The Citroën looks like a scout stormtrooper...



Hope you got some info from the model besides the car ;P

Also love the Citroën Tubik amazing look would definitly drive it proudly!!!!


Damn, most of them are ugly!


I love all of the Fords.. One of the greatest car builders ever (Y)


Hope you got some info from the model besides the car ;P

Also love the Citroën Tubik amazing look would definitly drive it proudly!!!!


The only cars on this list that impress me are the Evora GTE & Zagato of course. And yes, they did just clean up Zag (affectionate name for the red V12 Zagato) for the show. The original racing interior is still inside! Aston plans to do a limited production of 150 units in summer 2012. I'd kill to see one of these in person.

Of COURSE the model couldn't tell you anything about the cars, their job is just to be pretty -____- I wish I could get a job as a model on a showroom floor I could actually have an intelligent conversation with the event goers about the cars. Unfortunately they're not too fond of little shorties like me, but at least I'd be more entertaining!


The Civic is just hideous, and yes, I agree with what Ram said, the Civics manufactured in those years, especially the EF, EG and EK were the best. The FD design looks promising but still lags behind the standard of those three chassis.



The focus was never awd in europe, only ever wrong wheel drive...



There has been so many cars in history, that you can find a detail in any car resembling a detail in another car. You could say that the new Civic looks like a copy of Pontiac Aztec, but lets just leave the Civic be an ugly car in its own right.

About the Fiesta I'd have to say that its pretty weird that a revised grille makes it a copy of a car that has been made after the Fiesta came out. Also I believe that Lotus Elise was not the first car with round tail lights. If you want to see the inspiration for 4C's styling(also for the side intakes), try to google Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale.


I hope you got that model's number!


As a current model Focus ST owner I have to say I really like the front end styling, but those tail lights are beyond hideous the way they point way too far down the rear side....that and it's time for some new wheels Ford! Painting the current and previous models wheels a draker grey isn't enough of an improvement! A new "hero" colour would be nice too.

I also think the new model having a 4cylinder will hurt sales, especially if you've experienced the 5cylinder model's sound. You simply won't find a better sounding hot hatch from the factory, the throaty roar, the pops and crackles, it just can't be beat, I still love it each and every time I accelerate or deccelerate 2 years on! The sound was what sold me over the Golf GTi.....looks like I'll be getting a MK6 GTi next, or waiting for the next Gen one rather than upgrading to the new ST, sad, but no 5cyl=no buy for me!


Citroen looks like a motha fuckin storm trooper yo


I talked to a man from Aston Martin and he comfirmed that the Zagato was one of the two driven on the 'Ring before.


Ugly cars everywhere.


@Michael. Why did you buy a ST? you mad?


Seeing the Citroen, this popped in my head:

Citroen Tubik = Citroen Type H (aka The Tub)

Nissan GT-R = Skyline GT-R

Toyota FT-86 = AE86

All 3 of them, are a no for me. I [i]kind of[/i] like the GT-R, but the rest are a no. Failed attempts to revive classic and legendary cars.