Car Spotlight>>the Perfect Gasser

I don't think it's any secret that I'm a huge fan of gassers. To me there's just this something awesome about these high riding machines that takes me back to the drawings I would scribble in my notebook in school.

At this year's Billetproof show, I came across an example of what I think might be the perfect gasser.

It's only natural that this one is built out of what is the quintessential gasser platform, the '55 Chevy two-door sedan.

These two things are what give gassers so much of the personality. The dropped straight front axle and exposed open headers. As you can see, this car's using race hubs and wheels up front.

Of course all that stuff would be useless without the power to back it up. I'd say this blown big block Chevy is more than adequate.

A front-mounted Moon tank is the only way to with a gasser.

Wide American mags with M/T slicks out back. Tough.

The interior is very bare bones. The transmission is of course a 4-speed manual, because anything else just wouldn't be right.

This car looked like its still a work in progress with no glass and an unfinished interior, but all the essentials are already in place.

Yes, its cars like this that make me dream of straight axles and Moon tanks when I close my eyes at night.

-Mike Garrett

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Great find MGa! I'd go for a bit more squat in the rear, maybe an inch, but hell... I can't complain if I've never owned one myself... yet! Show more!


picture 2 as a desktop please


A 100% P R O P E R car...


there is a bullet hole in the trunk... must not be all that fast haha


coupe body on a sedan chassis?


Nankang tires? LOL


Pay attention people. It has an extended wheel base. All tri fives use the same frame. Also the "bullet hole" is the trunk lock location. I was at this show. This car is all business and on alcohol to boot.