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Back again with further coverage of last weekend's Edition show in the UK. Bentley wheels are getting more and more common in Volkswagen / Audi circles and although they do look good I fear they are becoming played out too much.

I thought I'd included another shot of the airbagged RS4. 

Actually, the amount of cars running air suspension this year seems to have increased quite considerably since last year 

Jetta on flat white BBS wheels was a good look. 

Although these Schmidt wheels looked incredible under this Golf. 

I'm still more of a static drop guy myself so this Polo ticked all the right boxes. 

I nearly forgot about this. I'm sure this will certainly divide opinions but it's important to have cars like this around … 

… if only to challenge our own ideas and imagintation. Although I'm not particulary fond of the end result, I can still appreciate why what was done, was done. 

This Audi 50 however may have looked rat but it was done for reasons that we as speedhunters would approve of. Spotlight in the near future. 

I can't help but think how much nicer this would be without the unnecessary extras. I did like the front arch repaired with twine however.

Five door MKIV Golf with Porsche wheels and running on air. 

KW Suspensions UK were present with two demonstration cars, both of which remained civilised. 

A seperate Audi RS4 on airbags.  

More Lupo love for you guys, cracking little cars. 

Ah, a 964 Porsche and not a 934 like I mistakenly labelled a car in a previous post. At least I didn't weigh in and call it a 993 right ? Wink 

I think Rod had a bit of a soft spot for this bug. 

This Scirocco has had lots of exposure in print and it's not hard to see why. 

I'm not sure about the wheels but I absolutely love the colour of this MKI Golf. 

A closer look at the Ferrari F360 brakes which were found on a MKIV Golf from a previous post. 

I know some of you have the love for the Corrado, so I'll wrap up this post with a shot of this VR6 example. 


Paddy McGrath



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The 934 is much worse than calling a 993. The 934 is perhaps the baddest 911 based race car ever built. But I'll let it slide.


Airbags on an RS4. WHAT IN THE HELL???? Thats an abomination. The Euro car scene is garbage. Not to mention all of the cars are basically the same. I thought this was speedhunters, not hardparkhunters.


speed hunters, not hardparkhunters, true dat!!


Where is that Audi 100 from the first part???


haha nice caption on the red porsche. Those two porches are sex on wheels.


I own the Audi 50 rep if you want to do a little feature of it...... im off to the PPC £999 challange next friday with some other mad machines, drop me an email tommi-healey@hotmail.co.uk

You might want to catch me before i blow the thing up ;)


I do not mean it wrong.

But a funny piece of text at the white MK6

Exactly right for probably the first MK6 on air.



:) thanks for the Porsche correction.


What is that rear end of behind the Schmidt wheeled Golf?


this whole sh*t is getting retarded..


Edition 38, taking fantastic cars and making them virtually useless...

Keep up the great work, but plesae leave 911s, RS4s and such like alone.


Really like those Porsche's. Good photos.


No worries about Porsche's internal model numbers...911, 964, 933, 996, 997.... Just keep showing them! I love your shots!


That rusted pickup thing is.....wow. Let's say it's "original" and leave it at that. Preferably far away.


so many haters of the euro scene, this is speeedhunters car culture at large. every aspect of the car world is covered here. i love euro scenester cars but 90% of the time im looking at drift cars on here but you dont me hear complain, more euro goodness please


haha funny thing with the 993 and 964 youre right i am sorry was a bit iretadet^^ by that but that is better than calling it a 934 :D:D but you made it a funny way in the post :D:D:D:D so 964 ;P