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What an incredible weekend last weekend gone was. Two amazing shows in the shape of Edition38 XI and Trax at Silverstone, a visit to the awesome crew at Driftworks and a close look at the Track Culture V10 E46 M3. Trying to get through all this coverage will be quite the task but I'm hoping you'll enjoy what we covered for your viewing pleasure. 

The UK being the UK, weather is usually more miss than hit. However, it never seems to affect the numbers of people who travel from all over Europe to attend the Edition38 shows.  

The entrance to the show was a spectacle unto itself as we waitied to see which cars would arrive into view … 

… with the odd car leaving its own personal mark. 

This MKI Golf was for sale. Sublime pretty much sums it up. 

Inside the show area early on Saturday, the show was beginning to come to life.

Those who had arrived earlier in the morning were busy wiping their motors down and bringing them up to standard. 

This awesome big wheel would spell certain death for this speedhunter if I even considered using it. 

Matte painted Scirocco on Rotiform BLQs rolling through and into position. 

The VAG guys do like their cleaning! 

JBL had this simply styled Audi TT on display … 

… but this Porsche – 934 I think? – absolutely stole the show for me. Expect a spotlight in the future. 

Another Scirocco on BBS LMs – which are my absolute favourite wheel of all time – looked great.  

Another BBS'd MKI Golf GTI. It's clichéd as hell but damn it looks good. 

More Scirocco love, this time from some of the guys who travelled from the Netherlands. This one was wearing Carlsson wheels if I remember correctly. 

The Lupo has really earned a strong following in the VAG scene and rightly so. 

Dubkorps had this bagged Passat CC in a camo wrap on their stand. 

Spotted in the car park was this S2000 on triple Advans. It definitely stood out amongst the more traditional German motors that frequent this show.

More coming in part two … 


Paddy McGrath



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Thats a 964 for sure


whats that first car?! sex on wheels!


The 911 is the worlds greatest looking car


awesome cars... but the Porsche is a 993!!! i knew the difference from a 964 and a993 when i was less than 10 jears old... so pls on a blog like that.. this is not so nice to read :P


S2000 and black Porsche are sooooo sexy :) And very nice @ Cammo CC, looks dope


...the 934 was a racecar


964 is sex, everything alse is a little cute i guess haha


again ... those are BBS LM replicas


Redline, that's a 964. I'm afraid your pontificating message is a bit of an epic FAIL.

Just like 'stance-ing' a Porsche is an epic FAIL, keep it to the crappy Euroboxes and leave proper sports cars alone please.


Being from the UK I love edition. Perhaps I'll see one of my mates cars on this even thread or even better my own pride and joy! Not counting on it though, because all the cars not in the parking lot are the cream of the crop for sure!


that AUDI is retarded awesome...


Wow this edition seems to be the absolute shit! Everything I'm seeing is freaking amazing so far" And those advan wheels on the s2000? MEGUSTA


Is there a chance I can still enter that raffle?


desktop of that first photo? plus some more info would be nice


Porsche model is 964, that's for sure. Great looking!


dude honestly it's not as if he called the Porsche a Bimmer, chill out...


"awesome cars... but the Porsche is a 993!!! i knew the difference from a 964 and a993 when i was less than 10 jears old... so pls on a blog like that.. this is not so nice to read :P"

like wergen07 said: it's a 964. you're wrong since you are 10 years old ;-)


That 911 has a 964 body, but anything could be lurking beneath it, the parts are all interchangeable. Its not a 934 though, thats an old racecar designation. In any case, long live the 911!


The first car pictured is an Audi 100ls. 1974 or 75 maybe


wicked love the camo wrapped Passat by DubKorps.. perfect big brother to their 'Rocco in the Desert Storm camo wrap! hard to beat a MK1 in fine fettle, both these examples looked well turned out! - Respect due to the Honda looking cool on those Advans - Thanks.. - see if you can search out some Corrado's for Part 2.


Are those Rolls Royce wheels on the mk5 golf in the back ground of the mk1 golf picture.


That's a Porsche 964!


The Black Porsche 911 is mine and it is a 964 carrera 2.


lol @ redlines comment: EPIC FAIL!