Event>> Bdc At Trax Pt.ii The Top 16

We left off in Part one with the sun just starting to come out and dry the Silverstone tarmac. Qualifying had been a tricky affair with a virtually grip-less track to contend with, the top sixteen finals were looking to be a totally different proposition.

From the very first practice runs on the now bone dry surface, the speed,smoke and drama of Silverstone was back with abundance.

Speedhunters ready!

Bryn Musselwhite joined regular BDC commentators Paul Mott and Anthony Cahill on the mics for the day.

At 4PM the flag dropped and BDC round five was underway.

First off the line was D-Mac and Wesley Keating.

The MCNSport built AE86's first competitive run was a success, taking the advantage in both runs allowed D-Mac through to the top eight.

Steve Biagioni had contact with Simon Perry in turn one while chasing picking up a 10-0 disadvantage.

Followed by a mistake in the transition on the second, Steve's day was over and Simon Perry moved on.

Championship leader Matt Carter stuck to Dan Moorhead's door through the entire run to take the win.

Fredric Aasbo took the advantage on the first run, with Alan Green unable to make it back up and resulted in Aasbo going through.

A mistake on the first run from Paul Smith gave Wayne Keeber a nice advantage for the second run.

A strong run from Paul in the second was not enough and Keeber went through.

Shane O'Sullivan took a wide line through turn one giving and an advantage to David Waterworth.

An amazing drive from Waterworth wion him a place in the top eight.

No stranger to the Silverstone circuit, Phil Morrison showed Shane lynch the way home.

A win in both runs for Morrison put an end to Lynch's day.

Mark Luney Vs Declan Munnelly was a battle I was looking forward to seeing. The 1000BHP SATS Supra is a formidable machine, but the MKII Escort with Declan behind the wheel has giant slaying capability.

Unfortunately for Declan it wasn't to be. Running wide in turn one he lost the much needed speed and momentum to fire him into the final turn. Luney opened the taps and ate up the Escort to progress to the next round of battles.

First up in the top eight, D-Mac met the pink R33 of Simon Perry. D-mac made his intentions very clear from the practice run, parking the MCN Sport AE86 just inches off Perry's door.

The competition run was a mirror image of the practice. D-Mac hounded Perry through the entire course just inches away from the pink R33. The advantage in both runs saw D-Mac through to the semi-finals.

Aasbo finds his way to the top four with a win against Matt Carter.

With nearly 1800hp on tap, Luney Vs Morrison was never going to be dull. Both attacking the course flat out with the first run looking too close to call.

In the second Morrison found a little more speed in the final turn. Pulling alongside Luney as they crossed the finish line Morrison took the win and his place in the semi-final.

A spin from Wayne Keeber in the first battle saw David Waterworth through to the Semi-finals.

Hopes of a Team Need For Speed one-two were dashed as Fredric Aasbo met D-Mac in the first of the semi-final battles.

Two stunning runs with Aasbo taking a slight advantage in both saw him through to the final.

Phil Morrison took his place with Aasbo in the finals with a win against the hard-charging Waterworth.

A minor gearbox failure for D-Mac saw him fall foul of the five minute rule. Unable to rejoin Waterworth for the 3rd place play-off, David Waterworth was awarded the win.

Now to the final. BDC versus Formula-D. Morrison versus Aasbo.

The first battle saw Aasbo latch onto the door of the DW S15 and stay there for the entire run.

In the second run, Morrison is lost in the smoke (there is a DW S15 in there some where) of Aasbo's Supra as he chases it down. Aasbo is deemed to have taken the advantage and the overall BDC Round five win.

The first leg of the Team Need For Speed European tour has got off to an amazing start. Fredric Aasbo taking the win with D-Mac fourth and being awarded the Hard Charger of the day award. With the second leg of the tour this weekend at the Prodrift Finals it's going to be unmissable!

With Matt Carter and Mark Luney both going out in the top eight battles, it's still all to play for in the BDC Championship. With only a handful of points separating them as we go into the final round at the end of the month, the 2011 BDC Championship is coming right down to the wire!




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BEst day eva!!


Spectacle, I hope one day see the Frederic's Supra in Formula Drift, GREAT coverage, as always :)


Missed both practice and main event of the of the bdc because i had just finished the my track session.But saw d-macs re86 and it is awesome even when idling.


yess! an original honda ST70 in a drift car competition... :D


Great job Team NFS !!!

Asbo takes the win!!!! got to love that Toyota man..