Car Spotlight>>the Rusty Kaiser

 One of the fun things about shows like Billetproof is seeing old cars from American companies that have long faded away. One the rarities that I spotted this year is this Kaiser Deluxe Coupe with a very unique coat of patina.

The Kaiser company got into building cars in the postwar boom years after its experience with shipbuilding in the war. The cars never really caught on though, and the nameplate disappeared by the mid 1950s.

Despite the deteriorated finish on the body, this Kaiser Deluxe Coupe was actually in surprisingly straight, original condition.

Hmm, that doesn't really look natural…

The bias-ply "cushion ride" white wall tires are very fitting.

The interior is also weathered, but looks very complete and original.

The Kaiser brand might have vanished decades ago, but it's nice to see there are still some running examples out there, even if they aren't in the most polished of conditions.

-Mike Garrett

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With that name I thought it would be a German car.


With this car being a very rare model, it would be cooler if it was restored and in pristine condition. That's a tiny chunk of automotive history, it deserves to be preserved even though it is unknown to the vast majority of us.


by any chance did you snap pics of a black '51 chevy fleetline with red flames?


gorgeous car. there's nothing better than a running and driving old sled with a hearty patina and plenty of pin striping.


Why put all that time and effort into making a car look like an old piece of junk when you give at an actual finish and not look like a poseur?


Please don't leave the patina on this car, it deserves proper weather treating with a fresh original colored coat or 9 of paint.


Liam: I don't think they put any effort into "making it look liek an old piece of junk". I'm pretty sure this is what the car looked like when they got it, and they decided to leave it original.


Getting rid of patina like that is a crime.